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Fantasy Illustrator: Volume 2

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Click the links below to download your assets from the Fantasy Illustrator: Volume 2 bookazine, including video, WIPs and final images. All of our video can also be viewed via our YouTube page. Workshops Download all workshop assets

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These fantasy tropical fish will inspire you to paint

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My most important tip is to sit down and gather some references of tropical fish. Many of the tropical fish that we know of live on the world’s coral reefs, so Googling “The Great Barrier Reef”, for example, should be sufficient to get you started on gathering inspirational material.

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New Final Fantasy XV trailer shows off more crazy and weird road trip action

We’ve got to be honest: we don’t really know much about the plot of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but we’re irresistibly drawn to the idea of a road trip movie in a fantasy world. There’s just nothing like pulling to the side of the road and piling out of the car to beat down a crew of dudes in armor and some massive land mammals. And as for the story, it is coming together a bit: the latest trailer for the upcoming RPG just came out of the Jump Festa 2015 Japanese convention, and it does fill in a few more gaps. And no, there’s still no word on when this game will ship.

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Digital Fantasy Art by Scott Davidson

digital fantasy art3Scott Davidson is a junior games and concept artist and has created the digital fantasy art you see below. He is currently working at Fishinabottle which is a digital agency based in Leamington Spa.  A few of David's clients include; Jervis Entertainment Media, Embrace Creations and Your Move.  Drawing influence from games, film and some of his […]
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Massive Square Enix sale puts nearly every ‘Final Fantasy’ game ever on sale

If you’ve been looking to buy just about any Square Enix game ever made, chances are right now might be a really good time to buy. The developer is running a massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale through its (admittedly outdated) online store. Over 200 games and DLC packs — available as PC downloads and hard copies for everything from next-generation consoles to the PS2, Xbox 360, and PSP — are included in the sale. Most notably, a huge selection of Final Fantasy titles are included in the sale, as are Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island, Thief, and more.

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Impressive Fantasy Art by Gonzalo Kenny

fantasy artThis series of fantasy art is by visual designer Gonzalo Kenny, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He mainly focuses on digital illustration and as well as fantasy art Gonzalo also creates concept art, book cover design, packaging illustration and more. Since 2002 he has been working as a professional illustrator in packaging and book design, and […]
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40 Amazing Fantasy Wallpapers

The best way to personalize your desktop is to decorate it with desktop wallpaper. There are so many wallpaper designs to choose from. You can pick a wallpaper based on your mood or rotate between collections of your favorite wallpapers. Wallpapers can inspire you, remind you to take a break or just make you smile and actually improve your mood or focus with just a couple clicks.

Here is the full collection of 40 stunning fantasy wallpapers for your download. With these wallpapers, your desktop will never be dull or boring again. All the wallpapers in this collection are handpicked and will surely provide you soothing and comforting visuals to relax your tired eyes. Enjoy!

Cute & Fantasy

Fantastika Fentezi Dom Griby




Fantasy wallpaper

Lonely Mountains

Flower Path


Choice Way

Goryles ozero star wars


Art les kniga paportnik cvety






Nature Bond



Desktopography Devochka


Triwryd Towers

Floating Dreams


Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Cronus Rising




Mountain City

Fantasy Wallpapers

Pot of Gold (Night)


Shattered Sky

Fantasy Wallpapers



Fantasy Wallpapers

Fantasy Illustrations by Caio Monteiro

fantasy illustrationsCaio Monteiro is the artist behind these fantasy illustrations, he works both traditionally (oil/acrylics) and digitally. Caio currently works in publishing, advertising and games, always focusing on fantasy art.  My love for fantasy stuff came when I was introduced to role playing games. I have been drawing dragons and fierce warriors since then and knew that was what I […]
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Fantasy Digital Artwork by Louie Lorry

fantasy digital artwork2Not much has been said about Russian artist Louie Lorry, but she can sure 'paint'. Her portfolio is filled with an eye opening array of fantasy digital artwork that will blow you away with fine detailing and brilliant scenary. A selection of her pieces are available to download at high resolution – these truly reveal […]
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Fantasy Digital Illustrations by Piofoks

Alchemy SessionProfessional digital painter Piofoks has created this collection of jaw dropping fantasy digital illustrations, he is currently based in Poland working freelance. Art prints are available on Inprnt, via his website and all are printed on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. via: Piofoks
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