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Twitter’s built-in video player runs 10 minutes of high-quality footage

We’ve known for a while that Twitter’s been planning to stick a homemade video player in your timeline, but for the most part, details have been scarce. Now we’ve got a closer look, as Daniel Raffel has flagged a Twitter FAQ about the player that sheds some light on the idea. According to the site, the player lets users upload up to 10 minutes of video in the MP4 or MOV format. Notably, the company is not capping a size limit on the video files, and are thus “encouraging partners to use the highest resolution source video.”

One word in that phrase — partners — suggests the project is aimed toward…

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How to composite a CG character into video footage

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Compositing of any sort is both a challenge, and also a lot of fun (okay, not so much fun when it’s being a challenge/PITA, and you’re also on a deadline). There are a few key points to keep in mind as you move along the production pipeline from the beginning, to the end where you’re thanking the Academy. Let’s see if we can cover this in, oh, say four steps?

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Lost ‘Return of the Jedi’ footage discovered on $699 LaserDisc

Buyers of a rare LaserDisc used to demonstrate an 80s-vintage film editing system have found it full of raw footage from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, graciously posting clips to a Facebook account over the course of the past several days. Most of the clips are from Luke Skywalker’s last visit to Yoda on Dagobah, but another gem features a full minute (without audio, unfortunately) of R2-D2 repairing Skywalker’s damaged X-wing.

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How to stabilize shaky footage in After Effects

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Video content is increasingly in demand; with the explosion of web content, nearly every product needs its own mini-documentary or web clip. Getting smooth footage used to be the purview of professional videographers and VFX artists only. But those days are at an end.

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Find royalty-free stock footage faster

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Even if you’re not in the video business there’s something strangely attractive about stock footage. These peculiar little vignettes – perfect for filling in the gaps in a larger video production – take on an almost surreal air when viewed completely out of context.

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19 Websites to Download Free Stock Video Intros & Footage

A creative video intro leaves a lasting first impression on your viewer. If you need examples, do check out Nancy’s 60 Beautiful Examples Of Websites With Full-Blown Video Backgrounds to get an idea. A good video intro not only draws attention but also gives the right impression to prospective clients. Videos can also better engage new readers. While producing awesome videos will take time, effort and skill, why not just use stock videos.

Collected below is a list of free websites which offer video intros, stock videos and video footage for free. Some provide you with professional templates and high-definition videos, and you can even find animation and 3D videos in some of the sites. Many of the video clips are designed and given away by video design professionals, so you can use them for your video productions for free. If you know any more of such websites, please share them at the comments section.

Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a source of premium stock videos. It offers around 400 videos to download for free.

Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion is a place to download animated backgrounds and video loopbacks, which can be used for personal or commercial purposes.

Free Footage

Free Footage is a place to find various collections of HD quality video footage.

Footage Crate

Footage Crate offers free and royalty-free video resources for independent filmmakers and creative persons.


Splasheo is a source of free video boosters. You can also create your own custom animations using different pictures on this website.

Flix Press

FlixPress is a place to create professional video templates. FlixPress also offers some video templates for free. Just register for an account and select the free templates from their template library.

Beachfront B-Roll

Beachfront is a blogspot compilation where you can download unique HD stock footage and animated backgrounds for any production purpose.

Motion Backgrounds

Motion Backgrounds is a place to download professional quality motion backgrounds and video footage.

Alex Free Stock Video Footage

Alex Free Stock Video Footage offers free and downloadable video footage and stock videos in HD quality.

Movie Tools

Movie Tools is a place to download free animated 2D and 3D video backgrounds, animations and stock videos.

Free Video Footage

Free Video Footage is a place to download hundreds of video footage, stock videos and video backgrounds.

Free HD Stock Footage

Free HD Stock Footage is a Vimeo group by Phil Fried. It offers free stock videos and video footage which can be used in any video production.

X Stock Video

X Stock Video is a source of premium quality stock videos and footage. It offers many free stock videos and backgrounds for ‘free to view’ video productions.

Clip Canvas

Clip Canvas is a premium source of stock video footage and production music. It offers many video clips for free.

Open Footage

Open Footage is a source of free video footage organized in various categories for easy access and download.


Videezy is a community of amateur and professional videographers for sharing HD quality video footage. You can get free access to high quality video clips after signing up on the website.

Cute Stock Footage

Cute Stock Footage is a source of premium quality stock videos and sound effects. You can check their free section (located in the top menu) to download free video footage.


HD-Trainings provide free stock videos and video footage, which can be used in your own video productions. (Note: use Google Translate to check the page out in the language of your choice).


Videvo is a source of hundreds of stock videos and motion graphics, which are available for download without any charge. Video clips are arranged in various categories for easy browsing.

Footage from Jerry Lewis’ lost film revealed in 1972 behind-the-scenes video

Jerry Lewis’ 1972 The Day the Clown Cried is one of the most famous unreleased films of all time — a movie so bad that Lewis has sworn it will never see the light of day. Until now, all we’ve seen is a few still images and the original screenplay, but that all changed when a YouTube user named unclesporkums uploaded seven minutes of footage from the set of the forgotten film, which was then posted by Entertainment Weekly. Reddit user mvuijlst points out that the original footage is from a 1972 broadcast of Flemish TV program Première-magazine.

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See Matt Damon rip the head off a robot in 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes ‘Elysium’ footage


Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium,’ a tale of sci-fi class warfare, won’t hit theatres for over a week, but you can already watch Matt Damon wrestle with robots, duke it out with baddies, and generally have a great time playing a disenfranchised dystopian worker having a very, very bad day. He’s all smiles after using his superhuman cyborg strength to bodily toss an assailant through the floor, and it’s pretty incredible to watch him nonchalantly run up to a camera with a shotgun and fire it point-blank into the lens. Watch all that and many more behind the scenes antics in the video below. Just be aware it takes a few minutes to pick up, and the video seems to pause abruptly at about three minutes in. You’ll want to skip past that.

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New ‘Watch Dogs’ gameplay footage is like a high-tech ‘Grand Theft Auto’


Without a doubt, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is one of the most graphically-stunning games in development right now, and a new gameplay video has the best look that we’ve gotten at the title since last year’s E3. Our sister site Polygon has six minutes of in-game footage, which features the game’s protagonist infiltrating a facility using his ability to tap into security camera feeds and other technology in the surrounding environment. The resulting gameplay is a cross between stealth games and a high-tech Grand Theft Auto, as the character ultimately flees in a fast and flashy stolen vehicle.

Watch Dogs‘ good looks can likely be chalked up to its coming arrival on the next-generation PlayStation 4, though it isn’t clear what platforms…

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Special cut of ‘Iron Man 3’ for Chinese market to have extra footage


When moviegoers in US and China head to theaters on May 3rd to see the premiere of Marvel’s Iron Man 3, they won’t be sitting down to watch the same movie. Marvel Studios announced that it collaborated with Chinese media and entertainment company DMG on the Chinese elements in the film, on top of distribution and marketing, reported Deadline Hollywood. So while both the US and Chinese cuts of the movie will feature footage that Marvel shot in Beijing in December, only the latter will get a special appearance from actress Fan Bingbing.

The second-largest international market for Hollywood movies

Wired points out that Iron Man 3 isn’t the only big-budget film to get tweaks for the Chinese market — in last year’s Looper, scenes…

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