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8 geeky jokes that will make you chuckle

Sometimes designers just need to relax and laugh a little. These images should help you with that.

1. Talking to art students

A cruel, but kind of realistic joke.


2. Coding in college and for your job

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, in practice there is.


3. Usernames in real life

Luckily your name is not picked the same way as online account usernames. Illustration and joke by


4. Social media explained

Probably the best explanation of each social network, the one about Google+ made me laugh.


5. Spare time

That’s why web developers should fear optic fiber. Also, what excuses do we have as graphic designers? Via


6. User friendly Internet Explorer

If only Internet Explorer would do the only task we use it for better.


7. Password security

A comic, but actually some good advice for better password security. Via XKCD.


8. Vintage social networking

How social networking worked before social networks.


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50 Geeky and Nerdy Christmas Tree Decorations [PICS]

Christmas is but a few days away! And everyone is getting prepared for celebrate this event by blessing, passing gifts, sending wishes to warm-up the feeling of holidays. It is the time of year when your loved ones come together to celebrate the event and exchange Christmas gifts and good wishes with each other.

50 Geeky and Nerdy Christmas Tree Decorations [PICS]

It’s never too late to hang your stockings, keep milk and cookies and wait for Santa to drop in at your home with lots of gifts and Christmas cheer. If you’re heading out to get the ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree then why not try something different and spruce up your Christmas tree with some spicy and unique ornaments, we’re here to help. Designers usually like to add a little personality into the mix.

Below We’ve compiled a list of somewhat different, out of the ordinary, simply geeky and mostly nerdy Christmas ornaments to help you with some ideas. So this Christmas, try and let your geeky sensibilities shine with following ornaments that celebrate nerd culture.

Geeky and Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

Periodic Table Nerdy Chemistry Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


LEGO (R) Christmas Ball Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Despicable Me 2 Evil Minion Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Old School Gadget ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


White Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Breaking Bad Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Breaking Bad Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Cthulhu Holiday Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Computer Keyboard Key Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Power Ideology Christmas Tree Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


221B Baker Street Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Snowbot Simon Robot Jet-Pack Wearing Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Death Star ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Kickass Hitgirl Painted Holiday Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Mining Ore-naments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Wreath Circuit Board Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Doctor Who Figural Holiday Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Neuron Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


“Star Wars” Holiday Ornament Set

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


DIY Death Star Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Google Twitter pinterest Facebook Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Darth Vader Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Robot Angel RED REX Rustic Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Avengers Super Hero Holiday Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Classic Video Game Controller Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Game Controller Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Piranha Plant Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Lantern Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Social ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Mustache Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Nerd Scrabble Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Millennium Falcon Star Wars Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Steampunk Miniature Nutcracker Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


R2D2 Our 1st Christmas figure Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


TIE Fighter ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


All Terrain Scout Transprt – Star Wars Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Math Geek Upcycled Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


8 Bit Pixel Art Christmas Baubles

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Science Christmas Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


The 39 Thorn Ultimate Disintegrator Retro Ray Gun Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Pi Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments



Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Firefly Serenity Mirrored Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Harry Potter Figurine / Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Nerd PARKER Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Hand paint Jack Skellington Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Ho, Ho, Ho, Soldered Glass Periodic Table ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Baby Carlos Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Grenade Decoration

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments

Find Something Missing?

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that we missed some other geeky and nerdy Christmas decorations. Feel free to share it with us.

Visit InstantShift


Amazing geeky chalk art by Chris Carlson


Some quite impressive work found on the World’s Simplest Website.





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30 Online Stores To Shop For Geeky Gifts

The great thing about online shopping is that you can find almost any gadget you can think or imagine of; the hard part is finding a website that actually sells it. If you’re looking for something cool and inexpensive this Christmas, we’re here to provide you a list of 30 online shopping stores for geeky gadgets for all ages.

Geeky presents make great gifts in spite of its lack of practicality in some cases, but unlike other made-in-the-mill presents, you know when this gift is the perfect one for your geek (or yourself). And the great thing about some of these gifts is the customizable option for that extra, personal touch and the direct reference to the games, movies and cultures that geeks so dearly love.

We can’t still get past the idea that some of these things exist here in the real world!


For major geek gadgets and toy fans, ThinkGeek is one of the most popular sources for everything geek and much more. They sell geeky clothing, accessories, jewellery and computer stuff for people of all ages to have fun with.



A small site with cool and simple gifts that have everything a geek can relate to. From kitchen wear like mugs and placemats, to funky iPhone cases and other 8-bit design stuff, you’ll be sure to find something here that would make an awesome Christmas gift.



Firebox is a site with loads of geeky gifts to choose from. They have categorized their site so it’s easy to find something for him or her. They sell a wide variety of geeky clothing, gadgets, toys and home decorations to get anyone excited.



If you would buy a geek-inspired gift even though it does nothing, you have found your second home. They sell electric cigarettes (no smoke included), mug warmers, popcorn maker, a melting clock, hangover kits, a gravity defying wine bottle holder, and entertaining alarm clocks.


