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Vast majority of docs collected by NSA come from ordinary internet users, not legal targets

A massive report from The Washington Post this weekend delves into tens of thousands of communications and documents collected by the NSA’s wide-reaching surveillance programs. The first-of-its-kind report reveals that as many as nine out of ten web users caught in the NSA’s surveillance efforts are not the persons targeted by the agency.

Private and personal emails, instant messages, photos, and documents from these digital bystanders — many of whom appear to be spuriously connected to the target — remain in the agency’s servers long after they’ve been deemed irrelevant. According to the Post, a large portion are US citizens or residents, with almost half of all communications containing information that the NSA connected to Americans.

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Google releases Docs and Sheets apps for iOS and Android

Google is launching standalone mobile apps for the three key tools in its productivity suite: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The apps will be available on both iOS and Android, with the former two already out today and Slides coming at a later date. The standalone apps aren’t strictly necessary though: the ability to create, view, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations has been built into the Google Drive app for some time now. These new apps even look just like Google Drive, but with different color schemes. But by breaking them out on their own, Google gives users of its productivity suite a clear place to go when they want to get working.

The launch of Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps will also better position Google to compete…

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The W3C Announces Web Platform Docs – A comprehensive source for web developer documentation

A collaboration between major web companies and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has resulted in a new community-driven site, Web Platform Docs, providing a one stop wiki for Open Web Platform (HTML5, CSS, etc.) developers.

W3C along with the Web Platform Stewards, who are currently Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera, have launched this effort to centralize web practices in a wiki and preserved to foster sharing and reuse.

The site will include best practices for feature usage (including syntax and examples), cross-platform interoperability, standardization status of specifications, and feature stability and implementation status. Each section, in true wiki style, can be rated and links back to original sources. The site appears very much in the developmental stage at this time of launch.

The documents on the site are currently split into concepts, HTML, CSS, accessibility, JavaScript, and SVG (XML). and administrator updates will be published via Twitter (@WebPlatform) and on the site blog; and the forum appears to be already active.

The site also features a section for beginners, so this resource appears targeted at developers of all knowledge stages.

Anxious to get going? Here is the getting started page

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Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others team up to support standards site Web Platform Docs Logo

Web development has become increasingly complex in recent years, and now a new website has launched — with the backing of several major industry players — in an effort to become the definitive resource for developers looking to explore web standards. Web Platform Docs, which launched today in a self-described “alpha” form, wants to become “the place to come for answers to your trickiest (and simplest) development and design questions about the Open Web Platform.” The project is backed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards body, as well as the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others.

The site currently consists of a wiki, forums, a chat channel, and a blog, but the ambitions run much higher. According to…

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