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How to Use Blog Using Evernote

We have many options for blogging such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium to name a few. But what if I say if you can actually blog with Evernote. Aside from being the most popular note-taking app, Evernote also provides an open API that allows developers to build an app surrounding its data and functionalities.

This is where Postach comes in. It utilizes the API to build a blogging platform. Let’s see how it is done.

Connect Your Evernote

First, Postach needs to connect to your Evernote account. To set this up, click the Sign in button. It will redirect you to the Evernote Sign-in form.

Once you signed in, Evernote will show the Application Authorization page, where you can evaluate Postach before giving it access to your account. Click the Authorize button to proceed.

Creating a Blog

Then, you can create the first website. Fill out the form; your full name, email, the website name, and the URL. The URL currently is a subdomain under

We can set the website with our domain name once it has been created. For now, click the Create Site button to create the website.

The website can be accessed immediately at the subdomain that you have set, for instance:

Publishing the Content

Postach will automatically create a new Notebook with the name derived from the website name. We use this Notebook to write new notes and publish them to the blog. You can also pick another Notebook. To do so, head over to the website setting page then select the Notebook you want from the Notebook option, as shown below.

Writing and publishing the content is as simple as writing a new Note. Assuming that you have written content in the Note, tag the Note with published, save the Note and click the Sync icon.

Your new content should appear in your blog within a few seconds.

Final Thought

If you use Evernote regularly, Postach could be a great alternative for your blogging platform. You don’t have to deal with complicated installation processes and database setups. You also don’t need to register yet another new account. You can write your post in Evernote and it will be published on your blog almost instantly.

Evernote builds corporate muscle with LinkedIn deal to scan business cards

Evernote just announced an expanded partnership with LinkedIn designed to make it a better place to organize your address book, improving the ability of its iOS app to scan business cards and manage contacts. The card-scanning feature, which became part of the iOS app last year, will now pull in profile information from LinkedIn’s 300 million members and enhance the note with information about the time and place where you met. LinkedIn will begin directing its members to use Evernote for business cards instead of CardMunch, the app it bought in 2011 and is shutting down June 23rd.

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Office for Evernote Market

I’m loving this series of t-shirts and posters that Office created for Evernote Market as part of their recent launch. Evernote Market is a new shop that features a selection of products chosen by the Evernote team and ”designed to improve more of your every day.” There are many products available, from electronics to accessories to paper goods, and all of the Office-designed t-shirts and posters are available now.






via Office News

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Evernote upgrades web clipper to save your Gmail, including attachments


Until now, saving attachments from a Gmail account to Evernote has meant either forwarding them to a special email address or dragging them into an open Evernote client. Today, the company released an arguably more elegant approach: an update to its web clipper that saves the entire message to Evernote, plus any attachments.

The new link between Gmail and Evernote makes for a easier way to keep track of files that might otherwise get lost in your inbox. You can save single messages or, by expanding the conversation, entire threads. As on other webpages, the clipper lets users choose a notebook to save to and to add notes and tags.

The clipper update is relatively minor, but could save time for people who spend a lot of time working…

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10 Tips to Better Productivity With Evernote

Evernote is a great tool for easy synchronization of notes across multiple devices and various platforms. It’s used extensively to save, edit and share notes among different devices and with multiple users. It works great for group collaborations and is great to jot down ideas on-the-go.

At first, Evernote may look like a disorganized and tough-to-run app, but if you know what you are dealing with and learn how to use it proficiently to organize your ideas and tasks, it could be your very best personal assistant.

In this article, we are going to share with you 10 tips to help you get started on Evernote, beginning with…

Saving with Evernote

Save Ideas with ‘Tags’

You’ll be working with ideas whether you’re a student, writer, designer or a software engineer. With Evernote, you can easily save and manage your ideas, and never risk losing another great idea again.

Start a note and title the idea. Enter ‘Idea’ as one tag and one other specific tag to describe what your idea is all about. Add a description to explain your idea for future reference, and you’re set.

Shortcut key:

  • New Note: Ctrl + N (for Windows) and + N (for Mac OS X)
  • New Tag: Ctrl + Shift + T (for Windows) and + + N (for Mac OS X)

Save your Idea as an Audio Note

What if you get an idea and don’t have time to type it all out. That’s not a problem; you can save your idea as an audio file. Just start a new Audio note, click Record and start speaking through your microphone. Save your note once you are done.

