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Find all design freebies you’ll need on (sponsored)

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Fonts, vectors, icons, photos, Photoshop brushes,… you name it, you’ll find it on The site offers many exclusive design freebies, but not only. They also aggregate tons of quality freebies from other designers, just to make sure that you’ll find what you need on their site. The website is constantly updated with new freebies, […]

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A selection of 10 great design freebies

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Good things are easy to get addicted to. And our Freebies are good indeed. And this is a good addiction to have too – looking for new and free ways to up your site’s look. Once again we have a collection of free website elements that you can use to add that element of spunk […]

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10 useful design freebies to add to your arsenal

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As a designer, you are probably looking for ways to make your worklife easier. Freebies are one of the best ways to save time by avoiding some tedious tasks, so make sure you add some of these design freebies to your arsenal. 1. Newspaper cover mockup A cover magazine mockup that comes with three types […]

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15 awesome downloadable freebies for designers

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In this today’s blog, we are introducing you some awesome collection of the latest freebies from all over the internet. Here you can find the freebies from the latest design resources like mockups, icons, textures, UI kits, templates and many more. You can use it freely to learn new techniques or bootstrapping your next project. […]

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Best design freebies that rocked 2014

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December is here and the whole world (the netizens too) awaits Christmas and the New Year. Before you make a dash to snap up brand new design tools to add to your design collections for the coming year, take a sneak peek into some excellent design freebies that rocked the web design world in 2014, […]

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Black Friday Freebies. Free Textures for You

Time to start preparation for the upcoming holidays, today we’ve made a selection of amazing fully Black Friday free textures provided by Freepik.

40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

Complete UIs and elements, textures and brushes for Photoshop, HTML templates, background designs, icons, fonts and tools make our lives as designers and developers easier, saving us the time we would otherwise be spending on creating them.

Fortunately, around the world, there are many creators willing to share their work for free allowing the rest of us to use them. Here is the third collection of freebies and goodies available for web designers. If you would like to check out our earlier collections, follow the links:

Should you find that these freebies have helped you in one way or another, do consider donating to these creators or supporting them in other forms of appreciation for all their hard work.

