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The sweetest zen garden you’ll ever see

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Zen gardens are beautiful, staring at a Japanese zen garden for a while will surely make you feel at peace with yourself. On the other hand, Japanese sweets are delicious. The logical conclusion one could draw from these two statements is that these boxes of zen Japanese sweets are beautifully delicious. The perfect snack to […]

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Preloved Roots Garden Nursery: A haven for neglected plants offering a chance at a second home

Preloved Roots Garden Nursery

Not everybody has a green thumb—and sometimes it takes a plant-related failure to realize this. As a resource for such situations, Sydney, Australia’s Preloved Roots provides an alternate ending. In a way, it’s an orphanage for…

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Tentipi Shelters : Quick set-up and weather-tested construction make these Swedish tents fit for the extremes or garden parties

Tentipi Shelters

A basic need like shelter is often best met by a simple design. Enter the nordic vibes of Tentipi, a Swedish tent company inspired by the nomadic, indigenous Sámi people’s katas—structures that can withstand the worst…

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In the Garden of Sonic Delights, Katonah: Caramoor goes out of its comfort zone to host a series of new outdoor sound art installations

In the Garden of Sonic Delights, Katonah

Caramoor Center for Music & the Arts, a sprawling country estate, is known for its outdoor classical and opera offerings—befitting the quiet Westchester town in which it’s located. Though Katonah, NY is just over an hour’s…

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EcoStation:NY’s Farm-In-The-Sky, Bushwick: A rooftop garden led by kids aims to raise awareness of food justice for the community, while growing delectable fresh greens

EcoStation:NY's Farm-In-The-Sky, Bushwick

Between the blocks of stunning graffiti in Bushwick lies a newly renovated building that will soon become a community center named Mayday. Located steps from the Jefferson stop on the subway’s L line, the space at…

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This edible zen garden really rocks

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This edible zen garden looks good enough to eat

Creative Bloq

Handmade Kitchen Goods from Makers & Brothers: The Irish team presents a stunning new cheese board and peppermill at their pop-up shed in The Standard East Village’s garden

Handmade Kitchen Goods from Makers & Brothers

For five days, the Irish team behind Makers & Brothers (an online retail site that celebrates making, founded by siblings Jonathan and Mark Legge) recreated their off-the-radar shed in the garden of The Standard, East Village…

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Ilan Dei Venice: The Cruiser Collection : The furniture designer’s Porsche 356-inspired retro aesthetic sets the mood for this summer’s garden parties

Ilan Dei Venice: The Cruiser Collection

Based in Venice, California, Ilan Dei perfectly captures the region’s quintessential laid-back, communal atmosphere with his outdoor furniture. The studio’s latest line, just in time for summer, offers four new pieces inspired by Hot Rod culture…

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Burnside Farm, Detroit: An urban garden, arts center and communal dining establishment in Detroit

Burnside Farm, Detroit

If you’re curious to see what a $ 600 property investment looks like in Detroit, Burnside Farm stands as an exemplary case—a true reflection of the depths of creativity and community amid the sprawling city. This eight-lot…

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Design Inspiration: Quote Garden

I really like the concept and simple execution. A flower made of petals made from quotes.

This design was featured on Thursday 7th of November 2013. It’s designed by Samadara Ginige, and falls under the category of Logo.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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