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12 Tips for Designers Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic and Exposure to Your Website

There are all kinds of social networks and websites where you can get involved, gain exposure for your work, and even send traffic back to your website or blog. Probably the most difficult part is…

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Vandelay Design

12 Tips for Designers Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic and Exposure to Your Website

There are all kinds of social networks and websites where you can get involved, gain exposure for your work, and even send traffic back to your website or blog. Probably the most difficult part is…

Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog.

Vandelay Design

Study further confirms link between autism and pesticide exposure

Complications during pregnancy, viral infections, and genetic disorders have all been associated with autism. But for the past few years, an increasing number of researchers have started to focus their attention on another important risk factor: environmental pollutants. These neurotoxins, which include everything from pesticides, to mercury and diesel, are thought to alter brain development in foetuses. Now, a new study further confirms this link by showing that pregnant women who live within a mile of farms and fields where pesticides are employed see their risk of having a child with autism increase by 60 percent — and that risk actually doubles if the exposure occurs in the third trimester.

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Double exposure photography by Hiki Komori


Using a popular technique, double exposure, Hiki Komori creates stunning portraits that are mixed with landscapes. He added a vintage effect to give it a softer touch.








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Photoshop techniques explained: Exposure

Read more about Photoshop techniques explained: Exposure at

Modern camera exposure and dynamic range optimisation systems are

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Double Exposure Photography Project – We Are Nature

We Are Nature is a beautiful photography project from the portfolio of Christoffer Relander, within which Christoffer has used a technique called double exposure to create a seamless collage between man and nature, some of you may notice that a few images have been triple exposed. All of these shots were captured on his Nikon D800E in RAW format with minor editing […]

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Long Exposure Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

Photography may help in growing your passion for doing things that may seem ordinary to others but feel absolutely unique to you. Indeed, even seemingly ordinary things like roads and cars can make a totally unique scene through the eyes of a photographer.

With effort and more importantly passion, one can produce amazing results like the picturesque shot below.

Long Exposure Wallpapers

For this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday, we have compiled 16 long exposure wallpapers for your enjoyment and inspiration. Feel free to browse around and grab any wallpaper(s) that you like. And if you are into long exposure photography too, do share your shots with us in the comments section.

Bright Night Sky. Available in 1680×1050.

Bright Night Sky

Bridge. Available in various sizes.


Canyon Sunset. Available in various sizes.

Canyon Sunset

City Highway at Night. Available in various sizes.

City Highway At Night

Highway at Night. Available in 1920×1200.

Highway At Night

Hong Kong Timelapse. Available in various sizes.

Hong Kong Timelapse

Night Driving. Available in various sizes.

Night Driving

Paris City Night. Available in various sizes.

Paris City Night

Red Long Exposure. Available in 1920×1080.

Red Long Exposure

Road Traffic. Available in 1920×1200.

Shanghai Night Traffic. Available in various sizes.

Shanghai Night Traffic

Speeding Lights. Available in various sizes.

Speeding Lights

Tokyo City at Night. Available in various sizes.

Tokyo City At Night

Traffic. Available in various sizes.


Velocity. Available in various sizes.


Media Exposure for a Business

The first modern press releases were created by Ivy Lee and it was Edward Berneys, the pioneer in Public relations who refined the creation and use of press releases. The use of press releases is…

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Limited Exposure Creates Limited Design

Have you ever been looking through design annuals or other publications, keeping up to date on what’s happening in the industry, when you happen upon a bunch of work that’s leaps and bounds more creative and technically proficient than anything you’ve done so far? I don’t mean a little bit better – I’m talking about work in a completely different stratosphere of good.

I know I have. More times than I’d care to admit just now. But let’s stop to consider for a minute why this happens. You’re a creative person. You create for a living – so why is it that your work seems to hit a creative ‘glass ceiling’ every so often, and your peers seem like they’re outpacing you by light years? We’re going to explore some reasons why designers can hit creative stalemates and what can be done to get past them.

You Keep Looking At The Same Stuff

This happens in every creative discipline, from design to fine art to writing to music. Creative people tend to look at a lot of creative work they like, and the tend to avoid work they dislike or don’t understand very well. While this is normal, it has the unfortunate side effect of making your work very boring and generic. Just like a command you input into a computer, what comes in is what goes out. So if you only consume a certain type of work, that’s all you’re going to have as the basis for your creativity.

Drawing Global Concept - Must-Do's When Ending A Freelance Design Project
Image Source: Drawing Global Concept via Shutterstock.

Broaden your design horizons. Read new things and look at new genres of art and design that you wouldn’t ordinarily care to. You never know where you’re going to find inspiration. Even something as bizarre as natural phenomena or Sky Mall catalogues can spark a creative thunderstorm in your brain.

Bad Design Makes You Sad

It’s true: looking at bad design work is depressing. And when you’re sad, you’re less likely to produce good work. A few years ago, I went through a period of wondering whether I even wanted to be a designer anymore, since my work and all the work I was looking at seemed to be stuck in mediocrity. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a treasure trove of amazing work being put out by my peers that my enthusiasm for design returned and I dove head first into a new creative project.

Digital television noise - Must-Do's When Ending A Freelance Design Project
Image Source: Digital Television Noise via Shutterstock.

We humans, being social animals, tend to mimic whatever we see our fellow humans doing. If the people around you are doing boring, poorly made, uninspiring work, you’re not only going to start to adopt the mentality that design is boring, you’re also going to start mimicking that kind of work. Don’t get caught in that trap. Seek out great work and be inspired by it.

You Have Bad Taste

Ira Glass famously remarked that “your taste is why your work disappoints you.” I would argue that it’s worse if your work doesn’t disappoint you, since that would mean your taste isn’t good enough to know when your work is bad. This is another reason why it’s so important to break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to look at new and different work.

Girl sticking out tongue - Must-Do's When Ending A Freelance Design Project
Image Source: Girl Sticking Out Tongue via Shutterstock.

This applies even if what you find next is worse than whatever you’ve been looking at. That can actually be a good thing, because at least now you know that there’s something worse out there. Just by finding crappier work, your taste and ability to separate good from bad have improved.

The Secret To Really Original Designs

Okay. Now that we’ve gone over some of the reasons why people run into inspiration brick walls, I’m just going to come out and tell you how to create more original designs. Ready? The secret to originality is to do things that are completely unrelated to design. When you travel, read a book, paint, cook, play an instrument, learn a language, write a short story, or play a sport, you’re doing more than enriching your overall quality of life. You’re actually giving your brain a much-needed rest from thinking about your creative problems.

Many people think that they can simply “force their way” through a challenging design problem, but this is mostly untrue. All you’ll end up doing is wearing yourself out, and your so-called “creative block” will be no closer to being resolved. Many times, a simple break from the workstation will fire up those creative neurons and give you a flood of new ideas.

When you’re busy doing something else, it doesn’t mean that your brain has stopped thinking about your creative challenge. On the contrary, it’s still chewing it over – only now you’re busying yourself with something else and leaving it alone to really think. By the time you come back to it, just like a download running in the background of your computer, your brain will have worked its way through the tangle and come up with a new solution.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever struggled with creative block or lack of variety in your creative inspirations? Let us know how you deal with it in the comments below.

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