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Interview: Designer Hugo Passos: Discussing the importance of functionality and purpose in furniture creation

Interview: Designer Hugo Passos

By Adam Coghlan

At 32, Hugo Passos is one of London’s most exciting young designers. With a refreshing purity of purpose, he exists slightly outside creative London’s esoteric clique.

“When I was growing up, Portugal was a traditional place……

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A DIY 3D-Printed Speaker From Formlabs: Updated functionality from the Form 1+ allows encourages further design creativity

A DIY 3D-Printed Speaker From Formlabs

After an almost $ 3 million round of Kickstarter funding in 2012 and a comprehensive, updated overhaul of their stereolithographic 3D printer two years later, Boston’s Formlabs is debuting new software features for their Form 1+ that once again keep……

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17 jQuery Plugins For Form Functionality & Validation

Here is another beautiful and useful collection of some of the best jQuery plugins to help you with form functionality and validation. We have previously discussed how much jQuery has contributed to the world of web development. In this round up, we are presenting jQuery plugins for form functionality and validation.

Validation can be a real mess for some developers, and these plugins will be of great assistance for them. With these plugins, they can easily build and customize forms in an attractive way and help them to sort out form validation related problems. We hope that you will like this collection. Share your opinions with us. Enjoy!

Hide Show Password

It’s easy to take the “masking” of passwords (replacing characters with ••••) for granted. As Luke Wroblewski documented last November, this practice increases login failures while providing little-to-no security benefit.

jQuery Live Form Validation

After trying a load of non intuitive and not very useful jQuery form validation plugins I came up with this plugin. Its a jQuery plugin which helps create easy form validations with high flexibility and a large set of options.


A jQuery plugin that gives users real time hints & progress updates as they complete forms.


jVal is a jQuery form field validation plugin that provides an appealing animated message flyout that doesn’t impede form layout/design while being user-friendly.


Selectize is the hybrid of a textbox and select box. It’s jQuery-based and it’s useful for tagging, contact lists, country selectors, and so on.

Auto Complete For jQuery


Validate your forms, frontend, without writing a single line of javascript!


This library allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (bootstrap, jquery-ui, jquery only) and includes both popup and inline modes.


Typeahead a fast and fully-featured autocomplete library.


Limit is a plugin for the javascript framework Jquery that limits the number of characters that can be entered in a textarea or input field. The plugin can also report the number of characters left before the user reaches the length limit.

jQuery Validation Plugin

This jQuery plugin makes simple clientside form validation easy, whilst still offering plenty of customization options. It makes a good choice if you’re building something new from scratch, but also when you’re trying to integrate something into an existing application with lots of existing markup.

Smart Validate

Smart Validate is a jQuery credit card validation plugin, that makes credit card format validation a simple task. It ensures that user has entered valid credit card number before making actual transaction. Smart Validate supports the following credit cards.

Ajax Fancy Captcha-jQuery Plugin

Ajax Fancy Captcha is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. We are introducing you to a new, intuitive way of completing “verify humanity” tasks. In order to do that you are asked to drag and drop specified item into a circle.

Password Strength Indicator and Generator

Sometimes you want to show your user the strength of their password and although there a quite a few jQuery “plugins” that do this there are none – that I’ve found – that let you set the class of an element so that you can do a graphical representation of the strength.

Password Strength

This plugin shows the strength of you passwords by telling you how long time it would take to brute force them.

Masked Input Plugin

This is a masked input plugin for the jQuery javascript library. It allows a user to more easily enter fixed width input where you would like them to enter the data in a certain format (dates,phone numbers, etc).


Elastic makes your textareas grow and shrink to fit it’s content. It was inspired by the auto growing textareas on Facebook.

