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A Walk Through The Vast World of Magento Development

Continuous urge for grabbing the attention of potential consumers has always remained the prime concern of every web-based entrepreneur.

A Walk Through The Vast World of Magento Development

Thanks to the easy availability of e-commerce solutions and services, we have now been successful in informing people about the products and/or services delivered by our business organization. Amongst the vast ocean of e-commerce solutions available in the web market, Magento has emerged as one of the highly recommended solutions for individuals and enterprises which are intending to woo potential buyers in a result-oriented way.

In this post, you’ll be finding a lot more about the ever-growing popularity of Magento and features that make it the number one e-commerce solution for small-scale and large-scale business organizations.

Magento- A fabulous Open Source E-Commerce platform

Serving as world’s most powerful and highly customizable open source e-commerce platform, Magento has been successfully used by online retailers who intend to leverage the features of e-commerce for growing their visibility among the competitors. The open source nature of Magento assures that you need not pay any hefty license fee for downloading the software package. You can do it rightaway without getting into the hassles of investing a lot of money.

A brief on installing Magento on your system

Well, installing Magento is as simple as 1,2,3. All you need to do is simply follow the below steps and you can get Magento up and running on your computer system:

  • Step 1 – Download the Magento Installation package.
  • Step 2 – Upload all the Magento files to your web server.
  • Step 3 – Create a MySQL database that would later be used by Magento.
  • Step 4 – Follow the proceeding instructions on installing Magento and you’re done.

Brushing up Magento Basics is vital for creating a niche in Magento Development

Apart from being one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms, Magento has also been regarded as one of the best object-oriented PHP frameworks that can be well utilized for developing contemporary and dynamic web applications that can further be tapped into Magento powered e-commerce stores.

Code Organization using Magento modules

In Magento, all code is being organized in the form of individual modules. That means, in a typical PHP MVC(Model-View-Controller) application, all Controllers are placed in a single folder with all the models in a different folder. In addition to this, all the files are being grouped together on the basis of their functionality.

Avoid overriding wherever possible

A majority of Magento developers don’t pay much of a heed to the consequences of overriding the .phtml files. The reality is that in order to protect your extensions from conflicts with any of the third-party add-ons, it is quite essential to use the event core_block_abstract_to_html_after for injecting button or any other element into the html. That also means that if you are inclined on adding/removing the logic for checkout.onepage.billing block, all you need to do is simply create your own extension and specify the block class within the xml layout.

Removal of generic blocks from *.phtml files or xml layouts must be avoided

If you require a generic block named as product_additional_data and you feel that you can delete it from the code, make sure not to go ahead with the same. Since Magento’s third-party extensions use generic blocks for injecting their individual blocks, if you tend to delete any one of them, you may end up spending up a lot of time and effort into detecting the reason behind the non-functioning of some particular extensions.

Documenting the code is truly beneficial

As a novice or a professional programmer, make sure to use PHPDoc in all your Magento development projects. With a well-documented code in hand, it becomes easier for you to explore the areas that contain issues. One of the greatest advantages of documenting the code is that you can make it convenient for the future developers to work with your code in a hassle-free way.

Use a cache system for the custom blocks

Magento offers you the flexibility of using a cache system for the custom blocks. This can greatly improve the overall performance of your Magento extensions. In order to enable cache for a particular block, all you need to do is simply use the below code in the block constructor:

class Your_Extension_Block_Blah extends Mage_Core_Block_Template
protected function _construct()
$  this->addData(array(
'cache_lifetime' => 34102,
'cache_tags' => array(Mage_Catalog_Model_Product::CACHE_TAG),
Dispatched events must be used efficiently

Another remarkable way of improving the quality of Magento extensions is using the dispatched events. Dispatcher is basically a Magento integrated system which allows you to set a particular “point” that comprises of a unique name and some mandatory parameters. To put it simply, you can choose to create your individual events and connect the same to some handlers. By having the dispatched events in your Magento extensions, you can grab the opportunity of extending your code in an effective manner. Also, if you are a developer, you can use dispatched events for interacting with your logic in an intelligent way. Here, it is also interesting to learn that events are basically dispatched in controllers and models. You can simply use the below mentioned command in your code to dispatch a particular event:

Mage::dispatchEvent('the_unique_name', array('var' => $  data));
Magento is a Configuration-based MVC(Model View Controller)

Well, as a Configuration-based MVC system, Magento allows you to add a new Controller or new model by simply creating the class/file which would automatically be picked by the system. In addition to this, you’ll also be required to explicitly inform the system about the brand new class or the group of classes that you have created. While working with Magento, you need to know that each module comes with a file that’s called config.xml. This file includes all the relevant configuration that’s essential for the smooth functioning of the respective Magento module.

Some noteworthy facts about templates and layout used in Magento

Here, it is interesting to learn that the layout in Magento is maintained in app/design/ with a well-defined structure for default as well as custom theming. Ever since Magento came into existence, it established its theming structure in some high-level areas such as front-end, adminhtml(system administration templates) and installer(templates available for the helper system which automatically configure the e-store. Each Magento theme comes equipped with a folder called ‘layout’ which further contains .xml files that define the block of content for specific controller actions. In such scenarios, the custom Magento theme also includes a folder called ‘locales’ which stores a file called ‘translate.csv’ which includes all the custom translations that have overridden the translations that have already been defined in the standard Magento software version.

Class Naming Conventions need a special mention

Unlike a wide range of open source e-commerce solutions, Magento still applies the basic Zend class naming convention wherein it uses Varien_Autoload::register() for auto-loading the classes via replacement of ‘_’ in the class name by a directory separator.

Basic Practices that have played a crucial role in making Magento a huge success

Magento’s Factory Methods

Magento uses some easy-to-follow factory methods for instantiating helpers, models and blocks. These brilliant methods have been listed below:

Mage::getSingleton('{module}/path to file in model directory')

Above method returns a singleton instance of a class in the Model directory.

Mage::getBlockSingleton('{module}/{path to file in block directory}')

Above method returns a singleton instance of a class in the Block directory once the layout for the controller action has been initialized.

Mage::helper('{module}/{path to file in helper directory}')

Above method returns a singleton instance of a class in the Helper directory.

Mage::getModel('{module}/{path to file in model directory}')

Above method returns an instance of a class in the Model directory.

Mage::getResourceModel('{module}/{path to file in model/resource directory}')

Above method returns an instance of a class in the Model/Resource directory.

Wise management of logic associated with Controllers

Tons of logic included with Magento controllers is perhaps one of the commonly encountered issues with Magento web development. There are tons of logic included within Magento controllers and you can easily view a large group of operations within the same. There are developers who often ignore the importance of using a helper for storing a particular logic or abstract class. This is something that works as an excellent option for extending the logic of the controller. Therefore, if you too are a developer, I recommend you to use a more extendable structure for the common logic within the controller. You shouldn’t opt for hardcoding the logic in the Magento controllers.