PSDs & Templates

Flat Infobox Layered PSD

Flat infobox layered psd

Colorful Business Card in PSD Format by al rayhan

Colorful business card in psd format

Tinyone: PSD One Page Template by Tommy Ngo

Tinyone: psd one page template

LinkedIn Redesign GUI Kit PSD by Pontus Wellgraf

Linkedin redesign gui kit psd

Random UI Elements in PSD by Tyler Gross

Random ui elements in psd

Bootstrap Style Homepage PSD Template

Bootstrap style homepage psd template

Flatter: A Free PSD GUI, HTML & Bootstrap Template by Tranquilobock

Flatter: a free psd gui, html & bootstrap template

Free Sable Kit 2 in PSD, EPS and AI

Free sable kit 2 in psd, eps and ai

ANTARKTIDA Free Sports PSD Template Vitaliy Kudelevskiy

Antarktida free sports psd template

Medical PSD Flat Theme

Medical psd flat theme

Free Flat UI PSD Kit

Free flat ui psd kit

Strict Portfolio PSD Template

Strict portfolio psd template


Big John – Slim Joe Free Font by Ion Lucin

Big john - slim joe free font

Moka Stylish Outline Typeface by Liz Withers

Moka stylish outline typeface

Aqua Grotesque Typeface by Laura Pol

Aqua grotesque elegant typeface

Azedo Bold and Light Typeface by Pedro Azedo

Azedo bold and light typeface

Jaapokki Free Modern Font by Mikko Nuuttila

Jaapokki free modern font

FRINCO: Free Fancy Font by Ryan Pyae

Frinco: free fancy font

Cosmo Path Free Outline Typeface by filiz sahin

Cosmo path free outline typeface

Ribbon OpenType Display Face by Dan Gneiding

Ribbon opentype display face

PIROU Free Stylish Font by Quentin Grébeude

Pirou free stylish font


30 Vector Icons for IOS (Pay with a Tweet)

Vector icons for ios

12 Vector Abstract Flower Line Icons

Vector abstract flower line icons

Gamecenter Icons Pack in PSD by Alexey Anatolievich

Gamecenter icons pack in psd

SVG Icons: Ready to Use SVG Icons

Svg icons: ready to use svg icons

Pure CSS Flat Social Icons Code Snippet by Steven Roberts

Pure css flat social icons code snippet

Stackicons: Multipurpose Icon Fonts by Parker Bennett

Stackicons: multipurpose icon fonts

100 Touch Gestures Icons in PSD, AI, EPS, PNG and SVG by Jeff Portaro

100 touch gestures icons in psd, ai, eps, png and svg

Web Design Icon Set in PSD, PNG and AI by Dimitrios Pantazis 

Web design icon set in psd, png and ai


9 Free Business Card and Tablet Mockups by Tomasz Mazurczak

9 free business card and tablet mockups

Nexus 6 PSD MockUp by Litvin Vladislav

Nexus 6 psd mockup

Business Card Mockup Volume 5

Business card mockup volume 5

Free IPhone 6 Photorealistic Mockups

Free iphone 6 photorealistic mockups


ToIcon: Icon Search Tool

Toicon: icon search tool

Mailchimp Email Design Guide

Mailchimp email design guide

Pencil Project: An Open-Source GUI Prototyping Tool

Pencil project: gui prototyping tool

Dribbble App Material Design for Sketch by Soumya Ranjan Bishi

Dribbble app material design for sketch

UI Kit Inspired by Android L by Vitaly Chernega

Ui kit inspired by android l

25 Free Watercolour Circle Textures in JPG & PNG by Chris Spooner

25 free watercolour circle textures in jpg & png

8 High Resolution Texture Mix Pack by Gabor Monori

8 high resolution texture mix pack

1000 Combinations of Flat Vector Robots

1000 combinations of flat vector robots

7 High-resolution Polygon Backgrounds

7 high-resolution polygon backgrounds

Photoshop Text Effects Version 1

Photoshop text effects version 1

Brush Set for Photoshop by Matt Heath

Brush set for photoshop

Editor’s note: This post is written by Juan Sarmiento for Juan is a designer and developer, founder of,, and

40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

Everyone loves free stuff, right? If you’re a designer who likes having a variety of resources at your fingertips, you’d want to keep your eye out for as many freebies as you can.

We’ve put together for you another great collection of freebies. This time, you’ll find icons, templates, mockups, vector elements and much more. From iOS 8 color swatches to a range of fonts that you can use and experiment with, have a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.


Poster PSD Mockup. Need to promote an event or project? A nice flyer can do the trick and here we have the right poster mockup for you.

Poster psd mockup

Apple Watch Mockups. A set of mockups for the upcoming Apple Watch. Now you have something to showcase your future work!

Apple watch mockups

Design Mockups. A beautiful mockup with a flat screen monitor and an iPad. The editing applied to the images make these easy on the eyes.

Design mockups

5 High-Quality Photographic Mockups. A set with 5 photographic mockups with iPad, iPhone and business card images. All in PSD format containing smart layers for a convenient way to add your content.

5 high-quality photographic mockups

Eco Bag Mockup. A high resolution eco bag mockup that allows you to change background, add logos with smart layers and separate objects from shadows. Help file included!

Eco bag mockup

User Interface

Profile UI Design. A beautiful user interface design for a profile on social networks. The transparency in the background integrates quite well with any website.

Profile ui design

The Amsterdam User Interface. A beautiful UI kit implemented with pure code. It features a neat color palette and multiple icons, creating a very pleasant experience.

The amsterdam user interface


Luthier Free Font. An adaptable serif typeface that works well with body texts, but holds enough personality to be interesting in headlines.

Luthier free font

Looque Free Font. A sharp font that combines lines and curves for impressive results. Non-legibility is intentional, challenging the reader and designer.