Gadgets and Gear

The name of this website just gives it away; for the most random and slightly useful gifts, check this site out for cool gadgets and gear like candy, jelly beans and gumballs that taste like bacon, a variety of cool watches (look at that Higgs Boson watch!) and much more.

Gadgets and Gear


Have grandparents (or parents) who have passed their first half-century milestone but is still young at heart when it comes to gadgets? Check out the Gifts for Oldies category on this site: an LED magnifying glass, the pocket umbrella, USB photo scanner, heatable slippers and more.



This site has plenty for the average man or woman but what’s great about it is the gift-o-matic, the filter that helps you make faster decisions by giving you your options all in the same page. For the completely clueless, they have their top 10 gift ideas that will surely give you some new ideas.


Treat Him

Check this out ladies, here is a site dedicated to gifts for men. You can get personalized gifts like mugs, candy, phone cases or jewellery and other gifts related to sports, gadgets, and drinking or even something romantic to celebrate a magical Christmas together. Where’s the ‘Her’ version?

Treat Him

I Want One Of Those

Another site filled with random gadgets, some more useful than others but cool nonetheless. They have candy vending and grabber machines and even an edible scrabble game. Other items for sale include unique mug designs and toys enjoyable by all ages.

I Want One Of Those


Here’s a site that has unique, exciting and some weird gifts for everyone you can imagine. Helicopter rides, chocolate pills, slush makers, a book rest lamp, wooden watches, and a blaster gun for the iPhone (gamers, rejoice!).



How bout a more colorful option for someone’s newly purchase smartphone that protects the device at the same time? Cygnett not only caters to the Apple fans with their variety of iPhone, iPod and iPad cases but also to other brands like Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and Motorola.


Japan Trend Shop

If you think that gadgets based in the US are not all that exciting, then try this website to find unique little gadgets trending in Tokyo. They have gadgets, lifestyle and beauty goods some with unique functions and methods that make an interesting Christmas gift. We won’t vouch for the weirdness of the items, though.

Japan Trend Shop


For the ultimate electronic geek, check out Adafruit as it sells small electronics to help you make little robot-like projects for all ages and skill level. There is also a tutorial section for beginner and advanced projects which you can buy and make on your own.


Mobile Brando

This website has few gadgets and a wide variety of cases for all your smartphone needs. It caters to most of the popular smartphones out there and has cases with different functions and styles to suit anyone’s taste.



For people who love games and nerdy shows, SplitReason is a site that has every popular game referenced on their apparel. They have Zombies, classic quotes and famous characters used in their T-shirt designs.


Star Wars Merchandise

When buying a Christmas gift for a Star Wars fanatic, check this website out as it has official Star Wars merchandise and collectibles of all kinds, including collectibles, books, music, toys and even sporting goods.

Star Wars


If you know someone who is always taking pictures on their iPhone, Photojojo has many additional attachments to the iPhone camera that churns out pictures of different effects. They also sell handy tripods and cases among colored lenses specifically for the iPhone.


Sharper Image

As you can tell by the image, Sharper Image has a wide variety of toys and gadgets for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas season. Other than toys, they have household items and electronics and even practical additions for your home.

Sharper Image


Threadless is a site that sells geeky T-shirts created by geeks from all over the world. Because these designs are original, they are unique and you’re bound to find something awesome within every geeky design.


X-Treme Geek

Ever had a handphone sanitizer? Or a smartphone stand in the shape of a spider? Fancy a ninja shape gingerbread mold or maybe an umbrella with the handle shaped like a sword’s? Regardless of which kind of geek you are, it’s amazing what you can find once you rummage around here.

X-Trene Geek caters to the younger generation as stuff sold on its site include arts and crafts, kid costumes, puzzles and action figures. Help Santa make the best picks to win the heart of your young ones at home.



What you can find here is pretty much what you can find anywhere else. What’s special about this site is the Under $ 1.99 category. For less than two bucks, you can actually find yourself some really interesting stuff to gift to others and yourself: car chargers, smartphone stands, screen protectors, lighters, pens, smartphone plugs, camera lenses etc. Start skimming!


Star Trek Store

Trekkies would probably know about this store way before this post but for the rest of us, it’s an amazing online warehouse of all things Star Trek. Costumes, apparel, stickers, towels, action figures and many more, ideal to make any Star Trek fan happy this Christmas.

Star Trek


Looking for the remote control flying shark you’ve seen somewhere in the Web? Well, you’re going to find it at the Super Happy Store, along with lightsaber key chains, an automatic fish feeder, a clapperboard (and action!) alarm clock and a thumb drive (think literally).



Love laptop sleeves or out of the ordinary coat hangers (we found one that looks like a hammer stuck to the wall, and a ninja star coat hanger)? What about flashing T-shirts which have LED lights flashing symbols on your torso? Check out the site for more crazy and wacky stuff.