Exploring core abstract classes while working with Magento

I recommend you to use and explore the core abstract classes while executing Magento web development projects. For instead of creating your own unique method for checking the status(enabled/disabled) of an extension, it is better to use the isModuleEnabled() from the Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract.

Opt for Magento’s built-in log system for detecting issues in the behavior of your Magento extension

It is always advised to detect issues at a faster rate when it comes to monitoring the behavior of the Magento extension. You can use the below mentioned code for creating and/or using your own log:

Mage::log('There was a bug', null, 'log_filename.log');
Using DB queries profiler for tracking database queries

Magento comes with a default capability for allowing developers to track multiple database queries. You can use the built-in DB resource profiler for inspecting database queries, detecting all the slow functioning queries, detecting the longest query and a lot more. Below is an example that explains the use of D profiler:

$  profiler = Mage::getSingleton('core/resource')->getConnection('core_write')->getProfiler();
foreach ($  profiler->getQueryProfiles() as $  query) {
$  queryTime[] = $  query->getElapsedSecs(); // Get the query execution time
$  queryRaw[] = $  query->getQuery(); // Get the query text

Using Magento’s CMS Features in an appropriate way is vital

If you’ve chosen Magento as the CMS(Content Management System) for powering your e-store then it’s absolutely essential for you to manage the web pages in the right manner. For this, you can simply click on the ‘Manage Pages’ link provided within the Magento back-end panel. Here, you can choose to edit the content of a page by clicking on the ‘Edit Page’ link available against the page name. The screen-shot for this is shown below:

Edit Page

In addition to the ‘Edit Page’ feature, you can also avail the ‘Static Blocks’ feature which will allow you to edit the footer block which contains all the different links that are typically located towards the bottom of the main page. The screen-shot for this is shown below:

Static Blocks

Finally, there is a ‘Polls’ option which allows you to create and edit polls. The screen-shot for the ‘Polls’ option available within Magento back-end is displayed below:


Wrapping it all up

With such remarkable assets associated with Magento, it won’t be wrong to say that this e-commerce solution will witness an absolutely stunning growth in its consumer base in the years ahead. So, it’s time for you to embrace Magento for winning customers from all over the world.

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DayZ has sold 3 million copies even though it’s still in development

Open-world zombie survival game DayZ has sold over three million copies since launch in December 2013, according to developer Bohemia Interactive. It sold one million copies during its first month on sale, and passed the two million mark during its first four months. Those are impressive numbers for any game, let alone one that spawned from a user-generated mod and is still in the alpha stage of development.

But DayZ (and its me-too competitors, The War Z and Rust) is one of the only places for gamers to fend for themselves in a lawless, digital world. Players are tossed into an abandoned wilderness with few supplies and are left to their devices to find a way to survive through unpredictable encounters with other desperate survivors….

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9 eBooks To Learn PHP & MySQL Development

PHP and MySQL are the two most important as well as most popular tools of the web developers that they use to develop websites for their clients. Learning new techniques about PHP and MySQL is very crucial and this can be done through different resources such as ebooks and tutorials. In this round up, we are presenting a collection of some useful and best ebooks to learn PHP and MySQL.

Here is the complete collection after the jump. Browse through this wonderful collection and use these best resources. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Your comments are always more than welcome.

Understanding MySQL Internals

Expert PHP and MySQL

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS

PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual

MySQL in a Nutshell

Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

Webmonkey’s PHP and MySQL Tutorials

Practical PHP Programming

20 Unparalleled Resources Addressing Each Attribute in Web Design and Development

Go-for-broke ambition may not be the hallmark of every web designer, but a slick and chrome piece of work is something all yearn to create. The same holds true for the web developers.

20 Unparalleled Resources Addressing Each Attribute in Web Design and Development

Some designers and developers like to go around at formulaic paces while other choose a more innovative approach, but irrespective of the freshness in their approach, there are basics that everyone needs to follow. When you are curating a design, a fine balance has to be maintained between making it visually appealing and making it usable. Apparently, we often find professionals on the wrong side of the line.

The common tendency is to either create over the top designs that give a major thrash to the usability since the website gets bloated and starts suffering from all kinds of issues like low speed, lack of responsiveness, and so on, or some keep the designs to black and white, rendering them visually dull and uninspiring in the process. Often, the lack of knowledge about the tools that can help them in their designing endeavor leads to these oversights.

The automated tools prove to be handy in letting them take a more open-ended approach to designing and experiment at will, since they know they have the tools to branch out to the unexplored territories with confidence.

Having said that, there is a pile out there. Picking out one for specific attributes of your website may not seem feasible, so we pick them out for you. The following section lists out the most significant web designing tools that you may or may not have gotten round to knowing about. I have duly segregated them based on the as[ect of web development they can help you out with:

Code Editing Tools

Code Editing Tools

A code editor program should make your coding exercise a far easier one, not to mention a more accurate one too. Some of the best tools for the same include:


All developers have grown in their art using Notepad at some point in their career. ATPad happens to be a great upgrade of the same. The open source development tool boasts of a massive suite of buttons and support for intuitive and fully functional plugins. The software really makes software editing a breeze to carry out, not to mention its amazing execution speed and lightweight interface. To make coding easier for you, ATPad has the provision of highlighting syntaxes.


This one is not for the novices. While jEdit also supports a wide range of macros and makes it easier to write and tailor the code, the beginners do not find this tool feasible to use. The clipboards are large in number and you can easily look for the regular expressions through its more than accommodating interface.


To begin with, TextWrangler only works on the MAC systems. Besides this, it is language dependent, which is to say you can only use it in English language. Do these restrictions take away its charm? Probably yes. Is that all to TextWrangler? Definitely not. It also happens to be one of the most layered and versatile code editor with amazing features like Document’s Drawer and it also boasts syntax coloring function for as many as 44 programming languages that converts most of the major ones that you can think of. For the fact that it supports files of really large sizes further makes it highly sought after.

Tools for Creating Website Wireframe

Tools for Creating Website Wireframe

Wireframes are essentially the website’s prototypes that give you a map over which you can chart out the entire process of website structure. Whether it is creating blocks for different sections of the final website or even fitting in the images that you are likely to use in the future, the wireframe can include the most intrinsic details.


The incentives to creating a well-articulated wireframe are a common knowledge. But if you want your wireframe to be nothing less than a perfect map for your future website, Mockingbird can serve the purpose excellently. The UI is efficiently made and facilitates easy drag and drop. Also, you can use to to link the pages in a manner most elaborative.


Creating website protoypes with Lumzy is a rewarding exercise with its provision to inject controls in the containers and create a representation of the website using the page navigation emulators and so on.


Cacoo is an online tool that can be leveraged to create some highly intuitive and elaborative website prototypes. You have the option of drawing different types of diagrams. The tool focuses highly on user friendly and thus includes the provision for drag and drop that simplifies the drawing exercise.