Looque free font

Smidswater Font Family with 7 Styles. A fancy and very legible font family comprising of a light weight to bold font as well as condensed, italics and various combinations.

Smidswater font family with 7 styles

Cassiopeia Free Typeface. A quirky and somewhat esoteric typeface inspired by geometric forms, constellations and Pokémons.

Cassiopeia free typeface

ARCA MAJORA Free Font. A complete, all caps font featuring a good amount of accents for languages other than English.

Arca majora free font

Docker Free Font. A very interesting font for headlines and big sizes in general. Great for an easy 3D effect.

Docker free font

Nexa Rust Free Font. A versatile font system featuring various sub-families: Slab, sans, handmade, script and more!

Nexa rust free font

Kilogram Free Font. A thick font that’s useful for titles and headers, providing a pretty striking look.

Kilogram free font

Fold Free Font. A beautiful font that sacrifices readability for a sleek appearance. Its pixel-like look is definitely the major feature.

Fold free font

Maddac Free Font. An attractive bold font from Isaac Taracks’ Behance account. Great for titles and headers on big sizes.

Maddac free font


12000 Free Outline Icons. A huge package of literally thousands of minimalist icons available for free, all coming with their respective vectorial PSD files.

12000 free outline icons

Nautical Vector Pack. Are you a lover of the sea? Here is a series of vector icons related to the sea that includes animals, objects and more.

Nautical vector pack

210 Free Solid Icons. Here we have an icon set of no less than 210 icons in PSD, PNG and SVG formats.

210 free solid icons

Free Cutlery Icon Set. You won’t find many icon sets like this. Here we have a complete series of free cutlery icons for a home-and-kitchen-related project.

Free cutlery icon set

iOS 8 App Icon Set. A sweet pack of 30 application icons for the new iOS 8, available for Sketch.

Ios 8 app icon set

Camping and Recreation Icon Set. A set of 40 icons with a particular topic. They have long shadows and a relaxed color palette, although you can modify the 4 different formats they come in at any time.

Camping and recreation icon set

Apple Watch Free Screen Icons. A collection of the icons seen in the Apple Watch screen so far, all in vector shape.

Apple watch free screen icons

60 Education Vector Icons. A huge icon package containing 60 icons with one thing in mind: Education. Whether it has to do withs maths or books, you’ll probably find it here.

60 education vector icons

Anicons: Animated Icon Library. An exciting icon library for people who work with anything related to animated content.

Anicons: animated icon library


UI Design Templates. A gigantic package with hundreds of elements to build website and mobile applications. You can find virtually anything you can look for here.

Ui design templates

Free Clean Interactive Resume. If you’re looking for a job or want to showcase your professional info, this interactive resume might be just what you need.

Free clean interactive resume

SKOKOV Profit PSD Template. A PSD template going for a modern look for your business, agency, corporation, etc. It’s meant to be a one-pager for an easy user experience.

Skokov profit psd template

LookShop: E-commerce Responsive Design Template. A responsive template meant for e-commerce sites. Available in PSD format.

Lookshop: e-commerce responsive design template

Flat Admin Template. Admin pages don’t have to be all boring. Spice up the control center with this flat-styled template.

Flat admin template

SNDSGN Website PSD Theme. A complete website template including custom buttons, icons and Google Fonts, all neatly packaged in PSD format.

Sndsgn website psd theme

Flat CV Template. Looking for a new job? Get an edge over other applicants with this modern looking CV template.

Flat cv template


Free Set of 10 Polygonal Background Photos. A cool set of 10 polygonal pictures. The editing on these is very interesting and they’re provided in high resolution.

Free set of 10 polygonal background photos

Stokpic: Totally Free Stock Photos. If you’re into stock photography, Stokpic will send you 10 new pictures to your email every fortnight. Best thing is you can do whatever you want with them!

Stokpic: totally free stock photos

Lychee: Self-Hosted Photo Management Done Right. Take care of your photos with Lychee, a useful tool for self-hosted image management.

Lychee: self-hosted photo management done right


Creative Image Slider. A responsive image slider for your WordPress site that also lets you apply neat effects to make things more visually appealing.

