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Hackers rob US and global banks of millions in one of the largest heists ever

Banks in Russia, Japan, the US, and Europe have fallen victim to a massive, sophisticated malware hack, allowing the perpetrators to steal hundreds of millions of dollars since 2013. According to a Kaspersky Labs report provided to the New York Times, more than 100 banks in 30 nations have been affected by the breach, with upwards of $ 300 million stolen in the process.

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M&C Saatchi create world’s largest ever GIF

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youtube: yXtSnq-Nvro If you thought GIFs were just another annoying internet trend that will disappear in a year or so, you’d be wrong. There have been a number of artistic projects concerning animated GIFs, with photographers, illustrators and graphic designers all turning their hand to the craft.

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Web developer creates coolest side project, ever

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Coding isn’t just for pushing pixels, as we discover when we chatted with developer Nathaniel Deal, from Atlanta. Deal is an avid coder, hacker, and maker and he focussed all of his tech skills to on one cool project: an automated Nerf Gun. 

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Leatherman is making the best charm bracelet ever, out of screwdrivers

One of the oldest things I still own, an early gift from my parents, is a blue Leatherman Mini-Tool. Growing up, I used it constantly for a strange mix of projects: taking apart simple gadgets, measuring fabric for sewing, and peeling (technically) edible bark off trees to practice wilderness survival, among other things. But I also always pined for a much more traditional pre-teen luxury: a charm bracelet. These weren’t as different as they seem; they were cute, shiny, modular windows into the world of adulthood. But apparently, if I’d grown up a decade or two later, I could have had both at the same time.

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The new Tesla Model S P85D shames the old model in the quietest drag race ever

We’ve known how fierce the acceleration of the Tesla Model S P85D is ever since we got to experience a lap of terror with one back in October. But this new video from DragTimes of it shaming the 2013 version in a drag race puts the power into some serious context. With advantages like dual motors and all-wheel drive, the P85D and its 691 horsepower gives the older model no chance to compete in a race off the line.

In a second video — during which the two cars race from a rolling start of 35 mph — the original P85 gets a jump and still gets beat handily by the P85D. According to DragTimes, the combination of 471 horsepower in the rear motor and 221 in the front of the P85D made it outperform its rated torque…

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The sweetest zen garden you’ll ever see

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Zen gardens are beautiful, staring at a Japanese zen garden for a while will surely make you feel at peace with yourself. On the other hand, Japanese sweets are delicious. The logical conclusion one could draw from these two statements is that these boxes of zen Japanese sweets are beautifully delicious. The perfect snack to […]

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It’s OK if you don’t watch The Interview on Christmas, or ever

There was never any question this week that I would be spending part of my Christmas watching The Interview. When it was announced the morning that the film would get an online release at 10 a.m. PST, without missing a beat I yelled to my mom in the next room (who I am currently visiting for the holidays) that we would have to cancel a day trip we had planned. Welcome to the hot take workshop: when a story snowballs to the proportion that the Sony hack and near-non-release of The Interview has, a certain kind of professional easily becomes a slave to the feeds and the whims of the individuals at the center of the story.

But having now finally watched Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and screenwriter Dan Sterling’s film, I can confirm with…

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DIY Christmas Trees: 30 Most Creative Ever

There are plenty of things that you add to a home to make it more festive for the holidays. Wreaths and the right decor can really help in bringing the Christmas spirit. Still, nothing sets the tone quite like a Christmas tree. It’s too late to buy a Christmas tree now, so why not make your own alternative Christmas tree?

Alternative Christmas trees can be upcycled from things around the house or you can get a bit more creative and still put those Christmas ornaments to good use. Here we’ve collected for you 30 alternative Christmas trees to inspire you. From an 8-bit Christmas tree to simple wall Christmas trees, there really is no limit to what you can do with the right materials.

Honeycomb Christmas Tree (Image Source: Studio DIY)

Vintage Paper Book Christmas Tree (Image Source: Flickr)

Seashell Christmas Tree (Image Source: Pop Culture & Fashion Magic)

Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile (Image Source: Couchelo)

Organized Shelf Christmas Tree (Image Source: Sofas & Stuff)

Egg Carton Christmas Tree (Image Source:

Chalkboard Christmas Tree (Image Source: Brit + Co)

Branch Christmas Tree (Image Source:

Driftwood Christmas Tree(Image Source: Imgr)

String Art Christmas Tree (Image Source: NineMSN Homes)

Geometric Paint Chip Christmas Tree (Image Source: The Red Thread)

Washi Tape Christmas Tree (Image Source: Brit + Co)

Piñata Christmas Tree (Image Source: Anthology)

Craft Sticks Christmas Tree (Image Source: Living With Punks)

Balloon Christmas Tree (Image Source: Imgr)

8-bit Christmas Tree (Image Source: We Know Memes)

Christmas Tree made of books (Image Source: Very Merry Vintage Style)

Pallet Christmas Tree (Image Source: Affirmaison)

Ladder Christmas Tree (Image Source: Eco Chic Boutique)

Portal Christmas Tree (Image Source: Imgr)

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging (Image Source: Betsy Benn)

“Found Objects” Christmas Tree (Image Source: Sunday Collector)

Christmas Tree Wall Lights (Image Source: A Simple Modern Life)

Makedo Mini Cardboard Christmas Tree (Image Source: Instructables)

DIY Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree (Image Source: Inhabitots)

Fabric Christmas Tree (Image Source: Bossymamma)

Jubiltree Christmas Tree (Image Source: purehome)

Bookshelf Christmas Tree (Image Source: Ellenor Design)

Upcycled Ruler Christmas Tree (Image Source: The Gingerbread House)

Book Pages Christmas Tree (Image Source: Link Service)

Make 2015 your best year ever!

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Computer Arts issue 235 is on sale now Fire up your creative engines: a brand new issue of Computer Arts hits the newsstand today – and it’s a motivational extravaganza packed with tips, tricks and expert advice for making 2015 your best year ever.

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This is the Oppo R5, the thinnest phone I’ve ever seen

“The thinnest phone in the world” is a fleeting title. Like ever-more-preposterous marathon times, or the absurd number of hot dogs a single human can eat in 10 minutes on July 4th, it’s dangerous to claim to be the thinnest phone in the world because in the time it took to utter those words, someone made a phone thinner.

So I suppose I shouldn’t call the Oppo R5 definitively the thinnest phone in the world, even if Oppo does. It’s just the thinnest phone I’ve ever seen, the thinnest phone I…

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