This one is again a tool that proves to be remarkably resourceful for drawing mock ups that can set a perfect platform for the ensuing process of website designing. Drag and drop the elements you wish to include into the mock container and lay down the map for the entire website in the most straightforward manner.

Tools for Editing Images

Tools for Editing Images


Pixlr is one of those well famed image editing tools that finds resonance with most designers. The environment it provides for editing is consummate as you can have a menu that contains filters, support for 25 languages and saves the final format in a range of formats.


It is said to be the most robust and customizable photo editing tool and there is a bona fide truth to the statement. You can use GIMP to take input photoshop files and convert them to the format of your choice.


PicMonkey is a vivacious tool that throws at you a bevy of options to tailor an image in a way that looks most relevant and stunning at the same time.

Tools for Debugging and Performance Enhancement

Tools for Debugging and Performance Enhancement


Kint is essentially a PHP debugger that happens to be amazingly user friendly and helps you to locate errors in you \r code efficiently and with a lot of success, so to speak.


Pinba is one of those MySQL storage engines that can really power you to find out the issues in your code, even if they are hiding really intrinsically. You get a fair insight by the means of stats and the input is carefully evaluated for errors as well.


A firefox extension, YSlow is the perfect tool to pinpoint the pain points of your website’s performance and act on them decisively. You can use this tool to boost your site’s performance by getting a detailed insight into the factors that affect it.


Krumo adds a lot of sense of structure to how you are trying to locate the bugs in the code. It makes use of the DHTML tree that helps in dictating the way a PHP variable is being dumped. Krumo is easily among the fastest debuggers around.

Tools for Adding Patterns and Colors

Tools for Adding Patterns and Colors

Adobe Kuler

Adding the right patterns and colors to your website is crucial to its overall design as it goes a long way in determining its overall tonality and has an effect on how your brand is speaking to the end consumer. It also happens to come free of cost.

Color Lovers

Again, the name stays true to the whole set of functionalities this tool swings at you. Color Lovers boasts of a wide palettes of colors that give the unrestrained control over what hue you wish to flaunt on your website. Also, there is a host of patterns for you to choose from.

4096 Color Wheel

With its massive suite of color palettes and patterns, the 4096 Color Wheel is a dream tool. Extremely easy to use and implement, this one doesn’t leave a grey area or any rough spot.


Colrd is just about the most interactive coloring tool you can ever come across. The website for this tool is a good insight into the kind of help you can hope to gain from using it. There is no dearth of options for you to choose from. You can swing a lot of color to your website and still make it extremely friendly for your server as this tool ensures the web page is not bogged down by the color doses.

Typography Tools

Typography Tools

Google Webfonts

Typography happens to be one of the most crucial, yet the highly underrated aspect of website designing. When you are curating your website’s design, you have to be crystal clear about how you wish to place the fonts. Google Webfonts helps you add some visually stunning fonts that are very user friendly at the same time.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel also happens to be an incredibly effective tool for you to have different types of fonts on your website’s pages. Using this tool you can highlight the most important parts of your text and at the same time, ensure that you don’t end up fancying the typography too much. It does help you maintain a fine balance.

Web designing and development is an endeavor steeped in detail and imagination. The route however is made smoother using few of the afore-mentioned power tools along the way.

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Alternative Web Development Resources for Self-Study Beginners

If you’re someone who can’t afford to mess with a huge amount of money but are nevertheless willing to spend time and some measure of investment to learn web development, you’ll have to take a more unconventional approach.

Alternative Web Development Resources for Self-Study Beginners

First things first: You’ll need to be curious, interested, and a lifelong learner.

While not definitive nor, in any way, exhaustive, the following is a list of resources to help you through your web development journey from absolute beginner to multi-project achiever level.

Familiarize yourself with essential HTML and CSS elements

Webpages are largely made up of HTML and CSS codes. These two are the basic. Of course, there are other languages to make things more interactive, stylized, animated, adaptive and/or responsive, such as jQuery, Python, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. But for starters, focus on HTML and CSS. These are the things you need to get a head start at creating a webpage from scratch.

Give both a run-through with the help of tutorial sites. Most are free, some are paid but still cheaper than a years-long degree, especially if you add in cafeteria, beer weekends and lodging fees.


SitePoint has an absolute beginner’s guide for HTML and CSS, so this is a good place to start familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts. You will learn not just the code but also tools to build a website – from text editors to browsers to graphics editors.

Channel 9

Channel 9

This is a 21-episode page of lessons that teaches the fundamentals of web pages and coding. Geared towards absolute beginners, be prepared to spend from 6 to 48 minutes per episode. If you want to skip to episodes you think you need to focus on more, the lessons are entirely free and can be watched in any order, any time.



w3resource is a developer community-approved, comprehensive resource for anything related to web development. It offers a wide base of web development lessons, not just HTML and CSS. Its learning materials are grouped by function. The first category contains the set of languages needed for front-end development, and this is where you’ll find HTML and CSS. The other categories include language tutorials for back-end development, database management, data interchange, and APIs.



Established in 2003, HTML Dog is a site with HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials. Their goal is to publish easy-to-digest learning materials to encourage beginners and those intimidated by coding. The lessons are subdivided into various chapters and levels, from beginner to advanced, and further structured by content that shows what you’ll learn per lesson.

Shay Howe

Shay Howe

This tutorial site walks you through 12 lessons on basic HTML and CSS for free. Rather than pay for a beginner course right out of the gate, you may try these first. When you’re done, determine if you still need the paid ones. If you still do, at the very least, an introduction from a free tutorial site will ease you into your paid lessons much faster than with absolutely no knowledge at all.

Once you’re done with the “building your first web page” tutorial, you can move on to the advanced tutorial for deeper front-end design development.

Mozilla Developer Network

This site contains a comprehensive list of links to a variety of tutorials and training materials curated by companies and developers. There are a lot of lessons to choose from, not just HTML and CSS. Since they are chosen by developers, you can rest assured the content the links lead to are credible, with lessons geared toward varying levels, from beginner to advanced.


In learning, repetition is key, and Memrise helps make repetition-style memorization fun through gaming. This can be done while on a commute, while waiting in line to order some takeout – anywhere with access to the Internet, really.


Here are links to some useful lessons about important HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3 codes:

If you’re feeling particularly diligent, you can create lessons tailored to your own needs and add your own mems. While preferable and very helpful, you’re not expected to remember all the codes all the time. If you want to go pro, however, knowing your codes by heart can save you time when building sites with very stringent deadlines.


W3C, short for the World Wide Web Consortium, consists of an international community of authorities teaming up with companies, other member communities, in-house staff and the public to organize, maintain, and develop web standards. Checking out the site for the latest news and updates regarding web standards can help you hone and tailor your skills accordingly.