Creative image slider

Mobile App Converter WordPress Plugin. Need a quick way to make your site accessible to mobile users? This plugin promises to turn your site into a mobile app in no time.

Mobile app converter wordpress plugin


Android and iOS Photoshop Actions and Workflows. A collection of tools and tips for app creation in both Photoshop and Illustrator. A great asset for the modern designer.

Android and ios photoshop actions and workflows

Retro Badges and Signs. A set of old school badges and signs in vectorial form, editable in Illustrator.

Retro badges and signs

iOS 8 Color Swatches and Gradients. A color palette with the gradients and swatches included in Apple’s new iOS 8.

Ios 8 color swatches and gradients

Minimal Loop Preloaders. A set of small vector files with loading sequences for your website or app.

Minimal loop preloaders

Legolize Yourself PSD. A super simple way to turn your photos into LEGO thanks to this PSD file.

Legolize yourself psd

Inksplash Text Effects. A useful pack with 5 simple effects for Adobe Illustrator that will give style and a vintage look to your text.

Inksplash text effects

Logo Design Inspiration EBook. Need to make a new icon but don’t know where to start? Grab some inspiration with over 1000 logos thanks to this ebook.

Logo design inspiration ebook

32 Hipster Badges. A fancy collection of 32 badges in AI, EPS and PNG formats. They have a somewhat vintage design that will impress the trendier kind.

32 hipster badges

Editor’s note: This post is written by Juan Sarmiento for Juan is a designer and developer, founder of,, and

40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

It’s always good to have a bunch of resources available when you need to look for something in particular. This is why we’ve taken our time to perform a broad search and look for resources released recently that could be of use to all the designers out there.

Here we’ve organized a great list of items for graphic designers and developers to apply and enjoy in their next projects, including Themes, PSD freebies, Fonts and lots more. Whether you’re in need of a spanking new theme or a neat font for your site, we’ve got some great choices for you.


FastNews. FastNews is a news and magazine theme with a minimal, yet professional look. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 to provide full responsiveness and contains diverse features such as social links support and a featured post slider. There are 2 versions available: A freebie and a paid version that gives you access to extra features.

Fast news

Devion. Devion is a fantastic theme made with Bootstrap 3, especially suitable for video sharing websites. Though it needs some plugins to fulfill this purpose, the setup is a breeze, and the result is amazing.


Pictorico. Pictorico is a single column portfolio theme with a grid to showcase your best artwork. It comes with features such as a post slider and big featured images, making this theme ideal for photo blogging or photography portfolios.


Make. Make is a premium theme with a free version; a minimal yet very powerful idea that is almost a theme builder in itself. The free version comes with valuable features like Google fonts, layout options, Jetpack support and many more.


Creative. A minimal theme catering for creative agencies, it is made with mobile interactions in mind. The theme comes with features like Search Engine Optimization and cross-browser compatibility.


Stylish Portfolio. Stylish portfolio is a single page portfolio theme packed with canvas navigation and some other features such as smooth scrolling, Font Awesome integration, Google Maps footer and more. It was released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Stylish Portfolio

User Interface PSDs

Free Metro-style E-commerce UI Kit PSD. The Metro style is so visually appealing that it has surpassed Windows 8 in a lot of environments. This freebie brings all the essentials you need to create e-commerce apps and websites with this style.

Metro UI

Mobile UI Kit. The perfect thing to assist in your mobile app development projects. This mobile user interface contains elements for many different purposes such as a login screen, calendar, music player and maps.

Mobile UI kit

Bootstrap 3 Vector UI Kit. This UI kit has all of the interface elements included in Bootstrap 3, provided in vector format. Glyphicons are also included, as well as other additional items. Ideal for mock-ups of control and admin panels.

Bootstrap 3 vector

Numbers UI. This UI focuses mainly on charts, graphs and numerical data. It can be a great tool for creating edgy-looking mobile apps and designs.

