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Back to Basics: New Flourish and Icon Vectors

It’s been a while since we published some good ol’ fashioned vector packs. We’ve been focusing on a new slew of career resources in response to what you all said you needed. But,…

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Watch Batman and Bane’s romance flourish in ‘The Dark Notebook Rises’ mashup

Remixing movie trailers for cheap thrills is hardly a new practice, but it takes real skill to combine two films with almost no thematic overlap and still produce a cohesive trailer. The Dark Notebook Rises is just such a work of art — it overlays the supremely schmaltzy dialogue and soundtrack from The Notebook atop gritty scenes of violent malevolence from Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film. The result? A profound reinterpretation of the bat-man’s desire to fly like a real bird, the discovery of Bane’s softer side, and a healthy dose of absurd comedy.

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DNA explained with an animated flourish

The BBC have released a series of three-minute online animations for budding scientists. And they’re a real feast for the eyes as well as the mind.

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