Widely regarded by pro developers as a website for “noobs,” W3Schools offers a decent learning experience and environment for those just starting out to learn how to code. They have a structured list of lessons that any newbie can comfortably go through, complete with examples and a simulator to practice with. W3Schools also provides certifications, but you’ll have to pay for them. is a W3C collaboration with Apple, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Intel, Mozilla, Opera, and Nokia. The main function of is to serve as host to all documentation on web development. Anyone is welcome to join and participate in conversations. Contribution and collaboration is highly encouraged,which are possible through a MediaWiki platform.


If you’re a regular visitor, we know that you already know. But for the sake of consistency, InstantShift, as its About snippet shows, is a community for web developers and designers. A multi-authored blog, it offers a wide range of resources, articles and how-tos, even free themes, which designers and developers of varying experience and levels of expertise can reference to either jump-start their knowledge or draw inspiration from. Article categories include web design, WordPress, CSS, tutorials, tools, freebies, photography, and icons, among others.

Participate in online classes/courses

Harvard CS50

An edX class taught by David J. Malan, a Harvard University professor, taking this introductory course to Computer Science is an investment worth its weight in gold, it’s a wonder they don’t charge for it. This is primarily why a lot of lifelong learners around the world are thankful for the possibilities that MOOCs (massive open online courses) present to those who can’t afford to get into prestigious universities like Harvard. The languages you will be taught will include C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and, of course, CSS and HTML. If you want to use this class for credit, you’ll have to pay for the certification.



Tuts+ contains a bevy of tutorials and courses to choose from, ranging from coding to illustration, to design, and mobile app development. Tuts+ has free courses and tutorials, but premium access needs payment of at least $ 15 per month to $ 360 per year. They offer a 14-day free trial.



Treehouse is a for-paid service aimed at teaching web development, design, and mobile app development. Basic access is priced at $ 24 a month, and pro costs $ 49. The site is also equipped with forums, workspaces, contests and challenges area, bonus lessons and conferences area, live workshops, a library and a community you can reach out to and interact with.


Practice makes better, if not perfect. By practicing, you let your brain make an active, creative action that will stimulate better learning and retention, as opposed to just merely reading and viewing tutorials. Complement your studying by practicing with MOOCs like:



Signing up is free with Codecademy, and the lessons are made easy for beginners. You can see how your HTML and CSS codes translate into a web page as they are shown live beside your text editor, changing as you go along. There’s also a forum where you can share your questions and answers with the community.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers

With Code Avengers, signing up is also free. It lets you build a website through HTML and CSS, complete with instructions through text and video. After clicking the check button on the topmost part of the text editor, you get to see what your code looks like through a cellphone-shaped window to the right. If you sign up for an account, you gain the ability to save your progress and get scored against other participants through a leader board.

Get inspired

To get your creative juices flowing and find role models to emulate, look around the web for some real-world examples. See the type of good material that’s already out there and what everyone else is saying about it from a developer, audience, user interface, design and programming point of view


For example, you can check out globally recognized developers, agencies and web sites through Awwwards, a site dedicated to recognizing and promoting the best in web design and development around the world.

Create a portfolio

To make yourself more visible to clients, a portfolio is essential. There are a lot of portfolio hosting sites out there, but here are two examples:



With domain hosting, social media integration, search engine optimization, built-in statistics dashboard, and newsletter-sending functionality, PortfolioBox is worth looking into. It has built-in support for smartphones and tablets, too, so your website looks just as great when viewed from any device. PortfolioBox offers a free account, which can host up to 40 images and, upon signing up, will let you use Pro features for 30 days. Pro costs a monthly $ 6.90 and is paid annually.



A site by developers that serves as a show-and-tell platform for other developers, Dribbble allows you to share screenshots of your processes, work and projects. It has a social-media like feature which shows you how many views, likes, and comments you get.

Get paid to work

It’s productive to continue training and practicing, but nothing beats the sort of training that pays, which is essentially what getting paid work for your skills does. You’re applying and honing your craft, and at the end of the day, someone benefits from its value and pays for it. Freelancing sites like ProgrammerMeetDesigner, GetACoder, and AuthenticJobs are just some of the places that hire coders and designers. This somewhat outdated article from lists 50 freelance job sites for designers and programmers, most of which are still going strong.


Be part of a community

Being part of a community is great to keep you encouraged and find answers to some particularly difficult issues you will encounter along your web development journey. Here’s a list of forums to participate in to gain more current knowledge, friends, mentors, even job referrals.

Manage your projects

The moment you land clients, project management becomes an essential skill. Simple and easy to use, TeuxDeux can organize your daily task list. Web development is usually not a single-day project. For some projects, you’ll need to schedule tasks within a time frame and approximate how much time each needs to be completed. For more comprehensive future projects that simple to-do lists or collaboration software can’t tackle, there are intuitive and adaptive full-fledged project management and collaboration tools, like Comindware Project, that are worth considering.

An online repository for your work is another handy tool, so you’ll have backup in case of problems with your local unit. GitHub can host your code, and if you decide to make the code publicly available, you can ask for other developers’ comments, suggestions, or edits to make your work even better.

Any other resources we failed to mention?

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40 Free CSS Tools For Accelerated Development

You are at the right place if you were looking for some free to use CSS tools for accelerated development. You are lucky enough to land on this page where we are showcasing 40 CSS tools that can help you with accelerated development. CSS is the most popular designing language commonly used for styling web pages and user interfaces written in HTML and XHTML.

We hope that this list proves to be the best for you. These tools play an important role while developing effective and useful web applications. Feel free to share this list with your friends as well and also let us know what you think about this compilation. Here is the full list. Enjoy!


Spritebox is a WYSIWYG tool to help web designers create CSS from sprite images.


csstyle is a modern approach for crafting beautifully maintainable stylesheets. The csstyle method is implemented using a set of SASS mixins that make your CSS readable and semantic, generate your selectors for you, and automatically handle things like specificity and nesting.


A free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets.


Gridlover gives you adjustable css for font sizes, line heights and margins. The default css output is for body, p and h1 – h4 headings, but you can of course apply your adjusted values to any element by editing the css later.

Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator

This is a pure javascript generator for colorful css backgrounds.


orbit.css is an experiment with CSS preprocessors to create an easily consumbale orbital effect for DOM elements. It can be tweaked and configured to behave how you want. DOM element behaviour is then defined through data attributes.

CSS Shrink

Because CSS is on the critical path to rendering pages. It must be small! Or else!


A new smart kid on the Responsive block.


MotorCortex makes web animations easy, providing the ability to describe them through CSS-like syntax and stop messing animation logic with your actual javascript code.


Agile is a simple, fast and easy to use engine which uses javascript generated pure CSS3.


Jeet is built on CSS preprocessors. As such, you’re no longer limited to classes like .col-6. Instead, you can pass any fraction, decimal, or combination of the two, to create a completely custom grid.

CSS Prism

Enter the URL of any CSS file to view and modify its color spectrum.

Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator is a desktop app to create CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices. Create rich experiences for today’s most popular devices.

CSS Menu Maker

Use our MenuMakers to easily build clean, responsive website navigations. If you prefer working with the source code, all our menu designs are FREE to download.


