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Quip’s Innovative Toothbrush Program: A well-designed product, with heads and toothpaste replaced by mail every three months

Quip's Innovative Toothbrush Program

A walk through any grocery store or pharmacy reveals countless developments in the world of dental hygiene—at an array of pricing options. And yet, most innovations in the oral care world appear only within products at the premium price point. That……

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7 lessons every brand can learn from Super Bowl XLIX

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As TV events go, none come bigger or better (or anywhere near as bonkers) as the annual grid-iron clash that is the super bowl. Two teams, one ball, and an estimated audience of 113 killion in 2015. Since its televised inception in 1967, the bits between the sport have been as admired, ridiculed, aped and generally talked about as the action on the field.

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The 9 most annoying things every designer does

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Are you guilty of any of these annoying traits?

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Watch a supercut of every user interface from Star Wars: A New Hope

I occasionally hear someone, while sharing their opinion of a movie, complain how none of the characters ever ate dinner or used a toilet on screen. It’s a complaint most often lobbed at action films, where the heroes can feel like robots turned on moments before the film begins and turned off during the credits. It’s a silly request for a 90-minute movie to stop while its hero waits for an elevator, but it’s not the worst request. We may not fight evil empires, but we eat three meals a day and, you know, evacuate those meals with some regularity. The rituals of everyday life, like buying coffee and taking off shoes, are familiar and they help to humanize characters.

Something can be boring, but cool at the same time

This supercut of…

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Pixlsby Launch an Awesome Icon Design Bundle That’s Worth Every Cent! (600+ Icons!)

PixelsbyMainPixelsby is a design studio that specializes in creating beautiful UI kits and icons and here we have their latest bundle. Within this package you receive 600+ icons (143 colorful flat icons, 310 modern stroke icons and a bonus 241 handcrafted vector icons) for a miniscule price of $ 9! That's a total of 92% off the total price. […]
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32,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Baldface Lodge: No lifts, no crowds and fresh tracks on nearly every run: this is the premier ski and snowboard experience

32,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Baldface Lodge

Tucked away deep in the Southern Selkirks amid British Columbia’s myriad mountain ranges that stack up like a line of dominos across the province, Baldface Lodge is the epitome of an epic destination. On a clear day, it’s a short but breathtaking……

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At CES, every screen is curved — even the video slot machines

If the TV manufacturers (and Yves Behar) fail to convince the buying public that curved screens are exactly what they need to fill the gaping void in our hearts, they shouldn’t be too worried. A quick walk through any casino in Las Vegas will show you that there’s a built-in market for these screens that shows no sign of slowing down. Behold, the curved video slot machine screen.

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Almost every single Xbox executive we profiled in this video last year has left the company

Boyd Multerer, the genius Microsoft engineer who founded Xbox Live, helped build the Xbox 360, and led the development of the three-operating-systems-in-one Xbox One platform, announced on Twitter today that he’s left Microsoft to pursue new opportunities. Multerer has been on leave since the Xbox One launched; he and his wife Keri launched the interactive erotica site Silkwords back in Februrary, and now he says he’s focusing on other new startup ideas.

But more importantly, Multerer’s departure means that almost every single person on the Xbox One team we profiled last November when that console…

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11 Essential Skills Every Freelancer Needs to Succeed

There is a lot more to being a successful designer or developer than having creative and coding skills. While those skills are a great start, freelancers also need to work on developing other skills,…

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10 typography tricks every designer should know

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In this article, we’re going to reveal some typography tips and tricks that you can use to boost your design skills and impress friends and colleagues. But before you even begin getting into the intricacies of setting type in the likes of InDesign, it’s important to know the basics.

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