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Watch GE destroy household items to demonstrate its extreme tests

To demonstrate the rigorous testing carried out inside its labs every day, GE has launched a new “Spring Break it” campaign that puts household items through the same torturous scenarios. The company has uploaded a number of videos that reveal how these items hold up under 100,000 pounds of pressure or when they’re suddenly smashed by 5,000 pounds of force. GE says these tests and others — including one that simulates micro erosion — help the company build strong materials with unmatched endurance and strength.

That research is crucial since GE helps develop parts that eventually make their way into jet engines, wind turbines, and countless other applications. “When we know how materials melt, shatter and bend, we can make machines that…

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Someone built a tool to DDoS ‘destroy Obamacare’

Researchers at security engineering firm Arbor Networks have discovered a tool that appears to target the federal health insurance marketplace with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

The tool, which aims to overload the site with unnecessary requests, is available for download and has been mentioned on social media.

The description suggests its author was politically motivated. “Destroy Obamacare,” it says. “Obamacare is an affront to the constitutional rights of the people.”

It could be a subversive joke

The source is unclear, however, and it could just as easily be a subversive joke. If genuine, it may be the latest example of a “hacktivist” tool.

“This application continues a trend [we are] seeing with…

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US and Russia agree to plan to destroy Syrian chemical weapons by mid-2014

After three long days of discussions in Geneva, the United States and Russia agreed to a draft framework that calls for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons facilities and munitions by the first half of 2014. Both nations “expect Syria to submit, within a week, a comprehensive listing, including names, types, and quantities of its chemical weapons agents,” as well as details — including the locations of — the government’s production, storage, and research facilities.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been in negotiations with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to agree to the proposal, said at a press conference on Saturday: “If we can make this framework a success, we save lives in the region and lay the…

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Design Inspiration: Destroy App Icon

A bright and distinctive icon for an iOS app that uses visual flair to create a striking first impression.

This design was featured on Monday 22nd of July 2013. It’s designed by Artua, and falls under the category of iPad App.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg reportedly threatens to ‘fucking destroy’ the taxi industry


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a reputation for taking on big, entrenched industries (see his prohibition on indoor smoking and attempted ban on large sodas, for two notable examples). But if Bloomberg said anything like what he is reported to have told the owner of one of New York City’s largest taxi fleets, it may mark a new level of combativeness from the Mayor — one that could align more closely with Uber and other taxicab competitors. “Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your fucking industry,” Bloomberg is alleged to have told Evgeny Freidman, CEO of New York’s Taxi Club Management. The New York Post was the first to report Bloomberg’s statements earlier this week, as recalled by Friedman,…

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Watch this: Behind Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels performance at Coachella


Trent Reznor and the rest of the members of How to Destroy Angels knew that they weren’t going to be a typical go-on-tour-for-a-year band, so when the time came to plan for this month’s Coachella music festival, they knew they wanted to do something different. In the video below, Reznor et al. talk about the visual component of the show, which includes a multi-section floor-to-ceiling barrier made of some kind of filament, forming a semitransparent projection screen.

After discussing the group’s sonic direction — a sparser, purely-electronic alternative to the “ear-ringing assault” of (the recently re-invented) Nine Inch Nails — Reznor wonders, “how could we transform that into the coolest fucking weirdest thing ever?” To get…

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7 Insane Habits To Destroy Your Freelance Writing Career

It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. I am pretty sure the majority of you are familiar with this quote. It’s applied in freelance writing career as well. Providing writing services are amongst the easiest ways of generating income online, although it may take a while to start building up confidence and earn a decent income you can live on.

(Image source: Fotolia)

Nevertheless, you can just as easily destroy your freelance writing career the same way you built it. This is a “wake-up” article that states 7 insane habits that you should get rid before they destroy your freelance writing career.

1. Selling yourself short

“If you sell yourself cheap, you will never get out of that hole.” This is another quote that fits like a glove when it comes to selling your services for what you are worth. If you possess a writing talent that is able to deliver content that meets your clients’ needs then you obviously should get paid for the value you provide.

You have your rights as a freelancer. The rights of negotiating your rates and the power of saying “no” to assignments that pay pittance. Don’t sell yourself short, it hurts your professionalism and kills your freelance writing career.

2. Overindulging in social media networks

Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media network can have a destructive impact in your freelance career. We all know how important and beneficial they are for a freelancer; however, they may harm your productivity if they distract you from performing your duties.

social fingers
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To avoid social media distraction, log off all your accounts and stay focused on your tasks. Moreover, set a favorable and regular schedule only dedicated to social media purposes for a proper time management.

3. Winking at criticism and rejection

Nobody is perfect. In freelance writing you will encounter a lot of different clients; some of them are rigorous and pay attention to every single detail in the work you submit. Some of your work may contain silly grammar and spelling mistakes, and in others, a weird tone or unsuitable wording. These clients will criticize your work and in the process, will cast doubt on your potential.

However, criticism is essential in any career. One should take it in a positive way with no hard feelings before it fizzles out confidence. After all, critics make a better freelance writer because there is always room for improvement. Objection to criticism and rejection may harm the relationship with your client, as it is often believed that “the customer is always right.”

4. Claiming to be an expert

This is common practice among freelance writers. Pretending to be an expert in a certain field in order to increase the odds of getting hired is a misstep. If all you do is research, then don’t sell yourself as an expert.

The moment you state your expertise in an industry, your clients will expect you to deliver high-quality content as a person who really knows the field inside out, not an average researcher who just takes bits and pieces of information and put them together, or worse, plagiarize the work of others.

If you fluff producing compelling work for your clients you will end up losing their trust. Trust is very critical for your business and in many instances it determines success. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits if you don’t intend to put your credibility at stake.

5. Over-stacking projects

Most of the time, you are eager to reel in as many writing projects as possible in order to earn more money. Without realizing the amount of work to be done and the tight deadlines to meet, most likely, you will end up delivering content of dreadful quality.

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Great quality work is what clients want from you. If you muck up while churning out your tasks, you will slowly be digging your own grave as a freelancer.

6. Procrastinating

Procrastination is unmistakably a productivity killer that hinders success. It is a formidable habit to deal with. The syndrome of “I will do it tomorrow” has caused the ruin of many careers. You should figure out a way to crack it, or avoid it before it affects you.

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Forcing yourself to get your work started, breaking up your tasks into feasible parts, writing even when you don’t feel like you are in the mood, are among a variety of actions you should implement to avoid procrastinating on your work.

7. Under-promising and over-delivering

I guess this isn’t the first time you have heard of under-promising and over-delivering. Over-delivering is a sublime tip. Keeping your clientele impressed and oversupplying them with value is great for your business. It leads to repeat business, referrals and ultimately an increase in your income stream.

On the other hand, under-promising is a dangerous habit. You probably don’t want your clients to think that you are not capable of undertaking more challenging projects. That might just make them go to other freelancers first, offering additional work to them just because they didn’t think you would be able to handle the job required.


Generally saying, it’s fairly easy to earn money by just writing for people. In fact, “insane” habits can turn your career as a freelance writer into a notable flop. If these habits cause an adverse effect on your productivity and keep sabotaging your competence as a writer, then, you should cast them aside before they kill your line of business.

The capability to obliterate habits that will eventually become dead weight for your career as a freelancer is really important. If you cannot keep them away from your lane, you will be destroying very soon what took you so long to build.