Prefix your CSS3 code. Instantly! Convert your CSS3 syntax to the prefixed versions.


CSS for clean and fast web apps.

Extract CSS

extractCSS is an online tool which can extract ids, classes and inline styles from HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheet. All you have to do is to type or paste your HTML document and let extractCSS to do the rest for you!

CSS Lint


Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.


A fun CSS animation tool.


Bounce.js is a tool and JS library that lets you create beautiful CSS3 powered animations.


Give up the bloat. Stop tripping over your classes. Be Concise.

A to Z CSS

Learn CSS and sharpen your front-end skills with this totally free 26-part video series.


Free cloud based photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.


CSS 3D Lighting Engine.


A Responsive Web Design tool for creating grids by Erskine Design.

Kouto Swiss

kouto swiss gives you a lot of mixins, functions and utilities to code faster, and include the power of caniuse website to make your stylesheets fits your compatibility needs.


Spritemapper is an application that merges multiple images into one and generates CSS positioning for the corresponding slices.

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS a set of styles to create a site with an interface similar to Windows 8.


Create rapid and logical page layout and app prototypes with Gumby Framework, a flexible, responsive CSS framework, powered by Sass.

Sprite Pad

With SpritePad you can create your CSS sprites within seconds. Simply drag & drop your images and have them immediately available as one PNG sprite + CSS code.

CSS Refresh

CSSrefresh is a small, unobstructive javascript file that monitors the CSS-files included in your webpage. As soon as you save a CSS-file, the changes are directly implemented, without having to refresh your browser.


It’s a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind

Bear CSS

Helping you build a solid stylesheet foundation based on your markup.


Easily convert old CSS to fresh new LESS.

CSS Arrow Please

CSSArrowPlease allows you to create and export CSS code for a custom box with an arrow extending out from the side.


cssFx adds vendor-specific prefixes to your stylesheets.


With SpritePad you can create your CSS sprites within minutes seconds. Simply drag & drop your images and have them immediately available as one PNG sprite + CSS code. No fiddling in Photoshop, no manual assignment of CSS styles.


Everyone loves LESS. After all, who isn’t tired of typing all the browser prefixes to make some kick-ass CSS3?

CSS3 Test

This test checks which CSS3 features the browser recognizes, not whether they are implemented correctly.

Pick the best development platform

Read more about Pick the best development platform at

Vagrant and Docker are both development environments. Each has its strengths, weaknesses and focus. Here we pit them against each other, and help you pick the right platform for your project.    Head to head Vagrant – is a tool for building complete development environments and for providing an abstraction layer on top of various virtualisation and provisioning tools.

Creative Bloq

Black Friday Exclusive Deals For Development Tools – Right Here!

It’s Black Friday and everything is on sale! Well, web development and design tools aren’t an exception to this glorious tradition and we’ve cooked up for you some of the sweetest deals available anywhere.

Black Friday Exclusive Deals For Development Tools – Right Here!

Checkout our Black Friday deals right now.

1. X by Themeco

X by Themeco

X by Themeco has revolutionized the theme market with its unique features and four amazing designs it has available within one theme: Integrity for business or creative sites who want to make a statement with their website; Renew for creative blogs; Icon for modern and minimalist website designs and Ethos for creating magazine and newspaper sites as well as for promoting click-through. All four designs are extremely versatile, responsive and completely unique. Themeco now amazes us once again with its 3.0 release that takes things to a whole new level. They’ve developed great new extensions as well as elegant WordPress plugins that will amaze you with their functionality and make building sites with X a wonderful experience. Some of these plugins are e-mail integration with MailChimp and cool marketing tools such as video lock and content dock. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The Themeco crew didn’t stop there, however. They checked every line of code to ensure seamless compatibility with X. These plugins would normally cost $ 50-$ 200 a piece priced individually and about $ 1000 together; Themeco has made them available for… free! Every individual verified purchase entitles you to ALL of these amazing features, in addition to Themeco stacks, live previewer and many more. Click on the button below to get this Black Friday deal.

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2. Templates Master

Templates Master

Customers enjoy the entire shopping experience, but they dread even the thought of going through a complicated check out process that is almost always long and boring. This is where Template Master’s new Magento One Page Checkout steps in. Templates Master made sure to get rid of the unnecessary fields by replacing the typical 6 page checkout with a much simpler, intuitive one. With this extension from Templates Master, your customers will be able to set their own delivery date for their orders. You can also customize your checkout by adding up to 5 fields like “Comments” or “Where did you find out about us”. You won’t have to waste time installing anything either: the Templates Master team will make sure to install and configure the extension for you in less than 24 hours. Your clients will be able to skip the shopping cart page and instead they will be directed straight to the checkout page. If you’ve decided to try out the Fire Checkout, you can now take advantage of a Black Friday 30% discount with the code BLCK2014.

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3. Designmodo


Designmodo is well-known in the web design and development world for their quality products and now they amaze us yet again with a fabulous Black Friday deal: 70% off any item available in their shop. From startup frameworks for WordPress and startup design frameworks to flat UI PRO and The Bricks UI packs, they have something for everyone. Plus, all the information you need on how to use their products is available on the website. The design kits are made taking into account the usability of the future layout, in order to save web developers from unnecessary complications. All components and icons are made with Shape Layers (which means that the size and quality of an image can be changed), plus all images are ready for use with Retina. Moreover, by using Designmodo tools, companies will be able to save up to an incredible 800% of cash investments in design. Click on the button below and make an awesome purchase this Black Friday.

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4. Usersnap


Most of us have worked on joint web projects and encountered problems with bug tracking. This meant that we had to take a screenshot and then take the time to write a detailed report on when and how we came across the problem in order to ask for help from our colleagues, all this time wishing there was an easier and faster way to do all this. Well, there actually is one: the awesome visual bug tracker Usersnap. Usersnap will make bug tracking easy and collaborating with colleagues and clients efficient and professional. It will create screenshots of the current browser content and then put together bug reports with absolutely no extra plugin required. In fact, even if already have a project management or bug tracking system, you can integrate it with Usersnap. Keep your eyes peeled for this Black Friday discount offered by Usersnap: 20% off its usual price, which means that you’ll save $ 240 per year, get it by clicking on the button below.

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5. Themify


The superb Themify themes aim to help non-coders quickly customize themes without having to deal with lines of code. The beautifully designed and advanced Themify framework includes the drag-and-drop builder, custom widgets and shortcodes. Each of the wonderful Themify themes and the Builder deliver on both design and function and, when paired with the Builder Addons, they simply cannot be paralleled. These Addons are Tiles, Pointers, WooCommerce, Timeline, Progress bar, FitText, Counter, Contact, Button, Audio and A/B image and they will be of great help in creating the perfect shopping page for your site, creating a unique way to display your posts, showing and styling numbers on your website in a creative way, open a new link in a separate tab, as well as customizing the look and feel of buttons. Themify has prepared a great offer for this Black Friday: use your coupon (BLACKFRIDAY) and you can get a 40% discount for any item on their website, be them themes, plugins, Builder Addons or even Club Memberships starting from the 28th of November to the 1st of December. And best of all, they are giving away an iPad Mini during the promotion!!