Your note will be shown in the Note List with a Speaker button, which identifies it as an audio note.

Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + U (for Windows)

Save Handwritten work as an Ink Note

Don’t like to write or leave audionotes? You can leave it as a handwritten note as well. If you’re in the graphic industry, you’d surely prefer this alternative. Have a quick idea that you need to doodle out fast?

Start an Ink Note, use the pencil or pen tool to draw what you need to remember then save it. You can even save your signature with it.

Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + I (for Windows)

Save text and Screenshots

With Evernote, you can save text directly from any app without opening Evernote and doing the usual copy-paste action. Select the text from say, a PDF document or text file, copy the selection, and your text is automatically saved as a new note in Evernote. Later on, you can edit the saved note to give it a title and some tags so that you can store it in an organized fashion.

Evernote also has a handy shortcut to help you save screenshots of running apps or a view of your desktop. Hit the Win + PrtScrn keys to get an option to select part of the screen to be saved as screenshot. Highlight the area you want saved and upon release of the cursor your screenshot will be saved as a note in Evernote.

Shortcut key:

  • Clip selected text: Win + A (for Windows)
  • Paste clipboard content as new note: Ctrl + Alt + V (for Windows)
  • Win + PrintScreen (for Windows)

Managing Notes and Notebooks

Synchronized Notebook

When creating a new Notebook, choose Synchronized Notebook and your notebook and the notes kept within will be synchronized with all your devices that are connected with Evernote.

Save your presentations, documents using notes in this notebook and you’ll never miss your important files when you need them no matter which device you are on. Free users can only attach images and pdf but premium users can attach any file.

Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + N (for Windows) and + + N (for Mac OS X)

Local Notebook

If you have personal notes that you don’t want shared, you can use a Local Notebook to store information. Create a new Notebook and choose Local Notebook from the options given.

Your notes will not be uploaded to Evernote’s servers nor get synchronized to any other device. Thus, your personal notes will be available on a single device.

Shared Notebook

If you work in groups and need to share data among your team members, you can share a notebook with them using the Evernote Sharing options. Free users can only read shared notebooks but premium users can modify it too. Sharing works differently on different platforms.

Evernote blog has a guide that you can check out to learn how to make it work on your platform.

Organize your notes

In Evernote, you have ‘notebooks’ and ‘notes’, which are different things. You can organize your notes in Notebooks, which can then be organized in stacks.

To make your notes work for you, put all your notes together in a notebook, for example, design plans, client feedback, first drafts, final drafts can all be placed together in a notebook which carries the title of the project.

If you can organize all your materials and make it quickly accessible by way of close association, you don’t have to waste your time going through stacks and stacks of materials to get the information you need.


Encrypt your data to maximize security

Evernote doesn’t take security matters lightly, so much so that the app provides an encryption feature to secure its users’ data. You can encrypt part or the whole text of your note using a password and no one will be able to read that text without the password.

Encrypted text is not shown directly in the note and in its place, you will see a passphrase button. When you right-click the passphrase button, you get two options namely ‘Show Encrypted Text’ and ‘Decrypt Text Permanently…’. Using any of the two options and the right password, you can get access to the encrypted text.

Do take note that Evernote only features encryption – RC2 encryption algorithm which is not supposed very secure these days – for text and not much else.

Shortcut key: Encrypt selected text: Ctrl + Shift + X (for Windows) and + + X (for Mac OS X)


Evernote templates

If you spend a little time to look up Evernote templates for specific needs this will also be able to help increase productivity. These templates can be created very easily. You can create a note that contains all the required fields for your information, then save and export it as an .enex (Evernote exported) file.

Here is a good guide to create and use Evernote templates –, as well as a few links to some Evernote templates:

  1. Bible Study Passage Analysis
  2. Evernote templates by Thought Asylum
  3. Expensify with Evernote (it’s not a template but can be used to manage your expenses easily)
  4. Evernote templates by Christopher Mayo


Hopefully these tips will help encourage you to give Evernote a chance to help manage your assignments for school, projects for freelance and achieve deadlines for your next report. Are you using Evernote now? Do you have any tricks to put Evernote to better use? Share your tips with us in the comments section.

How to Connect Evernote With Google Calendar & Gmail

With the recent massive Evernote 5 update for Mac and iOS, Evernote has proven itself once again to the productivity app to keep. What would make it even greater is integration with external services; heavily used services like Gmail or Google Calendar. We found an app called Powerbot that will do that for you.

