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Effective Web Typography: Rules, Techniques and Responsive Design

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Effective Web Typography: Rules, Techniques and Responsive

Responsive Web Design isn’t just about columns, grids, images and icons. All of this will not make sense without text for content. As Bill Gates once said “Content is King.” When it comes to content, we need to talk about web typography. Looking at modern web design trends, having responsive typography is a big factor […]


8 Effective and Free to Use Resume Template Downloads

Resume Template3Whether you are in the creative business or not an effectively designed resume template can help you stand out from the stack of resumes your potential employer has to flick through. Boring resumes that have been created in your everyday word processor are becomming a thing of the past. Within this article I have compiled 8 resume template […]
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Using Textures in Effective Web Design

10530122_sIn web design as well as in the other fields of art, texture can sometimes be seen as too busy or too dirty. However, this is only due to its misuse and overuse. If used properly, texture can be a simple but effective way of introducing character and depth into a web page.

Have a Clear Purpose

In order to properly use a texture, make sure that its use and placement will have a purpose. It is very easy to get carried away with textures. By taking some time to hatch a plan for your design, you can avoid overusing textures as well as other graphic elements. If you cannot say that the texture has improved the website, then remove it.

Guide the Attention of the Users

One of the most common uses of texture is highlighting key elements. It can be used to guide the attention of the users towards titles, headings, button, specific text areas and other branding elements. In order to effectively direct the eyes of the users to the intended element, it is important to use the texture minimally.

For example, a texture strategically placed on a web page can effectively separate content from each other. Instead of using hard lines and overpowering contrasts, you can opt for subtle textures in the background.

Texture can also be used to highlight logos. If the logo has a smooth and clean look, putting it against a textured background can make it easily noticeable. On the other hand, if the logo has a rough and textured look, it will be better to place it against a clean background with only one solid color.

Do Not Sacrifice Readability

Too much use of textures can be very distracting for the users. Layers upon layers of textures can also make it difficult to read texts. Remember that the elements should complement, instead of competing, with each other.

Find the Right Balance to Quality and Loading Time

A website with a lot of different high-quality textures will surely have a long loading time. The most obvious way to decrease this loading time is to also decrease the file size of the textures. However, a low-quality texture can make the website look unprofessional.

A good way to decrease the loading time and maintain the quality of the textures is to use repeating texture patterns. This can be especially useful for larger areas such as the background.


While creating a website, do not hesitate to try out new things. Put the texture in areas where you do not usually apply it. You can even try to make your own textures. With a camera, you can go around your neighborhood and take some photos. There are lots of interesting textures everywhere. There are tree barks, old wood, rough concrete pavements, soft fabrics and even rippled water surfaces. With a dependable camera or even a scanner as well as an image editor, you can already create unique textures for any website.

Readers, what’s your take? Do you use textures on your websites?

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Effective and Minimal Branding Project: Beige by Josep Puy

Minimal Branding Project3Josep Puy is a graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain, he has created this minimal branding for the company 'Beige'. They sell personal hygiene products and body care products, all of which are nature-based with scents such as' Rosemary, Cedar wood and Eucalyptus. via: Josep Puy
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5 tools for more effective working

Read more about 5 tools for more effective working at

The ever-growing array of tools and apps for managing your work can often feel daunting when trying to figure out which is best for our own personal needs. I’ve spent hours comparing apps through the gruelling process of reading reviews and test-driving free versions – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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15 Practicably Effective Tools for Developers and Designers

Let’s start the new week with something really useful. We’d like to present you sent of awesome design & development tools to fill in your tool-chest.

Playful and Effective UI

Want to find out how to create a seductive UI? In the book by Stephen P. Anderson you will find amazingly simple reasons that will help you create such an interface.

9 Amazingly Effective WordPress Advertising Plugins You’ll Want to Use

Hi there! Your mere presence on this post means you’re a proud WordPress website owner. Well, now that you’ve set up your WordPress web portal and published a few articles and blogs on the same, you’ll definitely want to incorporate some ads and affiliate site links on the same.

9 Amazingly Effective WordPress Advertising Plugins You’ll Want to Use

It is an absolutely brilliant idea to inculcate advertisements into your website. Doing this not only enables you to make quick money, but you can even get a greater global exposure. The only question that arises here is that once you’ve placed advertisements into your web pages, how are you supposed to keep a track of the same? Hold on! I’ve a brilliant answer to this question.

There are ample number of plugins that can be installed into the website for keeping a good track of all the ad banners that you intend to display on your all-new WordPress blog/website. Keep on reading this post as I make you familiar with 9 awesome WordPress advertising plugins that will let you record when your banner ads expire, their order or placement, click-through rate, track impressions etc. So, let’s get started.

Simple Ads Manager

WordPress Advertising Plugins - Simple Ads Manager

As the name suggests, Simple Ads Manager offers you a straightforward method to display advertisements at the places where you want them to appear on your WordPress website. As an approach to target your advertisements better, you can even choose to place the ads on individual web pages. Installing this plugin into your WordPress website allows you to use the third-party ad networks either by entering Javascript or HTML code directly or by uploading the images directly. The very first time when you start a new ad, you’ll get a comprehensive options menu and later you may choose to output your advertisement either as a shortcode or as a widget. Simple Ads Manager plugin renders you the freedom of altering the ad weighting, choosing a default ad and placing ads at your preferred places within the website.