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6. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Have you been searching for a smart and flexible WordPress theme which you can customize until it fits the vision you have for your website? Do you also wish you could purchase that theme at a discount? If that’s the case, look no further than Elegant Themes. Their collection of themes is awesome and the most remarkable one is probably Divi. At its core you’ll find the Divi Builder which transforms page elements into visual building blocks, so that you can easily change the structure of the page without having to touch a single line of code. Moreover, Divi comes with 18 pre-made layouts that will help you set up your website in no time. No matter how you will configure your website, it is guaranteed to look its best on any device, because Divi has a responsive design. Also, you’ll be happy to find out that there is a Black Friday discount of 20% off their Developer subscription which will get you all of the Elegant Themes, complete access to all plugins, as well as high-quality technical support. Just click on the button below to get the deal.

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7. PowerMockup


PowerMockup is a wireframe and mockup tool created by Wulfsoft that works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. It’s quite easy to use, even for those who aren’t so skilled at creating wireframes, and it can be of great value for team projects; for example, if one member is not familiar with web design, but wants to add his input, he can do that thanks to this awesome tool. Once they have downloaded PowerMockup, users can start to drag and drop stencils, text boxes and shapes and turn a PowerPoint slide into a mockup of a website or an app. The quick search function will help find the right stencil in the blink of an eye, while the “add stencil” button will enable users to import any missing stencils they might need. This highly efficient wireframe tool supports all features needed to create a site or mobile app with ease! Moreover, licenses for PowerMockup can be purchased on this Black Friday with a 50% discount if ordered through the button below, which means that a single-user license that is usually priced at $ 59.95 will be available at a price of $ 29.97.

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8. Improvely


Improvely was specifically designed for online marketers who need help fighting and eliminating click fraud. This conversion tracking service will make your life easier with its optimization tools like A/B split testing and rotation of ad landing pages. Improvely’s real time tracking will pinpoint and keep you safe from suspicious click activity on your ads. You can rest assured you will be covered even against activity that spans across multiple campaigns. This way, you’ll stop paying for fraudulent clicks and your client’s marketing budget will be safe from threats. You will also be able to identify the best and worst performing traffic sources and demographics for your site. Just enjoy the automatic service while Improvely will indicate where you should focus your attention in order to maximize conversions and which ads, keywords and landing pages you should dismiss to stop wasting money. If you’ve made up your mind and you’d like to give Improvely a try, only now you can enjoy a 14 day free trial and a Black Friday 10% discount on your subscription plan for life by clicking the button below.

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9. Hotjar


Have you ever wondered how you could enhance the strengths of your website and cut down on its weak points? Would you like to know what areas of your site are the true focal points and which ones get ignored by visitors? If your answer to either one or both of these questions is yes, then you have to find out about Hotjar. It’s the best way of understanding what your website is used for and what your visitors look for when they’re browsing. Additionally, it’s also the easiest and most effective way of gathering feedback and getting in touch with your users in the blink of an eye. All this is possible thanks to some amazingly innovative tools such as Heatmaps that visually represent the clicks, taps and scrolling which take place on your website; an easy editor for creating online surveys that will collect responses in real time from absolutely any device; playbacks of your visitors’ sessions that will help you pinpoint usability issues, as well as a proactive chat which can be set up on pages with UX issues in order to get instant feedback. Once you have understood all the valuable information gathered with Hotjar, you will be able to come up with new A/B testing ideas and then put out the best possible version of your website. Lastly, for only 29$ per month, Hotjar is truly a bargain that you can’t afford to miss. Get their Black Friday deals by clicking the button below.

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10. Wingify


We all know the importance of A/B testing in internet marketing: it helps to optimize a website’s ability to convert visitors into customers and it can help companies to increase their revenue without having to make further investments to acquire traffic. A great A/B testing tool is the Visual Website Optimizer, which enables users to quickly test landing pages, websites, eCommerce pages and more with minimal IT help. It’s also great for doing multivariate testing, split URL testing, as well as iOS Apps optimization. On the VWO website, users will find testing guides to help them get started, as well as a great deal of how-to tips and tricks. Additionally, they can always ask for help from the world-class experts that Visual Website Optimizer has available 24/7. This awesome tool is available at a price that makes testing accessible to everyone, but we have even better news: you can get an awesome deal for VWO this Black Friday! This is what you have to do: sign up for a free trial and then, after that you are automatically directed to the VWO application, click on the orange button with “Upgrade” written on it. As you scroll down the page, you will see the coupon code section where you can enter the Black Friday coupon code (vwo-black-friday) available from the 28th to the 30th of November. Now your account has a validity of three months and 30,000 visitors. Click on the button below to get started.

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11. FastIcon


Everybody loves a good icon for their website. They capture our attention and they are of great importance for the overall design of a site. If you’re searching for high-quality icons, look no further than FastIcon. The Brazilian illustrator DirceuVeiga, the brain behind FastIcon, has been creating premium quality icons since 2004. On the aforementioned website you’ll find every icon you will ever need, due to the varied range of themes. The icons are available in different formats (vector EPS, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP) and at a scalable Vector + 128×128, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32 and 16×16 pixel. All icons are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, software, web apps, websites and even suitable for print projects, so you can rest assured that they will always look their best. You can get them in styles ranging from flat, outlined to detailed or cartoon-like. Also, you can buy icon sets at a staggering discount starting from 40% and up to 70% this Black Friday by clicking the button below.

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Get The Best Web Development Black Friday Deals Right Here

3Greetings to all of you out there who have managed to survive both tremendous quantities of food and alcohol and the wonderful company of relatives! Have a wonderful Black Friday and take a look at the exclusive offers we’ve rounded up for your web development needs. 1. X by Themeco  The revolutionary X Theme by Themeco allows […]
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Here Are 20 Web Development Tools You Shouldn’t Go Without

Web development is one of the topics on everybody’s lips. Whether it’s people talking about the website launched for the latest film, about the online shops they choose to visit or even actual web developers trading ideas, everyone is in on the discussion about websites.

Here Are 20 Web Development Tools You Shouldn’t Go Without

This is one of the main reasons why the industry has to keep evolving and constantly come up with new, entertaining ideas. And let me tell you, it’s not easy.

Luckily, there are a number of tools and services that were created in order to help web developers achieve amazing results easily and quickly. Here’s our selection of the top 20.

