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10 typographic mistakes everyone makes (including us…)

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In typography, as in grammar, there is no objective ‘right’ way to do things; there are just conventions, and these conventions change over time. And what’s more, while we could argue that the examples we’re about to give are indeed mistakes – that is, things that are wrong – it’s also true that there are often technical or style reasons to make them deliberately; we do on Creative Bloq all the time.

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Gift Guides for Particular Tastes: An internet culling of the greatest holiday wishlists for everyone you know, from co-workers to stoners

Gift Guides for Particular Tastes

Each holiday season, Cool Hunting takes great pride in beefing up our Buy section to help readers find gifts for friends and loved ones with discerning tastes. However, it’s also our daily mission to find and feature the best concepts produced around……

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Sony’s pulled PS Vita ad is embarrassing for everyone

The Remote Play feature the PS4 shares with the PS Vita and Xperia Z series smartphones is a fun, if imperfect, little addition to the hardware’s capabilities, especially when your TV needs some freeing up. We’re glad it exists. But one of Sony’s latest ads playing up the feature misses the mark by turning what should be fun into something a little sleazy. And what makes it worse is that Sony might be trying to do a halfway good thing here.

It should be noted first that Sony already pulled the ad from their YouTube channel, so it might have received some early criticism for running it. But we should still address it. Here, a sexy female doctor is, at first blush, seemingly accusing the viewer of masturbating a little too much. She pouts…

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10 Skype Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Since it was founded in 2003, Skype has become a regular form of communication for most people out there. Millions of people use Skype for holding conversations via text messaging, voice calls and video calls at no cost at all. You can even call mobile phones and landline numbers with just a small little fee.

Despite the recent advent of Google Hangouts, Skype is still popular among people for voice and video calling. To make your Skype journey more of a breeze, we’ve put together 10 interesting tips and tricks related to Skype. Who knows maybe you’ll discover more of your own?

1. Transfer Your Skype Account Contacts

You can easily backup all of the contacts in one Skype account to be transferred into another. To do so, head to the main Skype window, click on “Contacts”, click on “Advanced” and finally click on “Backup Contacts to File”. It will generate a .vcf file which you can save on your computer system.

Now sign into the second Skype account where you want to upload all these contacts into. Once you are signed in, click on “Contacts”, click on “Advanced” and finally click on “Restore Contacts from File” which is exactly located below “Backup Contacts to File”.

2. Re-edit Your Last Message

Suppose you have sent a message which contains a mistake and you want to edit that message and resend it again? You can do this simply by pressing the Up Arrow Key on your keyboard. The last message that you’ve sent earlier will appear. Just make the changes you want and resend the edited message.

3. Make Calls Directly From Your Contact List

You can make calls to Skype contacts immediately by double clicking on them directly from Skype Contact List. To do so, head to the main Skype window, click on “Tools” followed by “Options”. Then, go to “General Settings” and tick the check box “When I double-click on a contact start a call”.

However, this will restrict you from opening the IM Window directly by double clicking on a contact.

4. Hide the Moving Pencil

When you are chatting on Skype with someone, you can see a moving pencil when the other person is typing or deleting something. Of course, this function also works both ways. If you rather not have them be privy to whether you are typing (or not), you can actually turn this option off.

To hide the typing indicator, head to the main Skype window, click on “Tools”, then “Options”. Go to “IM & SMS” and click on “IM Settings” followed by “Show Advanced Options”. Finally, tick the check box “Show when I am typing”.

5. Clear Your Chat History & Define The Time Frame For Storing It

You can clear all of your chat history on Skype and you can also define the time frame for storing the chat history. To clear your chat history, head to the main Skype window, click on “Tools” followed by “Options” then “IM & SMS”. From there, proceed to “IM Settings”and then “Show Advanced Options” before finally clicking on the “Clear History” button. It is also in “Show Advanced Options” that you can select the time frame for storing your history from the drop down menu.

Be careful, once you click on “Clear History” then you will lose all your chat messages that have already taken place in previous conversations with the contacts in your Skype account.

