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Link About It: Gotham at 7.5K Feet Up

Gotham at 7.5K Feet Up

There have been countless aerial images taken of New York City over the years, but nothing quite compares to what Vincent Laforet was able to capture in a recent helicopter ride. Hovering nearly 7,500 feet above the city, the big apple glows with energy……

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A hammock for your feet


The perfect addition for a more comfortable office. If you are sitting all day at work, this should make your position more livable for both working time and resting time.

This hammock has an adjustable lenght and can be fixed under your desk for resting your feet.





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2014 Snowboard Setup : A ride review of what’s been on and under our feet so far this season

2014 Snowboard Setup

CH HQ is in NYC, but we’re big fans of hitting the slopes. Whether it’s riding the local toe rope in Minnesota or exploring some side country in California, having the right gear can make all the difference. While early season snow conditions…

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Papercraft for the feet: artist makes cardboard replicas of next year’s Adidas shoes

Getting impatient for Adidas’ 2014 lineup? Maybe you want to talk to Chris Anderson about doing some work for you, then: the UK-based artist has been commissioned by retailer Chimp to make cardboard versions of a number of next year’s shoes. It’d be difficult to mistake them for the real thing — they’re all cardboard-colored, for one thing — but they feature a shocking level of detail, especially considering they’re made out of the same material as the box that the real shoes are shipped in. Just make sure you don’t step in a puddle wearing these (then again, true sneaker fanatics don’t want to get their actual Adidas dirty, either).

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A Cold War mansion, 26 feet beneath Las Vegas

At 3970 Spencer St., 26 feet underneath a suburban neighborhood just off the Las Vegas Strip, exists a home like no other. This 70s-era bomb shelter also happens to be a 16,000 square-foot underground estate, complete with backyard, trees (made of plastic), pool, jacuzzi, AstroTurf, a full kitchen, “outdoor” water well, wet bar, and fireplace. The three bedroom home is “self-sustaining,” said realtor Winston King, and has lighting systems that reflect the time of day.

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Chrome Reflective Camo Collection: Three packs made with reflective glass-bead print for heightened visibility up to 100 feet

Chrome Reflective Camo Collection

From the sleek Niko camera bag to the ever-spacious Sotnik duffel, San Francisco’s Chrome seems to really be on-point these days. And since they’re best known for their bike-ready…

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Robotic ape uses complex feet to move on all fours


The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has taken some cues from nature to build a robotic ape that can traverse its environment on all fours. As the DFKI points out, many moving robots aren’t constructed with feet that can interact with the ground at multiple points, but by using a more natural foot shape that touches the ground in several ways, a robot’s mobility can be significantly improved. In this case, the robotic ape’s two hind feet make contact at three different points each, at the heel and beneath two large toes, while its hands use a large, curved block to brace its body during movement.

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