Powerbot allows you to link the power of notes and reminders in Evernote to your scheduling tool, Google Calendar. There is also another app that lets you create and access your Evernote directly from the Gmail webpage through a web browser extension. We’ll run through both apps below.

Sync Google Calendar With Evernote

This Powerbot tweak will create a note in Evernote every time you create or accept an invite to a Google Calendar event. It’s very simple to set up, here’s how.

Go to this website and click on the green ‘Start here’ button.

You’ll then be asked to give Powerbot authorization to your Google account to access your Google Calendar. Login with your Google account details and click on ‘Allow access’.

Powerbot Google Account

Next, you have to allow Powerbot to access your Evernote account in order for it to create notes for you. Note that you need not use the same Google account; it still works even if you signed up for Evernote with an email account that is different from your Google account.

Powerbot Evernote Account

Once you’ve given Powerbot access to those two accounts, you’ll see a settings page where you can set which calendars to extract events from and customize the way the note is created. You can also add a custom logo to the created note.

Powerbot Google Calendar Settings

Here’s a sample of the note template Powerbot will automatically create for you. In it you will see your selected logo, the participants invited through Google Calendar, and other relevant information.

Powerbot Note

You’ll even find that Powerbot also automatically links the Notes you’ve created in other Notebooks during the time of the Meeting. These will be placed under ‘Other notes from the meeting’.

Overall, Powerbut is a very handy tool to have if your daily needs rely heavily on Evernote and Google Calendar.

Access Evernote Notes On Gmail

Here’s how to easily create notes from emails and share existing ones via Gmail.

Go to this website and install the Powerbot browser extension, supported on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Again, you’ll have to give Powerbot access to your Google and Evernote account.

Powerbot Gmail Evernote

Done? Everything is now automatically set up and when you refresh your Gmail webpage, you’ll notice a few new buttons that allow you to access Evernote straight from your Inbox.

First thing you might notice is an extra link to insert notes or notebooks when you’re composing a new email.

Powerbot Gmail Compose

When you click on that, a small overlay window will appear which allows you to select notes or notebooks to share.

Powerbot Gmail Share

Another button you might see is the ‘Send to Evernote‘ button which allows you to send individual or an entire email conversations to your Evernote account.

Powerbot Gmail Evernote

When you click that button, a small overlay window will appear where you can change the title, determine which notebook to put it in and also add tags and comments.

Powerbot Gmail Evernote

Evernote 5 For Mac and iOS: 10 New Features You Should Know

The Evernote team has updated and redesigned their user interface with 100 new features for better user experience. The new Evernote – Evernote 5 – comes with a new look and new shortcuts, which brings quicker access to everything you can do on Evernote.

Now your notes can be geotagged and shown on a world map to help you revisit memories of past adventures. Everything has been laid out in a way where you can easily view and organize your notes and notebooks. The search has also been improved to predict keywords as you type. Evernote users on iOS also get an updated app with a cleaner and more accessible user interface.

Here’s a quick look into the new features of Evernote 5 and how they can improve and speed up your productivity.

Evernote 5 for Mac

What are the new cool features of Evernote 5 for Mac version? Let’s have a look.

Easier-to-use Left Sidebar

The most obvious new and powerful feature in Evernote 5 would be the left sidebar, which easily makes everything more accesible in fewer clicks.

The new Evernote allows you to add shortcuts by dragging your most frequently used notes, notebooks, or even tags into the shortcut area. Shortcuts can be organized and re-arranged based on your preferences and priorities.


The 5 most recently added or modified notes automatically appear in the Recent Notes section. Missed something? Just open the note up from the left sidebar again.

Recent Notes

A better Way to Browse and Create Notes

The new Cards View lets you browse and preview notes in a better way by displaying notes as easy-to-scan Cards with important information. You can also display a huge collection of notes with Expanded Cards View now.

Cards View

Evernote 5 has a new scalable note editor which lets you create a new note in a nicer, more flexible frame. You can also activate full-screen single note view when composing a note to avoid distractions.

scalable note editor

Improved Search

Evernote has done a good job on its search feature. If you don’t already know, everything in Evernote is actually seachable, everything including the contents, tags, even text inside an image, handwritten notes or PDF files.

Type Ahead Search is the smarter search in Evernote 5. It’s designed to complete your thoughts with suggestions based on what you have in all your notes. Seach suggestions will be categorized by notebooks, tags, recent searches and saved searches. Everything is grouped together in one place so you can look for what you want fast.