1. Gridgum


Whether you’re looking for a niche marketplace where you can sell your responsive themes or if you’re looking to buy premium quality themes and templates, Gridgum is the place for you. Gridgum aims to bring you the best responsive themes and templates available and it’s succeeding in doing this by choosing quality over quantity. You can rest assured that all themes from Gridgum are not only beautiful and appealing to the viewers, but also responsive and stable. The marketplace offers WordPress and Bootstrap themes and also Admin Panels for people who are shopping for their new website. Gridgum accepts themes created with Bootstrap, Gumby and Skeleton frameworks or even your own framework. If you want to sell your responsive theme on Gridgum, you should bear in mind that each theme must have a unique name, that themes must be tested in various browsers and that static HTML templates must use index.html as the filename for the home/default page. You’ll also be glad to hear that all theme authors get fixed commission rates for all their work. Buyers get perks also, Gridgum has a neat purchase points system that allows clients to redeem the point they earned in this purchase in any future one.

2. ExpressionEngine


The team at EllisLab came up with one of the most flexible content management tools for your website –ExpressionEngine. This tool allows you to break down content into parts that make sense to you instead of trying to conform to a preconceived notion of how it should be stored and accessed. ExpressionEngine is very easy to install and will fit both the website and its content. Therefore, it’s going to work perfectly whether you use it for a university website, a tourism, real estate or eCommerce site and even with a personal blog. You won’t have to try and twist the application to make it fit, because it goes smoothly with anything. Since the content is completely separated from the design, you can display it anyway you want and integrate it with several apps and services. Plus, you can do this without having any programming experience. On the other hand, if you’re a programmer you’ll instantly recognize the maneuverability of this tool and see that it’s one of the most extensible content management systems there is.

3. HTML5 Maker

HTML5 Maker

HTML5Maker is one of the best online services out there that can help you create animated multimedia content. Whether you want something refreshing for your personal blog or you’re planning a whole ad campaign, HTML5Maker is the tool you’re looking for. You don’t even have to be a programmer or have any design skills in order to use the tool. HTML5Maker comes with many great features. The Online Animation Editor and Online Image Editor will help you get creative in no time. Plus, you can create responsive animations that are compatible with Google AdWords and Google Double-Click. There’s a great variety of ready-to-use templates you can choose from and you can also embed your animations from the cloud into your website or share them as a Template with your customers. HTML5Maker also provides Transition Effects and a Photo Editor that will help easily create the most attractive animations, whether they are sliders or banners or any other type of multimedia content.

4. Argento


If you’re looking for a way to improve your store, has the solution for you. Argento is one of the best Magento templates you can find. It was designed to be both highly functional and to answer to all the needs of an eCommerce website. The theme is fully responsive and respects all Magento developer guidelines. It scales to adapt any screen resolution and works smoothly on all operating systems including iOS, Android and BlackBerry, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of creating a mobile application for each of them. Plus, the Argento theme is easy to install and the professional developers from can get it installed for free in less than 24 hours. The theme was created with SEO in mind, so it will provide your store with improved HTML structure for better Magento SEO performance including SEO important tags and HTML attributes. Argento also comes with lots of popular extensions that will create a more user-friendly interface for your visitors to enjoy.

5. Tickera


Tickera is the perfect tool for those who organize and handle events. It’s also helpful for small parties or gatherings since it’s intuitive and highly efficient. Tickera allows you to design tickets and sell them through your website. This WordPress plugin is 100% free and it will save you a lot of time, especially if you have to deal with several events at the same time. Tickera is so user friendly it even allows you to check in attendees on your iPhone or Android device via barcode scan. All you have to do is enjoy automation and save your money. Ticket builder lets you create ticket templates for each ticket type. This way you can have Premium or VIP tickets for the same event that look different. Play around with font size, color, paper size and orientation until you’re happy with the end result. As a plus, the barcode readers will help you improve the check-in, leave less people waiting outside of your venue and make your attendees happier.

6. Kukook


Everyone has gone through the struggle of sending out resumes in order to get a job and failing to have too much or any feedback whatsoever. This generally happens due to the fact that the vast majority of recruiting managers have to go through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis in search for the right one. How can you make sure you end up on the short list? You go over to Kukook Resumes, choose a resume from their gallery, modify it to your particular needs using Word and you’re done. You are now the proud owner of an attractive, professional resume that is surely to get you noticed. Kukook Resumes specializes in creating creative, eye-catching resume templates that make it easier for those in search for a job to stand out. Regardless of the domain in which you are searching for a job, be it publishing, engineering or web development, a good resume will speak volumes about you. Head on over to Kukook Resumes right not and get started with your new resume.

7. Themify

Themify offers a wide range of responsive themes that are beautifully designed and highly customizable with the Drag&Drop Builder, shortcodes and custom widgets. You can customize you own template without having to write a single line of code. also offers a new set of tools called Builder Addons. These are the modules that extend to the Themify Builder. Builder Addons can be used with any Themify theme and the Builder Plugin. Here are some of the Addons. The Pointers addon helps you emphasize certain parts of an image by placing different pointers that will draw the attention on your images. The Contact module allows you to create custom designed contact forms by personalizing them to match your website. The Audio feature allows you to upload your audio file and place it in any column within the Builder. With the A/B image module you can place two images side by side and compare the two versions and more.

8. Templates master

Templates master offers a great variety of Magento themes and extensions. They create the best templates based on improved HTML and are always careful about SEO. Besides, they’re constantly coming up with updates in order to make sure that they’re products will work with the most recent Magento releases. If you’re looking for a way to make your Magento store faster and pay less for hosting packages, Magento Page Cache is the right solution for you. This tool was created with the sole purpose of making your store faster. Page Cache is based on core Magento architecture that supports both static and dynamic blocks. It’s very easy to install and works right out of the box. It also has additional extension settings that allow you to set flexible cache rules based on page, block, or any module. They provide installation instructions and manuals as well as 1 year of free support so you can quickly solve any issues you might encounter with the tool.

9. Icon Maker

Icon Maker will help you design your own icon sets faster and more efficiently than ever before. Icon Maker is a site that offers over 1000 beautiful icons from which you can choose the one you need. From here, you can customize it and make it suitable for your website. Change the inner shadow, drop shadow or shine if you want more depth. Play around with the colors and size until you’re happy how your icon looks like. You can let your creativity flow free. You don’t need design skills to use Icon Maker. Just have fun by creating unlimited icon sets and uploading your own vector (SVG) icons. When you’re ready, you can share your icon as a template with your fellow users. Icon Maker is free for personal and commercial use and it will enable you to create, personalize and download icon sets in no time. And the best part is you won’t lose quality because all the icons are vector-based files.

10. BugMuncher


BugMuncher is a helpful tool that will enable you to receive feedback and bug reports on your live site from your users. What is cool about BugMuncher is that it helps you keep your users happy. No more sending and receiving hundreds of emails from your users who can’t describe you what problem they are having. BugMuncher will automatically take a screenshot of your site that will show the problem highlighted by the user. And because BugMuncher knows you need more details, it will also tell you the user’s browser, their installed plugins, their operating system and even the path they took through your website. It couldn’t get any simpler than this. Feedback with screenshots is fast and efficient both for the users and the site owners. BugMuncher is easy to set up, it supports all web browsers and can be integrated with many third party tools like Zendesk, Trello, Activeollab and GitHub.