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Banner Manager Pro

WordPress Advertising Plugins - Banner Manager Pro

Banner Manager Pro plugin serves as a fantastic solution for all those WordPress website owners who not only want to manage the advertisements and banners on their site but also intend to sell them to the advertisers via an automated process. Although there are other plugins that perform the same job, but Banner Manager Pro plugin comes with hassle-free payment options. Among the incredible features of this plugin, ones that have helped it stand out from the crowd include:

  • Ability to sell ad space directly to advertisers
  • Several payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill, etc.
  • Ability to insert ads using shortcode, PHP or HTML
  • 8 Pre-set banner sizes
  • Setup advertiser sign up page with shortcode
  • Handy admin options for managing ad sales to advertisers

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WordPress Advertising Plugins - AdPress

AdPress is yet another WordPress plugin that serves as a comprehensive solution for serving advertisements on your WordPress blog. The clean and straightforward interface allows you to automate the sales process without having you to spend your time on managing advertisers. With this plugin, you can even preview your ads and allow clients/advertisers to login directly to see the progress of their ads. The only downside of AdPress plugin is that you can use it on a single website. Some of the remarkable features of this WordPress plugin include PayPal integration, clients can get easy access to ad analytics, purchase history, automated selling process, support for images, text ads and flash and many more.

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WP Pro Advertising System

WordPress Advertising Plugins - WP Pro Advertising System

WP Pro Advertising System makes it convenient for you to manage all the advertising campaigns for your website. Moreover, you can even see the status of the ads along with managing the advertisers, banners and ad zones in a flexible manner. The upside of this plugin is that in order to add a new banner, you can simply upload the same from your computer, add proper code and link directly to the banner that is hosted elsewhere on the World Wide Web. Some incredible features of this WordPress plugin are that it comes with 4 ways to manage ad zones, 3 ways to add new banners, flexibility to monitor statistics and a responsive ad zone option.

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WordPress Advertising Plugins - AdRotate

AdRotate is one of the most comprehensive WordPress advertising plugins available in the web market. With this plugin installed and activated for your website, you can easily sell ads directly to the advertisers. In addition to this, you also gain a greater control over the scheduling of ads that you intend to sell through your website. Some of the noticeable features of this WordPress plugin include: regular updates, automation of ads, ad groups, support for flash and images, support for third-party ad networks, tracking of clicks and impressions, simple dashboard view and many more.

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WP Insert

WordPress Advertising Plugins - WP Insert

Although, WP Insert is viewed as an excellent advertisement solution for WordPress, it actually does a lot more. In addition to advertisement management ability, this plugin even enables you to manage the tracking code such as Google Analytics. Also, you can easily create a variety of legal pages with just a simple click of the mouse. Other amazing features of this WordPress plugin include: widget ads, managing the tracking scripts, flexibility to run third-party ad network along with other ads, ability to insert ads anywhere in the template/theme, ability to create 1 click legal pages such as privacy policy, copyright notices, terms and conditions, disclaimers etc, Geographical targeting and many more.

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OIO Publisher

WordPress Advertising Plugins - OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher has everything that a good WordPress advertising plugin should have. Installing this plugin into your WordPress website will allow you to sell advertisements directly from your website followed by automating the entire process. With this plugin, you can also run an affiliate program for your site and recruit other bloggers to sell ad space via your site. Some of the impressive features of this plugin include: automated sales process, built in affiliate program, flexibility to run third-party ad networks with the existing advertisements, support for banner ads and text ads, built-in sidebar widget, use on unlimited sites, display of default ads in empty slots, unlimited ad zones, code to integrate ad zones anywhere in the theme/template and many more.

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WP 125

WordPress Advertising Plugins - WP 125

WP125 is a straightforward WordPress plugin that lets you add 125×125 sized ads to your WordPress blog. With this plugin, you can even choose to insert ads using a widget or template tag. The only downside of this plugin is that it doesn’t take care of the ad sales process and you need to install separate plugins for the same. Features that make WP125 stand out from the crowd include: manual or random ordering of advertisements, flexibility to choose exactly how many days the ad should run on your site, receiving email notifications, ability to track clicks on your ads, support for template tags and widgets, flexibility to choose a custom place holder for empty ad slots and many more. WP125 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to keep a track of how many times an ad has been clicked by the website visitors. Also, whenever an ad run is over, the record for the same is archived on the Inactive ads screen to allow you to check on the final click count or revive the respective ad for another run.

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Nice Notifications

WordPress Advertising Plugins - Nice Notifications

Nice Notifications is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a ‘sticky’ type notification bar that will stick to the top of the readers’ browser. Being fully responsive, Nice Notifications makes room for perfect loading of the ‘sticky’ type notification bar. Features of this plugin include: ability to add widgets to notifications bars, ability to add bars to top/footer bars, support for animations, fully customizable and many more.

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Final Words

If you’re really looking forward to monetize your WordPress blog by incorporating advertisements, then trust me installing these plugins will serve as a great source of help.

Have you used any of the aforementioned plugins in your WordPress website? If yes, do share your experiences in the comments box below. Also, don’t forget to pen down your feedback for the above post.

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15 Effective Pricing Table WordPress Plugins to Improve Conversions

Wonder how to boost sales online? Consider these free and premium pricing table WordPress plugins that will introduce buyers to your pricing policy and help them find alternatives without much effort.