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Cute and playful branding fronts new child-friendly café

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A simple and soft approach makes this branding an adorable winner

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20 years of PlayStation never looked so cute

I got a PlayStation in the summer of 1996. I remember being a little bitter that my aunt didn’t get me a Saturn because I really wanted to play Nights into Dreams… I never did get around to owning a Saturn and I’ve never even played a minute of Nights, but I have to admit my aunt was clearly onto something. I only have the fondest memories of playing PlayStation way back when. Which makes Sony’s cute little tribute to its video game history a success, since it hits all the right nostalgia notes.

At today’s PlayStation Experience keynote, Sony showed off this little retrospective for their consoles to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Built on the LittleBigPlanet engine, it shows the likes of Parappa the Rapper, Sweet Tooth from T…

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Flic: Cute as a Button: A Swedish start-up designs a handy wireless shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone

Flic: Cute as a Button

It seems that nothing can stop the Swedish startup juggernaut at the moment, as another piece of tech by Shortcut Labs gets its crowdfunding launch. Unlike many hardware offerings though, Flic is a simple premise at a winning price point. Essentially……

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Cute Bear Toast Maker -Kid Will Love It.

This kitchen tool designed by a Japanese company Tokyu Hands allows people to made a  three-dimension bear mold animal look like out of the bread. There have 3 type face of the animal you can select. This ideas perhaps could attractive to the kid who doesn’t like to eat bread or breakfast?            

15 Cute Ink Illustrations by Nina Stajner for Inktober

inktober3Nina Stajner participated in this years inktober, she planned on creating 10 ink illustrations and ended up with 20, here are 15 of her finished pieces. All of which are absolutely adorable featuring rabbits, hedgehogs, fawns and more. Nina is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, she enjoys doing personal projects to experiment and […]
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Steezys Charms for Headphone Cords: Kawaii and collectible, NYC-designed trinkets that add a little cute to everyday items

Steezys Charms for Headphone Cords

Cartoonish and made to capture the playfully-minded tween inside each of us, Steezys headphone cord charms are just that—and while they aren’t exactly life…

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Microsoft hopes an incredibly cute cat video will convince you to buy its phone

A list of questions I have about this cat video, created by Mia Mullarkey for a Microsoft social media contest meant to advertise the Lumia 930:

  • How do these cats button their shirts?
  • Who are we to believe filmed this video, a cat?
  • Why do cats use military time?
  • Is Cat English different than Human English?
  • And if so, does Cat English use the letter -z in place of the letter -s, similar to the way British English makes excessive use of the letter -u?
  • Are these cats bad parents? They spend most of their time talking about the kittens, but not actually engaging the kittens in a productive or nurturing manner.
  • Most importantly, is a cat video  — sorry, a “catz” video — enough to convince you to buy a Windows Phone?


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Cute Yellow – A Dissected Cartoon Character Illustration series

Have you ever imagined what your favourite cartoon characters would look like from the inside? I don’t suppose you have. There is one guy that has though. Graphic artist Mahmoud Reefat has dedicated an entire illustration series to discovering and showing what lies underneath the skin of some of your favorite cartoon characters.

In this project, called ‘Cute Yellow‘, Reefat dissects the likes of the insanely cute Pikachu, the famous Minions from Despicable Me, and even SpongeBob gets it. He has purposely maintained the yellow theme throughout the characters, and this seem to add even more cuteness, and creepiness, to the project.

Cute Yellow Illustrations

dissected illustrations famous minions from Despicable Me

dissected illustrations Pikachu pokemon

Cute Yellow dissected illustrations SpongeBob

Cute Yellow dissected illustrations Homer Simpson

dissected illustrations winnie the pooh

dissected illustrations tweety pie

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Cute Embroidery by Chloe Giordano

cute embroideryThis collection of cute embroidery is by Oxford based illustrator Chloe Giordano, she uses size 8 sewing needles with poly sewing thread and draws the designs on with vanishing fabric markers. To achieve the 3D effect Chloe shades as she goes, so everything is created in blocks with no gaps and the stitches all run together and rarely […]
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Windows Phone 8.1’s first update arrives next week with a cute Chinese Cortana

After accidentally detailing its first update to Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this week, Microsoft is now ready to officially reveal exactly what’s included in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. There aren’t many big visible changes with this update, but instead it includes a number of small improvements just a few months after the initial Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview release. If you’re a Developer Preview user then expect to see the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 arrive next week.

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