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Jewellery inspired by Eastern and African cultures

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Some jewellery created by French designer Miren Lasnier. She found her inspiration in traditional cultures from Eastern countries and Africa. Some beautiful geometric shapes and subtle colors make these a delight. These are all sold by the brand iu jewellery design.

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Jago Restaurant East London: Ashkenazi heritage meets Middle Eastern flair at Louis Solley’s new restaurant at the Second Home tech incubator

Jago Restaurant East London

by Ananda Pellerin

Anyone who attended a progressive primary school in the 1970s will feel nostalgic walking into Second Home’s optimistic interior. The multipurpose workspace, housed in a former carpet factory off of London’s Brick Lane, is a low……

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Eastern patterns transformed into pseudo-digital woven rugs


Taking the traditional Eastern woven carpet and reimagining it, Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed wants to apply his modern and unique twist to the stylish floor covering. Ensuring his creations retain their historical symbolism, Ahmed’s handcrafted carpets stretch, skew, and reinvent orthodox patterns, expanding beyond conventional square borders with pixelated and graffiti-daubed designs. Ahmed says his work aims to take an icon of Eastern tradition and transform the boundaries “beyond any recognition.” By taking his study of sculpture and applying it to textiles, you could argue he makes regular rugs look plain and uninteresting.

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First Container: Collision Works Story Box: Help kickstart a community-driven shipping container center in Detroit’s Eastern Market

First Container: Collision Works Story Box

We’ve seen several creative applications for shipping containers in the past, and the fact remains that these steel structures are unparalleled in terms of durability and availability for a recycled building material. Friend of CH …

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Hard Candy by Yan Rui: Jewelry inspired by Eastern reincarnation philosophy, Nine Inch Nails and more

Hard Candy by Yan Rui

by Alessandro De Toni In the last few years Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts has become an epicenter of the capital’s creativity, producing an array of talented artists and designers each year. Included among the group of elite graduates is Yan Rui, who after finishing her studies at CAFA…

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Eastern Collective Cables: Colorful woven cords for cheering up and keeping track of iDevice adaptors

Eastern Collective Cables

Bringing a bright pop of color to the tangled white mass of iDevice cords are Eastern Collective’s woven cables. Mixing textiles with technology, the young company from Vermont aims to brighten the otherwise drab greyscale-dominated world of Apple. Each multicolored cable works with all non-lightening iDevices to help differentiate…

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