11. Webflow


Tools like Webflow make creating websites easy. In order to use this tool you don’t need any web development prior knowledge or any sort of vast experience with web design. All you need to have a firm grasp on is what your website will look like and what content you want to add to it. From there on, Webflow provides you with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface that will help you define your website and take care to generate all the code for you. The best thing about Webflow is that it provides you with a fully functional website at the end of day, not just a pretty mockup like other similar tools.

12. CoffeeCup


Having a responsive layout for your website is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is a minimum requirement. With the fast spread of hand-held devices with constant access to the Internet, it is vital to both get your business online and make its online presence as pleasant as possible. CoffeeCup is the app to help you achieve all this. CoffeeCup is a tool that will enable you to create your very own custom, content-driven, responsive layout. With access to features that will help you prototype responsive designs and generate custom layouts and also offer you complete insight into your website based on the analysis of over 70 factors that concern usability and SEO, CoffeeCup is the best application to choose.

13. Daily hosting

Daily hosting

Looking for a hosting solution and you don’t know where to start? Finding what’s right for your website is not an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own. is the ideal place to get informed about your choices, browse through hundreds of options and find what suits your needs best. When searching for a hosting solution for your website you have to keep in mind several factors. You should know how much traffic your site brings in every day and also take into consideration if it will increase in the near future. Also, you should bear in mind what your site’s purpose is: personal blog, eCommerce site or an application based website. Last but not least think about your budget and how much time and money you’re likely to invest in your site. Based on these factors at Daily Hosting you’ll find resources on different hosting services whether you’re looking for VPS, cloud or reseller hosting.

14. GoJS JavaScript Library for HTML5 Canvas

GoJS JavaScript Library for HTML5 Canvas

GoJS is a feature-rich JavaScript library that enables you to implement interactive diagrams across modern browsers and platforms. GoJS supports graphical templates and data-binding of graphical object properties to model data. Only the model, consisting of simple JavaScript objects, needs to be saved and restored. GoJS offers many cool tools for user interactivity like transactional state and undo management, palettes, overviews, data bound models and event handlers. With GoJS you can step up your game and construct diagrams of complex Nodes, Links, and Groups much easier. GoJS even has an extensible tool system for custom operations. And since it’s 100% JavaScript, your users will get interactivity without having to use plugins like Flash or Silverlight. If you need a little help at the beginning, you can run over 90 sample apps that illustrate different diagrams, showing their full source code. Also, check out the useful step-by-step explanation on building apps with GoJS diagram and model data which will surely come in handy.

15. XQual


XStudio is an advanced test management program that lets you control the entire life-cycle of your products. It provides great measuring tools for the coverage of your testing, like the traceability matrix, the execution progress and the quality index of your web site. XStudio is very customer friendly and it is able to assess your QA/testing project from users, specifications, requirements, test plans and more. Your customers will be able to check which requirement has been developed and tested in real-time. For storing data XStudio uses MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server, so it can be used from Windows, Linux or Mac. What is more, XStudio is the only test management tool that can be interfaced with proprietary tests due to its particularly flexible and easy to use Java SDK. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, XStudio also offers reporting results, progress, quality, coverage and both manual and automated planning, execution, scheduling and archiving of the test campaigns.

16. VirtueMart


VirtueMart is the complete eCommerce solution you’ve probably been looking for all this time. Just head on over to their homepage and take a look, you’re sure to find that it perfectly supplies all your needs and more. VirtueMart is a one-stop shop due to its cool features that allow you to have as many customers, categories and products on your site as you wish. Forget about having to compromise or create Miscellaneous categories because you were running short.

VirtueMart is used together with the Content Management System Joomla!. Both these products are free to use and download so you can start working with them right away. You can change the look and feel of your website by using the templates for Joomla! sites, which use CSS and XHTML in order to help you customize your design. VirtueMart is extremely easy to use and can be run as a shopping cart, or in catalog mode. It’s suitable both for beginners and experts. What is more, it offers thousands of built in features that will help you create your store in only a few minutes. And if you are looking for a particular feature you can always add plugins, components and templates that will spice up your shop and make it look more professional.

17. MotoCMS


Searching for a way to create beautiful and mobile friendly website in the blink of an eye? MotoCMS will enable you to do just that. MotoCMS is an advanced content management system that is both user-friendly and efficient. Creating attractive, SEO optimized sites has never been this easy before. The powerful Admin Panel is simple and allows you to customize and manage all your content and layout. Whether you need a search field, a subscribe button or an embedded photo gallery, MotoCMS has got you covered. With just a few clicks you can improve your personal site to make it look like you’ve always wanted. The Image Editor and Media Library are two other cool features that will make your life easier. MotoCMS’s websites are optimized to comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines, keeping everything up to date at all times. It couldn’t get any easier than this. Still, if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to their friendly support team who will gladly assist you on any topic.

18. Opinion Stage

A good tip for increasing user feedback as well as your site’s daily viewer number is to create social polls. Opinion Stage helps you make standard or social polls, enabling you to customize them the way you like. Opinion Stage is a quick and efficient tool that offers lots of features for all its users. You can even monetize your polls by integrating ads or promoting other polls from the network.

Opinion Stage’s rich reporting dashboard keeps you on top of things at all times: you can filter the results by gender, time span, geographical location or social network. If you want to know even more details, with just a glance at your dashboard you’ll be able to find out how your polls are performing. Opinion Stage informs you about how much traffic they are bringing in and on what social networks your polls are trending. And if you usually like to post everything to Facebook you can publish your poll with just one click.

19. Adverts


Creating your very one classifieds website has never been as easy as it is with Adverts. This newly launched plugin allows you to have a pro classifieds website up and running in no time. It installs like any other WordPress plugin that you’ve encountered and is suitable for both existing blogs as well as for new ones. What’s more, Adverts allows you full freedom to create your very own shortcodes in order to be assured that your website will always run smoothly. WPAdverts is compatible with any WordPress theme worth its value and it will be ready to use as soon as it’s activated. In addition to this, it’s also integrated with a number of third party plugins like Yoast SEO, Jetpack and more, allowing you to create a unique experience for your users. If you want to take a look at just what Adverts can do, go to its official website and take a look at the demo for this amazing new plugin.

20. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is the perfect tool to turn to in case the unspeakable happens and, when it comes to web development, the most common unspeakable is having your website or server go down at the absolute worst possible time. Since nobody wants to suffer from this problem and be unaware, Uptime Robot provides a service that notifies you as soon as the crash appears. The way it works is this: the application checks your website or server every 5 minutes and, should an issue arise, it sends you the information via email, SMS, web-hooks and various other methods. Uptime Robot is easy to use and its interface is both intuitive and efficient, offering you the possibility to monitor up to 50 websites or servers completely free. In addition to this, Uptime Robot also offers a response monitoring service that lets you know how fast the monitors it is tracking are responding.

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