Leatherman Jam + Style Skate Tool: Sport-specific functionality meets all-out versatility

Leatherman Jam + Style Skate Tool

What the Jam + Style from Leatherman lacks in outward aesthetic appeal, it more than makes up for in utility. The combination tool from the Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer consists…

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Outerwear Inspired by Architecture: The Arrivals: Timeless silhouettes meet modern functionality and styling without the designer price tag

Outerwear Inspired by Architecture: The Arrivals

Finding the right jacket is often a game of compromises. Forgo quality to save on the price. Opt for fashion, but desperately miss out on function. Most vexing though, in the search for the optimal outerwear, is…

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Minimalist Lingerie by Portland’s REIF: Comfort, functionality and a subtle, sexy twist establish the AW ’14 basics collection

Minimalist Lingerie by Portland's REIF

Amongst a sea of over-embellished, neon-colored intimates that clog retail spaces everywhere, Portland-based REIF’s new minimalist lingerie is a big gulp of fresh air….

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Cherry Framework 3.1.4: Expanded Functionality for Clients’ Ease of Use

TemplateMonster team has delighted customers with new updates of its popular tool, Cherry Framework. Look through new and improved options that will help users make the most of their work with this tool.

Amok’s Draumr, the Tent-Hammock Hybrid: The functionality of tent camping meets laid-back comfort from the new Norwegian company

Amok's Draumr, the Tent-Hammock Hybrid

There’s no better time to hit the outdoors for a bit of peace and quiet than the early stages of summer. Tourist hotspots aren’t yet (completely) overrun and the warm weather still has novelty on its side. If you’re trying to catch your…

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Flat UI Pro Tutorial: How To Use jQuery to Add Functionality to a Custom Mailbox

Flat UI Pro Tutorial: How To Use jQuery to Add Functionality to a Custom Mailbox

Now that you have gone through a series of tutorials with David East to create a custom mail app, he is back in this lesson to show you how to add jQuery functionality to it. The videos in this tutorial series use Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro. In this video tutorial, you use components from Flat […]

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Get More Control & Functionality on Gmail With MxHero Toolbox

We’ve featured a lot of tools that can enhance your Gmail experience. You can get notified when your sent email is opened by the receiver, encrypt your email messages, schedule emails to be sent later and even view your Gmail stats. True, you have to install 4 different tools to make your Gmail more powerful, but if you aren’t saying no to new extensions yet, we’d like to introduce to you MxHero Toolbox.

MxHero Toolbox

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, MxHero Toolbox is a Chrome extension that has 5 extra email functions. The best part is you can use more than one of these functions or all 5 of them together when sending an email. Let’s see what MxHero Toolbox can do for your Gmail.

Extra Functions For Gmail

MxHero Toolbox has the following functions:

Click Track – Notifies you when each recipient accesses attachments or links within the email body.

MxHero Accessed Mail

Self Destruct – Notifies the recipient that the email they have received will ‘self destruct’ after 5 minutes. MxHero turns your email content into an image and destroys the link at the end of the countdown.

MxHero Self Destruct

Private Delivery – Recipients cannot view other email receivers addresses on To or CC fields.

Send Later – Schedule sending of the email on a later time determined by you.

Reply TimeOut – Get an email notification if the recipient doesn’t reply your email within the timeframe determined by you.

MxHero Reply Timeout

Picking A Feature

After installing the MxHero Toolbar Chrome Extension, you’ll find a new yellow button next to the send button when composing new mail.

MxHero Compose

Enter all the required details of an email (recipient address, subject and body content) before clicking the yellow MxHero button to choose your ‘extra’ functions.

MxHero Functions

You can use multiple functions for the same email. For examples, you can send a ‘Self Destructing’ email via private delivery to multiple recipients to be sent out at a scheduled time. Enabling Click Track lets you know whenever a recipient has checked your mail.


MxHero works well despite its beta status. But as it is still in beta, it is still buggy. We ran a few tests and found that the first email we send out upon authorizing mxHero wouldn’t work. It does work the second time around though. If you experience this too, let us know.

Also, if you have a secondary email address attached to your main account, emails sent via mxHero to your secondary email account won’t appear in your main one. You’ll have to login to your secondary email account to access emails sent by MxHero.

All in all, we look forward for more improvements and a more stable version soon.