6. Get Keyword Notifications

You can also choose to get notifications only when particular words are mentioned by the other person in a personal IM window. To set up the keyword notifications, start by opening up the personal IM window of a contact you want to set up keyword notification for. Click on the “Conversation” menu then “Notification Settings” and finally click on the radio button “Notify me only if these words are mentioned”.

Write down all the words that you want to be notified of in the text box provided. However, these settings will disable the notifications for all other messages apart from specified keywords, so there is a chance that you may miss out on an important message.

7. 25+ Hidden Emoticons & Smileys

There’s actually a collection of emoticons and smileys that are not visible in the emoticons set for Skype but you can still use them if you know their shortcodes. The keywords (left to right) are written for generating smileys (left to right). Each keyword is encapsulated within a () as well.

Below is just a brief list of the hidden emoticons and smileys. If you want the full list, take a look here :

  • Poolparty – (poolparty)
  • Talking – (talk)
  • Headbang – (headbang)
  • Drunk – (drunk)
  • Toivo – (toivo)
  • Bug – (bug)
  • Broken heart – (u)
  • Mail – (e) (m)
  • Skype – (skype)
  • Smoking – (smoking) / (smoke) (ci)

8. Pause Animated Emoticons

If you don’t like the animated emoticons and just want to pause them so any animated emoticon in your IM window will appear as a still emoticon without any movement. To pause the animated emoticons, head to the main Skype window, click on “Tools”, click on “Options”, click on “IM & SMS”, select “IM appearance” and finally uncheck the “Show animated emoticons” checkbox.

9. Enable Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

You can enable hotkeys to use keyboard shortcuts for frequently used functions. There are default keyboard shortcuts for a few functions, which you can change as per your preference.

To enable keyboard shortcuts, head to the main Skype window, click on “Tools”, click on “Options”, click on “Advanced”, select “Hotkeys” and finally click on the “Enable keyboard shortcuts” checkbox.

10. Set Up Your Caller ID

If you make Skype calls to either landlines or mobile numbers then you might want others to see your original number whenever you call them rather than an unknown number that will most likely appear.

To set up your Caller ID, go to the main window of Skype, click on the “Skype” menu and finally click on the “Account” button. It will open up a webpage in your default web browser where you’ll get more information related to calls. Click on the “Caller ID” button and on next page select “Country/Region” and “Phone number”. Now all you need to do is click on “Verify Number” and you’re set.

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Jacques-Elliott Ties and Accessories by Elliot Aronow: Handmade ties and enamel pins designed with everyone in mind

Jacques-Elliott Ties and Accessories by Elliot Aronow

Elliot Aronow is a man of many talents. The NYC transplant has worked in too many culturally influential industries to count, from publishing and music to television and fashion. The latter is where the assiduous character…

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Dear Wizards: it’s time to make a ‘Magic the Gathering’ video game for everyone

Magic: the Gathering is one of the best games ever made. If you’ve never played it because it looks too nerdy or complex, you’re missing out; even though it takes time and patience to learn, MTG is thrilling, smart, fantastical, improbably deep, and intellectually rewarding. But it’s also far from being the game it could be.

I regret not playing Magic earlier in life. I remember watching kids playing in middle school but never gained the confidence to jump in and give it a shot. It wasn’t until a few years ago that my roommate Scott, a person I would have never guessed might be into Magic, revealed that he was a huge MTG nerd. Scott showed me the basics and I was completely hooked. We played hundreds of games in a single year, filling…

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For Everyone Who Upgraded to WordPress 4.0 Benny

Some time ago released a new version of it’s amazing CMS, from now on we can enjoy the 4.0 version.

Humin’s Intelligent Contact App: Free for iOS, a new hub for everyone you connect with

Humin's Intelligent Contact App

Released today, Humin is far more than a replacement for your native iPhone contacts app—it’s a replacement for your phone app, as well. And while that might seem like a giant leap for many iPhone…

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The 10 Sins of Mobile Device Addicts That Annoys Everyone

It’s hard to dispute the fact that smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our increasingly connected daily lives. However, this doesn’t give any of us an excuse to let our mobile devices rule our lives and forget some basic aspects of decency and manners. Don’t get me wrong, smartphones and tablets are wonderful devices, but the way most of us use them willy nilly without regard for those around us is troubling.