Numbers UI

Morph Free UI Kit. A super complete, flat styled UI kit provided for free by the guys at Morphos. The kit is incredibly complete, featuring elements for data analytics, media playback, navigation elements and much more.

Morph Free UI Kit

Metro Food UI Kit. This set of colorful flat elements will allow you to put together a food-oriented website with widgets, pictures and icons. Perfect for restaurants or food blogs.

Metro Food UI Kit

Color Picker UI Kit. The title is pretty self-explanatory here, this PSD file will give you the ability to set-up a color picker for your next application, or get a bunch of colors for reference or help you pick something out with the eyedropper tool.

Color Picker


Gist Rough Light Three Font. A beautiful typeface featuring a striking texture effect, making it perfect for special titles or header. The font is available for free at MyFonts.

Gist Light

Hans Kendrick. Hans Kendrick is a grotesque typeface with elegant and geometric design, compressed in one weight. This font is very legible in all sizes but is best suited for large displays. There is support for special characters and numbers.

Hans Font

Idealist Sans Font. Idealist is an extremely readable, rounded typeface that provides a pleasant view when reading body text. Its main feature is its versatility, since it manages Cyrillic, Western and Central European (and their respective special characters) with ease.

Idealist Sans Font

Archivo Narrow Performance Font. Sometimes you want a font that can just do the job: Be read. Archivo Narrow specializes in this task by providing a compact, highly readable typeface that works perfectly for both digital and printed environments.



Hawcons. A massive pack of over 500 icons with sharp and crisp design. These are icons suitable for any purpose, and although they are created using Sketch, they are also available for Photoshop and Illustrator.


Transportation Icons. This set we have here is a compendium of 71 stroke icons depicting all the conventional means of transportation. The icons are vector shapes made with Adobe Illustrator.

Transportation icons

Mobile Icons. This set is probably the biggest mobile collection of icons you will get for free. It’s composed of nearly 10 thousand icons for leading mobile interfaces, including classic iPhone, iOS7, Windows 8 and Android systems in a neat 7Zip file.

Mobile icon

1000 Free Icon Set. Yes, you read that right. This massive package from Six Revisions contains 1000 free icons for your delight in PNG, EPS and AI formats. They cover many different topics and situations.

Free icons

Flat Icons in Brownie Theme. These fresh icons make a great combination of the new flat style trend with more retro ideas by featuring old colors over edgy icon designs. Definitely worth a look.

Brownie flat icons

iOS 7 Inspired Tab Icons. iOS icons can be subtle, sharp and avant-garde. This amazing set intends to replicate just those attributes with an extremely simple styling that works like a dream.

ios7 icons

Circle Social Media Icons. Social media icons are always needed to promote yourself all over the internet. We’ve found these rounded icons to be particularly attractive and might be able to call in a few extra users.

sircle social icons

Mobile Devices Icon Font. A simple idea for an icon font displaying cell phones and tablets in different positions and sizes. Perfect for retina-readiness and lightweight designs.

Mobile Devices


Resume Template. Flat style is not only for templates and apps; printed projects can make good use of it too. The following is a flat style resume template in a printable fashion that you can use to present yourself and your work when looking for a job.

Resume Template

Solid. Solid is a flat Bootstrap 3-powered HTML template made for freelancers and creative agency portfolios. It’s been created with some outstanding features like masonry, PrettyPhoto lightbox, Font Awesome and more.


Senkadagala. Named after a Sri Lanka city, Senkadagala is a minimal, single page template made for creative agency landing pages. It’s built on Bootstrap 3 and carries complete responsiveness.


Halcyon Days. A minimal, yet impressive creative portfolio template made by Codrops. Mainly intended for startups and portfolios, it is built with some of the latest technologies including HTML5 and CSS3 and is completely retina-ready. Additionally, it makes use of utilities such as animate.css, Flex Slider and jQuery Waypoints.

Halcyon Days

Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is a HTML5 and CSS3 single page template. Its creator worked under the Bootstrap 3 framework to create it and made it completely responsive. This template is ideal for use in mobile apps and landing pages.


