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Here’s how to watch what’s happening in Ferguson and across the United States tonight

Protests that began in Ferguson, Missouri are sweeping the United States tonight, after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown on August 9th. People in cities spanning both coasts are marching in protest of Brown’s death, shutting down highways, and being confronted by police. And many are providing live accounts of the events in their area. Everyone can watch now.

There are lots of ways to witness what’s happening around the country now beyond cable news. Here’s what you should be paying attention to.

Live blogs

The New York Times and The Washington Post are on top of it.

Live video

Fox 2 in St. Louis has been providing a reliable stream from its news helicopter since last…

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Following Ferguson protests, Obama orders review of programs that arm police with military gear

President Barack Obama has officially ordered a review of federal programs that dole out surplus military equipment to local police forces. The news comes two weeks after racial unrest sparked in Ferguson, Missouri in response to the death of a local African-American teen, Michael Brown. Brown, who was unarmed, was fatally shot six times by a police officer. Obama suggested this past Monday that it would be “probably useful” to review the programs.

In the following days, onlookers across the country and the world were struck at the sight of heavily-armed police officers facing off against swarms of protestors. To many, the police forces resembled a military group, and as the situation escalated so did cries for a rethink of programs…

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A private military company is now providing security in Ferguson, for just one person

A menagerie of armed state and federal agents have filtered in and out of Ferguson, Missouri for more than a week as unrest has grown there, and now even a private military company is joining the mix. Asymmetric Solutions, a PMC that claims to be “capable of deploying highly qualified former special operations personnel” to “anywhere on the globe in a moments notice” will be providing a security detail to an unnamed individual visiting Ferguson.

Asymmetric Solutions announced the job on Twitter, noting that the assignment is saddening and unexpected.

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Ferguson will ‘explore’ putting cameras on its cops

As a suburb of St. Louis is still in turmoil after the August 9th killing of Michael Brown, and more than a week of an aggressive police presence that has been blamed for escalating tension. The community, and many in the country, have demanded transparency — and they may get some in the future. In a statement obtained by The Wire, the city of Ferguson said it will seek funding for dash and vest cameras for its officers.

As The Verge previously reported, there’s been a call by some observers for cops to wear cameras in the wake of Brown’s killing. The idea is that on-body camera systems could have either caught something like Brown’s killing, alleviating the kind of uncertainty that has stoked unrest, or prevent such tragedies in the…

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The Unique and Surreal Artwork of Peter Ferguson

Peter FergusonThis collection of surreal illustrations by Montreal artist Peter Ferguson all feature a unique victorian style and a variety of strange creatures. A couple of his clients include; Marvel Comics, The Royal Shakespeare Company and Ammirati Puris Lintas. Peter has also illustrated the covers of the popular Sisters Grimm collection. You can view his personal web site here.
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Interview: James Ferguson and Kieran Clancy: Behind the scenes at Beagle to speak with the brains and brawn of East London’s new “Destaurant”

Interview: James Ferguson and Kieran Clancy

by Emily Millett Infamous in some circles for bland curries, mushy peas and cardboard steaks, the Brits are currently in the midst of a culinary revolution. Helping the nation shake off its bad gastro reputation are epicurean innovators like chef James Ferguson and…

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