But if that is still not enough, here’s an Add Search Option to help you filter your search and get the results you want.

With Evernote 5, you can also now perform searches in local and shared notes at the same time.

User-Friendly Collaboration

Evernote 5 breaks down the walls between your notes and shared notes. Unlike the previous version, all notebooks are now placed in a single, same view for easier navigation.

With the improved Activity Feed, you can stay up-to-date with any changes made in Shared Notebooks. If you’re running Evernote on the Mountain Lion OS, update alerts will be shown in the Notification Center as well.

The New Atlas Feature

Notes created on the Mac are now tagged with location information for Atlas. Atlas is an outstanding note visualization feature that let you browse your notes by geographic location. It is smart enough to set the location where your notes are created.

To update a note’s location, simply type in a place manually or click the compass arrow in the note info.

Bonus: Evernote 5 Tips/Tricks

#1. Right click Notebooks in the left sidebar and click on the Show Notebook List to expand it in the sidebar. The same can be done with Tags.

#2. Go to View > Sidebar Options to hide leftside bar item(s) by unticking them.

#3. If you prefer the List view, you can choose that view to display all your data in any of your notes within the same single view. It also provides information about which notebook that note is in, whether that notebook is shared with others, the author’s name, the relevant tags and more.

#4. To insert a copied content into a note without any formatting, go to Edit > Paste As Plain Text.

#5. To save a search, go to Edit > Find > Save Search.

#6. Last but no least, to search notes without tags, simply type -tag:* in search.

Optimize Evernote 5 in iOS

Evernote 5 has also made changes to their iOS app. Here’s what’s new in iOS.

New & Better Design

Evernote 5 on the iOS comes with a brand new home screen design which lets you navigate through your Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Places. Here, you can also access Premium features with ease.

At the top of the home screen, you’ll get a coverflow list of your recently edited notes. Jump easily between notes. Note that this coverflow of notes is not available on the iPhone because of its smaller screen.

Evernote 5 New Design

Tapping on the headers will bring it up to full screen where you can browse its contents; tapping on the green header again will bring you back to the home screen.

Evernote 5 Notes

Shortcut Buttons

They’ve also added easy shortcut buttons. There are three buttons for you to use to create a new text or photo note and easy access to the page camera feature.

Evernote 5 Shortcuts

Improved Notebook List

You can also see your local and shared notebooks all in the same view in iOS. You can even choose to hide shared notebooks.

Evernote 5 Notebooks


When you turn on locations on your iOS device and take notes with the new Evernote 5, you can relive memories as it will record where your notes were created. All your notes will be compiled on a world map with the number of notes created in that area displayed in each area.

Evernote 5 Places

You can navigate to individual locations to see the list of notes that were created at each location.

Easy Access To Evernote Premium

If you’re a Premium Evernote user, you’ll enjoy this new feature as they have easily integrated premium features into this update. Features include being able to access notes in notebooks offline, share notebooks, search within text PDFs and added app security with a PIN lock.

Evernote 5 Premium


Overall, we’re very satisfied with the new Evernote updates on iOS and Mac and I’m sure after you give the new update a go, you’ll love it too. It has enhanced organisation features and faster access to your frequently used notes or notebooks. As for Windows users, you’ll have to wait a bit for the new Evernote 5 update to arrive on your desktop, but if you have a tablet which is running Windows 8 or Windows RT, follow the link to update your Evernote.

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Evernote CEO Phil Libin responds to Skitch critics: ‘We don’t think the world needs another MS Paint’

phil libin 1020

“Our vision for Skitch hasn’t changed at all,” Evernote CEO Phil Libin insists, “and the core beliefs of its founders are lined up with ours.” Yet, plenty of Skitch users are upset with a recent update to the app that removed some well-loved features like instant uploads and added long, ungainly Evernote URLs in place of Skitch’s short links. “We did a full rewrite of Skitch, and we didn’t take anything out — there’s just some stuff we haven’t put in yet,” Libin says. Evernote acquired Skitch back in August 2011, and has slowly been integrating the two popular applications.

But he isn’t worried. “We have to draw some lines and ask ‘What is Evernote not?’ and ‘What is Skitch not?'” he says. The company actively dogfoods all its own…

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CHECK THIS OUT! Evernote meets Moleskine

Notes app Evernote has teamed up with cult notebook brand Moleskine to create something very special, says freelance UX designer Anna Dahlström.

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