Snapping Photos At A Concert

Here’s a list of 10 things that you really shouldn’t do with your mobile devices in public. From listening to music loudly in public to using your smartphone in the cinema and quite a few things in between, this list is a catalogue of some of the things you and I really shouldn’t be doing with our smartphones. None of us are perfect, and I’m guilty of some of these as well, but what is life if not a process of gradual self-improvement?

1. Don’t Blast Music Or Play Games Loudly In Public

There are precious few things more annoying in life than trying to have a meal at a restaurant and having the people at the next table over listening to music loudly using their mobile devices. Sure, it’s great that we can now carry around a lot of music with us, but nobody is interested in how much you love Adele and want to listen to her music while eating. Neither is anyone interested in how highly you’re scoring on Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga or whatever.

Playing Video Games In Public
(Image Source: Fast Company)

If you really have to listen to music or need audio in whatever game you’re playing, please do the world a favour and get a pair of headphones or earphones. Not only will it stop the people around you from getting very annoyed, it’ll probably also give you better audio quality and let you listen to the finer details in whatever you’re listening to. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Don’t Record Performances With Your mobile Device

That may seem like I’m painting with a bit of a wide brush, so let me clarify: you’re not the only person in attendance who paid for tickets, so please don’t take it upon yourself to block the view of others by hoisting your huge tablet or smartphone up into the air to record the performance. Not only are you blocking someone else’s view, it’s also a pretty big distraction that can, and will, adversely impact other people’s enjoyment of the show.

Snapping Photos At A Concert
(Image Source: Indie88)

And, really, what is it that you’re trying to achieve by recording the show? If you absolutely have to record, say if a family member is involved in the performance, try and find an angle a bit off to the side that won’t block other audience members. If it’s just some concert or other, just refrain: unless you’re using really good equipment, your videos will probably turn out really poor, and nobody really cares about low quality videos. Leave the documentation to the experts, and enjoy the show with your own eyes and ears.

3. Don’t Prioritise Your Smartphone Over Your Friends

Just because you get a notification on your device saying that you have a new message or email doesn’t mean that you immediately have to answer it. If you’re expecting something important, sure, excuse yourself while you reply to the message or email, and do it quickly. If not, just leave the messages for later and focus on the here and now. You’re with people you care for, aren’t you?

Using A Smartphone During Dinner
(Image Source: Huffington Post)

Snubbing your colleagues, friends or, even worse, date to reply to a text message or send an email is really poor form, and is very disrespectful to the people you’re with. If they’ve made the effort to disconnect from their digital lives for a moment in order to spend time with you — no matter the reason — then the least you could do is do the same. And, no, don’t even try to reply a text under the table: it’s even more annoying and disrespectful.

4. Don’t Tweet And Drive (Or Walk)

Okay, you might be able to get away with scrolling through your Twitter or Facebook newsfeeds while walking if you’re particularly good at multitasking, but honestly, I’d just recommend that you not do it, as you can quickly lose track of your surroundings, bump into people and possibly even step into traffic. Driving is a whole other matter, of course, and I don’t think there’s any reasonable justification for doing that while driving. It’s not really a sign of poor etiquette as it is just an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

Texting While Walking
(Image Source: Christian Science Monitor)

If it’s really that important, there’s no harm in pulling to the side of the road — if you’re driving — or taking advantage of some shade to reply to text messages, or tweets, or take a call. If it’s not important enough for that, then it can wait. Focus on the task at hand, and get to your tweets or messages or so on when it’s safe to do so. You’re not that pressed for time, are you?

5. Don’t Use Your Smartphone In The Cinema

People have been complaining about this forever, but it really doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. Not only do people still talk on the phone during movies, but we now get people who text endlessly — without switching their phone to silent, no less — through the entirety of a film and people who spend half the film staring at their smartphone looking up some obscure factoid or bombarding social media with their thoughts on the film.

