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Interview: My Brightest Diamond: A discussion with musician Shara Worden at Culture Lab Detroit’s “In Cahoots” performance

Interview: My Brightest Diamond

Long before attending the filming of My Brightest Diamond’s La Blogotheque video for “Whoever You Are” at this year’s Sundance, we were impressed by her lush vocals, theatricality…

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Design Inspiration: Diamond Theme

A clean and highly functional html template for personal portfolios and business websites. I particularly like the clean, crisp design aesthetic.

This design was featured on Friday 25th of April 2014. It’s designed by bitpub, and falls under the category of Portfolio.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Trash & Diamond, Beijing: The city’s first real second-hand store opens a new location in Wudaokou to the delight of treasure-seekers

Trash & Diamond, Beijing

Last spring, Fang Fang (who studied graphic design and advertising before working as an Art Director for brands including Apple China and Mini) left her prestigious job and partnered with her friend Lin to open the first…

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Queen of the Night: Glitz, glamour and dance at the relaunch of NYC’s historic Diamond Horseshoe Club

Queen of the Night

75 years after its initial opening, the Paramount Hotel’s former vaudeville theater, the Diamond Horseshoe Club, opened its doors once more on 31 December 2013. There—with magic, majesty, surprise…

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The Illustration Portfolio of Peter Diamond

Here are a few illustrations from the portfolio of Peter Diamond, a freelance illustrator based in Vienna, Austria. A few of Peter's clients include: The National Post, The Progressive and The New York Times. Peter's work owes much of its character to the album covers and self-published comics that were his special focus in art […]

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Patrick Seymour: Shiny Diamond Type

I’m loving this geometric typographic exploration by Patrick Seymour.









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Moko Sellars : Kicky bone china diamond rings handmade in East London

Moko Sellars

Just a few miles from where Thomas Frye first developed the composition for bone china in 1748, a modern tribute to the porcelain material is on view at Hackney’s Wilton Way Cafe. The East London coffee shop and community gallery is currently showing a collection of bone china “diamond”…

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Researchers discover the first diamond planet

Diamond planet midnight Doctor who

Researchers at Yale have found the first evidence of a diamond planet, a type of planet that only existed in theory and fiction. The planet, called 55 Cancri e, was discovered last year and initially assumed to have a similar chemical makeup to Earth. However, researchers were able to infer the planet’s composition from recent mass and radius measurements, by “computing all possible combinations of elements and compounds” that would match those measurements. Using this technique, the researchers discovered that 55 Cancri e consists primarily of carbon in the form of graphite and diamond, as well as iron, silicon carbide, and some silicates.

55 Cancri e is different from Earth in many ways, not least because over one third of the planet…

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Behance portfolio of the week: Dusty Diamond

We’ve partnered with online portfolio site Behance to bring you inspiring work from some of the most exciting designers on the planet. This week: Seattle graphic designer Dusty Diamond.

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Colorful Animal Illustrations by Abby Diamond