AppView. AppView is a lightweight, flat style CSS template made for mobile app showcasing, or even landing pages to exhibit any product or service.


We + Coming. We + Coming is another HTML template for personal and commercial uses with exceptional quality. Built with slider and video background capabilities, it is powered with Bootstrap and is completely responsive.


Good to Go. Good to Go is a single page Bootstrap template that can be used in all medical related sites such as hospitals, medical schools, health blogs and even chemistry labs. It is responsive but at the same time, it comes in 3 versions – web, tablet and mobile.

Good to go

Frame. Frame is a simple HTML5 professional looking template that can be used for both personal and commercial projects, at the expense of a small attribution to Medialoot. This template is fully responsive and packed with other features for portfolio websites.


Magnetic Photographic Template. A pixel perfect web template made for photographers, graphic designers and all kind of visual artists. The clean, modern layout draws attention to the content and eliminates distractions.

Magnetic Photographic

PrasastiEnom Admin Template. A flat-styled PSD admin template so you can get rid of that old look when managing your site and say hello to a more modern environment.

Prasasti Enom

iOS Splash Screen Template. A very clever design by David Lillo that allows you to create all sorts of splash screens for iOS. Just download the PSD and change the smart elements to get started.

IOS splash screen

Sharp Flat PSD Template. A sharp PSD template for your next website styling big pictures. It comes with a modern, vibrant green color palette and is well contrasted with a dark background.

Sharp Flat PSD


Bootstrap 3 Grid. This one is a PSD grid system for designers to use in all their Bootstrap-based projects. Inside, there’s a set of 4 PSD files that allow you to make creations for desktops, tablet and smartphones in both landscape and portrait views.

Bootstrap 3 grid

Android Launcher. This one below is an Android launcher screen with carefully organized layers; its flat style blends with subtle textures, producing a pleasant look. The best thing about it is the way it presents itself.

Android Launcher

Zebra. Zebra is an elegant and innovative set of 10 screens for a blogging application you can build upon or use as they come for your next mobile app. It is carefully organized in layers, easily scalable and easy to edit.


FontFace Ninja. FontFace Ninja is a convenient browser plugin for Chrome and Safari that allows you to not only see the web fonts a website uses, but also to download them if they are free fonts.


Editor’s note: This post is written by Juan Sarmiento for Juan is a designer and developer, founder of,, and

12 great design freebies for your resources library

Design freebies are a blessing sent to us by the Internet and kind designers who are willing to share some of their work for free. Like other templates and downloadable items, these files allow you to save plenty of time designing, but they don’t cost a dime. Here is a selection of awesome recent freebies.

1. Landing page PSD

A gorgeous multipurpose PSD layout for your landing pages. Easy to customize and flexible. Get it on Best PSD Freebies.


2. Velositey

A Photoshop plugin created to help you design website prototypes much quicker. Check it out!


3. 195 flat flags

A huge collection of flag icons created using the latest flat design concept. Icons come in PNG and PSD formats. Flag icons can be used in country specific mobile application designs, print designs and many other cool stuffs.


4. Free poster mockup

A mockup to show off your poster design work. Kindly offered by Tim Easley on Behance.


5. Simple sharing button generator

The easiest way to add sharing icons for your website.


6. is a powerful online tool for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos whilst maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression.


7. Scratchy grunge brushes

A collection of grunge brushes that come in a zip file. One of the best design freebies for your grungy designs.


8. 3D neon lettering

A pack of letters rendered as neon lettering. Via Behance.


9. Flat animal vectors

Very cute vector animals designed with a flat style. Created by Freepik.


10. Vampirr

A stylish free font created by Fonts of Chaos.


11. PSD dashboard

A creative dashboard that can be used in your own designs. The PSD file is layered to allow for easy editing and customizations.


12. Business card mockup

A mockup that will allow you to present your business cards in a better way. Via Behance.


Get more design freebies?

Did you create some design freebies that you share on your own site or know some amazing freebies that should be on this post? Just share it in the comments.

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