Using A Smartphone In The Cinema
(Image Source: The Independent)

As far as I’m concerned, going to a cinema is about an immersive, all-encompassing experience. This is cheapened by spending half of the movie’s running time staring at your mobile device. Not only are you not enjoying the film to the fullest, you’re probably annoying the people around you with the off-putting glow of light coming from your smartphone or tablet. Next time, try keeping your smartphone in your pocket and pay attention to the film: old school, I know, but who knows, you might actually enjoy it.

6. Don’t Poke Your Nose Into Friends’ Photos And Apps

This is happening way too often: you hand your smartphone to a friend for some reason or another, and they immediately start swiping through your photo gallery and, god forbid, maybe even decide to open up your Facebook. I really don’t know why people do this, but if you’re one of these people: please stop. I know, we’re probably constantly being monitored by some government agency or another, but that isn’t an excuse to abuse someone’s trust in you by digging through their messages or photos.

Smartphone Apps
(Image Source: Techmotus)

The only thing worse than taking advantage of that sort of situation is just not asking in the first place. The former situation is rude, but poking your nose into someone’s personal data without permission is just borderline unforgivable. Sure, "sharing is caring" and all that, but sharing requires consent, remember? If you have a burning question that you need answered, why not just ask your friend straight up?

7. Don’t Hog Public Charging Stations

I know, public charging stations are there to be used, but they’re not there for you to hog and charge your phone up to the brim. You’re not the only person with crappy battery life, so do take into consideration the fact that there are other people who also need to charge their phones. Unless you’re going to be on the road for a long while, you’re probably going to be able to charge your device when you get to your destination, so all you really need is to charge your device up just enough to get you to wherever you need to go.

Charging At A Public Charging Station
(Image Source: NY Daily News)

Here in Malaysia, it’s all too common to have some of the outlets at these stations not work, so it’s even more important that you not hog the working outlets and let everyone charge their devices up. And if you still have a reasonable amount of battery life left, just let others — who may have more pressing needs for battery life — charge their devices instead.

8. Don’t Take Photos Indiscriminately

Sure, smartphones have made photography incredibly convenient, but that’s all the more reason to learn to use discretion when taking photos and videos. You’re not the paparazzi, do you really need to take photos of anything and everything you see? No, not really. Unless your life is really all that interesting, and it probably isn’t, there’s really no reason for you to keep snapping photos endlessly. This applies double when you’re out and about with other people.

Taking Photo With A Smartphone
(Image Source: Mundobit)

If you’re having dinner, don’t kill the mood by pulling your phone out to snap a ton of photos of your and everyone else’s meal. And if you’re at an event or at a party, please exercise discretion and don’t just snap, upload and tag anything and everything you see. As quaint as this may seem, not everyone wants their every move broadcast onto social media, you know.

9. Don’t Hold Up The Line At A Restaurant

Picture this: you’re standing in line at a Starbucks, waiting to order, but the line is moving incredibly slow for some reason. You peek past the people in front of you and you see someone busy checking their smartphone, or maybe on the phone, when they’re supposed to be ordering. This is, as you can imagine, really rude. Not only does it slow everyone else down, but it also disrespects the staff that are serving customers and taking orders.

Lining Up At A Starbucks
(Image Source: ABC News)

It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing: answering an email, replying a text or, god forbid, Instagramming the restaurant menu. You can, and should, set all that aside; make your order and move aside to let the person next in line make their order. Reply that text once you’re seated, and if you just have to Instagram that menu, do it when there’s a lull in the number of customers. This applies to most lines, really, but it’s really annoying when it happens at restaurants.

10. don’t shout Into Your Smartphone

Okay, this is a gripe that’s been around forever, but it’s particularly pertinent in this day and age: the microphones we get on smarpthones these days are so much better than what we used to get back in the earlier days of mobile phones, with all manner of fancy noise-cancelling technologies, and network coverage is also a lot better too. Unless you happen to be taking calls in the middle of a warzone, there’s no real reason to shout when you’re on the phone these days.

Shouting Into Smartphone
(Image Source: Digital Trends)

Shouting is really annoying, and makes you come across as more than a bit inconsiderate. Not only will the person on the other end have his or her ears blown off, but your loud voice will also annoy and potentially even disrupt the people around you. Turn the volume down a little bit, it’ll help in the long run.

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