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Joshua Light Show + Inherent Vice at the Ace, Shoreditch: A stunning, psychedelic installation at the London hotel that encourages visitors to zone out and dream

Joshua Light Show + Inherent Vice at the Ace, Shoreditch

A kaleidoscope of swirling, colorful shapes move up, down and around the windows of The 100 Room at Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel. The shapes come together and float apart, creating bubbles and cascading color explosions that look like fungi and haemoglobin……

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Managing Joomla Multi-blog Site: Reality or a Dream

Running two blogs on one website has become possible with the help of functional Joomla extensions. Regardless your site ‘size,’ you can make its multi-user, multi-blog.

Miami Art Week 2014: Theo Jansen’s Dream Machines: Whimsical, moving sculptures at the oceanfront Strandbeest pop-up exhibition

Miami Art Week 2014: Theo Jansen's Dream Machines

For anyone attending Miami Art Week, the pop-up exhibition, Strandbeest, blends the best elements of the week—sun, sand and powerful, innovative art—into one one. Presented by luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet and the Peabody Essex Museum, Strandbeest……

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War of the Worlds illustrator builds his dream studio

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As a fantasy artist, my job is to imagine all manner of exotics, and then make them believable. Having done this for many years, I felt I had the skills to build a custom studio. I visualised myself in the space, imagined it working exactly how I wanted. The town I live in – New Milford, CT – has snowy winters and warm, humid summers. I’ve built a studio with that in mind. My workspace was built to fulfil both my traditional and digital needs. I primarily paint in oils, but still need to get my work onto my computer to send it off for publication.

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A Procrastinators Dream – 25 Fascinating and Creative GIF Animations

big2I've wasted a good few hours searching through heaps and heaps of animated GIFs. My problem started on Reddit – I was there for a good hour without any GIF animation saved for this article. Many were of course hilarious but unfortunately irrelevant for the inspiration seekers amongst you. So after failing to think of a […]
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Richard Branson says ‘the dream lives on’ after Virgin Galactic crash

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson told the media this morning in the Mojave Desert that he will continue to fight for his dream of commercial space travel, despite yesterday’s fatal tragedy that destroyed the SpaceShipTwo during a test flight. “We will make absolutely certain that the dream lives on,” Branson said, adding that “we owe it to our test pilots to find out exactly what went wrong.”

After some delays, the company had planned to launch its first space tourism flights sometime next year at a cost of $ 250,000 per seat, but yesterday’s accident has shuffled those plans. Branson did not clarify the nature of the “inflight anomaly” that led to the crash, but the accident killed one of the two test pilots. He has been…

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Win the best workstation you’ve ever had in the Dream Desk Giveaway

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Having the right workspace can make all the difference between getting work done or being distracted all day. It’s all about creating an environment that will be conducive to your efforts, and nothing will spark your motivation like the Dream Desk Giveaway.

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A Comprehensive Coffee Experience at Industry Beans: The Melbourne-based roastery, cupping lab, training facility and café is a caffeine fiend’s dream

A Comprehensive Coffee Experience at Industry Beans

by Chérmelle Edwards Melbourne-based brothers Trevor and Steven Simmons recently departed the familiar streets of Fitzroy for London to receive the 2014 British Design Award for Restaurant and Bar Design for their multi-functional specialty coffee shop, …

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Electric Vehicle Sports Racer: A look at the team taking the dream of the electric car onto the racetrack

Electric Vehicle Sports Racer

“We are feeding it right now. It’s hungry,” says project manager and chief engineer of Electric Vehicle Sports Racer (EVSR) Charlie Greenhaus, referring to his electric racecar’s appetite for a charge. Greenhaus, who founded EVSR, has…

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150 Programming Questions and Solutions or How to Get Your Dream Job!

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