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Krochet Kids #KnowWhoMadeIt Campaign: A 24-hour “Name Your Price, Define Your Impact” program from the transparent apparel brand

Krochet Kids #KnowWhoMadeIt Campaign

Every item produced by California-based Krochet Kids comes complete with the signature of its maker. The brand offers men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories that have been handmade by women in Peru and Uganda—empowered by the non……

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The Single Malts at the Heart of Dewar’s Blended Whisky: A look inside three distinct distilleries that define the iconic brand

The Single Malts at the Heart of Dewar's Blended Whisky

There’s a reason why Dewar’s is most likely your father’s, and grandfather’s, whisky. It’s more than their heritage (which dates back to 1846) and it extends well beyond their …

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How to Define Visitors’ Eye Path to Lead Them to the Conversion Goal

Thanks to our sponsor, VWO. VWO has made publishing possible this month on UX Booth. Here’s an article from their blog:

How to Define Visitors’ Eye Path to Lead Them to the Conversion Goal

How you arrange information on a page determines where people look. Position page elements in the easiest sequence possible so that it intuitively leads visitors to the conversion goal.

The ‘Fold’ Isn’t As Important As You Think

It is important to remember that ‘above-the-fold’ space is the prime real estate of your website. While the best practice suggests that your call-to-action should always be above the fold, several case studies have proven otherwise. The call-to-action should be positioned when visitors have all the information they need to take action and no sooner. Fold matters but not as much as you think.

In a test run by Marketing Experiments, they crammed important sales information above-the-fold. While most marketers in the audience believed that this page will outperform the original, the page actually proved to be a dismal failure with a huge negative lift.

Read the full article here.

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Looking back on the ads that helped define photography for a century

Louis Daguerre first introduced his daguerrotype in 1839, and it was the first true camera to break into the mainstream. However, photography was vastly different proposition in the mid-19th century than what it is today — the technology was very in its infancy, and what it meant to society would take decades to develop. That’s where ads came in. Hyperallergic takes us down memory lane and gives a look at what consumers could expect from professional photographers. In the early days, studios emphasized their the skill at capturing dead loved ones. By the turn of the century, the medium was attached to the adventurer and the great outdoors. And photography (and its ads) would again change with onset of the World Wars. Read the entire…

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Cool Hunting Video: Dominique Ansel: Experimentation, creativity and constant change define the philosophy of this interesting NYC bakery

Cool Hunting Video: Dominique Ansel

Greeted every morning by 150+ pastry enthusiasts waiting eagerly for a taste of the renowned Cronut, Dominique Ansel Bakery of Soho has made quite a name for itself. We spoke with the bakery’s head chef…

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Cool Hunting Video: Flex: Remarkable skills, creativity and self-expression combine to define Flex dancing

Cool Hunting Video: Flex

Not long ago, we were honored to meet some of Brooklyn, NY’s premiere competitive dancers and experts in the Flex style. We spent a few hours with the crew—learning about the style and watching some fantastic moves—and their remarkable talents were mesmerizing….

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Adobe: “We want this device to define a generation”

Read more about Adobe: “We want this device to define a generation” at

Michael Gough is an “obsessive drawer” Pretty much everyone working in the creative industries knows that Adobe makes software. What you may not know is that it’s now making hardware. But it doesn’t want to be a hardware company. Although it is currently developing even more hardware products.

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It’s time you define yourself as a freelance travel photographer

Defining yourself as a travel photographer doesn’t require a contract with National Geographic. It simply requires that you travel and take pictures, focusing on quality shots that have mass overall appeal.


Photo by brewbooks on Flickr

Imagine standing in front of a Buddhist temple, like the one in Bodhgaya, India. It’s been photographed a zillion times, but you’re taking pictures anyway, because that’s what you do. You’re happily shooting away when a rare Siberian Crane flies into view. Now you have a picture of value, something that can be sold to a number of animal and travel magazines.  

If you’re already traveling and photography is a hobby, you can turn the pictures you take into cash by selling them as stock photography. If you’re a photographer, who dreams of exotic locales, you can take your photography business on the road and live out your dream. These tips are designed to show you how you can launch a career that will have you globe-trekking and doing what you love.

Define Yourself

As a travel photographer, you should be shooting anything and everything that catches your eye or may have value.

Defining yourself isn’t relative to what you’re photographing, but instead to whom you are as a photographer.

You must define yourself as a travel photographer. This means claiming the title on your social networks, announcing your position to friends and family and even starting a website. You need people to recognize you as a travel photographer.

Even if you were a slave to dirty dishes, working as a busboy, you can redefine yourself as a travel photographer – so long as you have the talent and the right equipment.

Equip Yourself

You can’t be a travel photographer if you don’t have the right equipment. Not only are you going to need photography equipment, you’re going to need backpacking supplies. You’re also going to need the right education. Some people are born with a keen eye for taking pictures, but most need some sort of a photography education, so while you’re saving for travel expenses take some digital photography classes.


Photo by Nikon on Flickr

Here’s a brief rundown of the photography equipment you’ll need:

  • A high-quality SLR camera
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Mobile artificial lighting
  • Photo processing system
  • Tripod

Promote Yourself

Marketing yourself isn’t going to be easy when you’re traveling abroad. You’re going to find that remote locations won’t have much in terms of Wi-Fi access and satellite connections can be sketchy. This means your time spent online will be limited. In order to effectively make sales, you’re going to want to hire someone with marketing experience, to do the leg work, while you’re out in the field taking pictures.

Rich Gorman is a consultant and marketer who works to build links and promote businesses and brands. These types of consultants are masters at building online reputations and marketing businesses. Hiring someone like Gorman is the best way to market yourself while you’re out in the field. They will manage your website while you’re away, ensuring you get a lot of traffic and sales.


Photo by Abdullah AL-Naser

Photograph Yourself

Finally, it’s important to photograph yourself. Of course, photographing your subject is important, but so is photographing yourself. You need to brand yourself as a travel photographer, so take lots of pictures of yourself in exotic locations. You want travel magazines and journals to see you as someone who gets around, so make sure to document your subjects and yourself – everywhere you go.

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Guns and Ecstasy by Scott Hove: Violence, paranoia and buttercream frosting define the artist’s latest solo show

Guns and Ecstasy by Scott Hove

Between wedding cakes bursting with fangs and icing-piped assault rifles, it’s not hard to see why the art of Scott Hove has gained such a strong following. A new exhibition and installation at recordOutboundLink(this,…

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Consumer profiles can help advertisers define who you are, but not who you will be

safari cookies 1020 stock

More so than ever, marketing agencies are utilizing browser cookies to deliver ads that are tailor-made for each individual person — but how truly effective are these tidbits of information to advertisers? George Washington University law professor Jeffrey Rosen recently put the online trackers to the test, clearing two web browsers of their cookie data then using each with a different personality. With the help of BlueKai, an online data aggregator, Rosen was able to see the resulting consumer profiles, which labeled his two identities with a number of broad generalizations like “midscale thrift spender” and “runs a large company with more than 5,001 employees.” While it’s apparent that this information would be useful for knowing…

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