Edmund Scientifics

Omg, omg, omg science geeks, you’re up! I mean, your website is up. Find digital microscopes, chemistry sets, periodic table cartoon posters, starter kits for geologists, geneticists, paleontologists (dinosaur man!), rocket scientists, and Leonardo da Vinci fans.

Edmumd Scientifics

Coolest Gadgets

If you have a musician wannabe at home, perhaps you should get them an actual keyboard rather than let them play music on the iPad, or just get one that plugs into the iPad. That would also do the trick. There are plenty of cool gadgets like that here in this aptly named store.



This website is awesome because they offer free shipping for any number of items you purchase. They sell a wide variety of little gadget accessories for the smartphone and cars at very cheap prices. Want to shop on a budget? Then, check this place out.



Comic and super hero fans will enjoy stuff that are sold on this website. They have merchandise and apparels to get any comic geek excited this Christmas. They sell everything you can wear from jewellery to super hero undies – the ones you wear on the inside.



UncommonGoods sell things that are uncommon; things like a glass zipper bag, a DIY ukelele kit, plenty of odd earrings and necklaces, a periodical table shower curtain, eraser rings (more eraser than jewellery), mushroom kits, cheesemaking kits and a lot more things that are beyond description.


10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Geeky Gal

Earlier we had a post on 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Geeky Guy and since this is the age of tablets and smartphones, it’s no surprise that we also see many geeky gals out there. If you have a girlfriend, wife, best friend, mom or sister who is the ultimate geek (or even just a little bit geeky), we have some cool Christmas gift ideas to share with you.

Check out the folowing 10 gift ideas that are set to help you show some love to the geeky girl (or woman) in your life. Full list after the jump!

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

Love a girl who loves 8-bit? Then, give her a unique 8-bit flower bouquet to brighten up her day. She can put it on her work desk or hang it up on her bedroom wall.


The flowers (and the vase it comes in) is about 13 inches tall and is the perfect gift for someone who loves but can’t keep flowers alive long enough. But you love her all the same, don’t you? [$ 14.99]

Polaroid Z2300

Photographers can let down their hair with the Polaroid Z2300 which lets you take fun photos and print them in the form of photo stickers in less than a minute! Want color filters and borders? You got them. And this little baby can also record videos, and lets you crop photos before printing them.


Copies of the photos are kept in the SD Card so you can share it online as well. Grab it with 10 prints of premium ZINK paper which don’t need ink refills and are waterproof. [$ 160]

Holga iPhone Lens

Got an iPhone and want to shoot Instagram-like photos? Here’s how you can view the world through a filter before you shoot the photos. This Holga Lens is an iPhone 4/4S case with a cool rotating disk housing 9 different filters which include lenses that give you 2 to 4 identical images in a frame, color filters, a macro lens, and a vignette filter called the Holga Hole.

Holga iPhone Lens

Just slip the case on and rotate the lenses over your phone’s camera lens while you snap away. The case is comfortably lightweight and the old rotary dial look is simply endearing. [$ 30]


It’s a robot. It’s a pet. It’s Karotz, your all-in-one (and incredibly cute) Wi-Fi enabled personal assistant. And your alarm clock, radio, home security system, voice recorder and more. Oh, so much more.


You can program it to do more than a hundred things including (but not limited to) giving you personalized weather and traffic reports, be your eyes and ears at home (via live cam feed) when you are not around, send you an email photo of your child when he or she gets home before you do, or even read a storybook to your kids until they fall asleep. [$ 129.99]


If you want to setup a party with karaoke and dancing, you will definitely love the AppSing. It works with your smartphone, iOS or Android, and a third-party karaoke app. Just plug in your smartphone onto the microphone holder, start up your song and sing to your heart’s content.

Secret Decoder Ring

The speakers will be broadcasting your vocals to the immediate vicinity. Just sit three judges down, get yourself some contestants, a host and a willing audience (with some free popcorn) and you’ve got yourself a karaoke competition. Perfect for the girlfriend who loves to sing ballads or Christmas classics. [$ 63.63]

BANDAI Smartpet

You want to get your niece or daughter a pet but you know that she doesn’t like picking up after them. How about getting her a pet that doesn’t need feeding, washing or walking but can still give you hours of fun? This is the premise for the Bandai Smartpet – it’s a robot dog!

BANDAI Smart Pet

Built by the same company that gave you Tamagotchis in the 90s, the Smartpet is a 450g furless puppy that has your iPhone as a face. You can feed it, play with it, check its stats, and It can also do tricks, sing songs, and dance and play with a fellow SmartPet! How adorable is that? [$ 82.00]

Documents Laptop Bag

The ladies love bags but make this Christmas a special one by getting her a document folder laptop bag. Complete with the iconic top flap, two end zippers and the loading umbrella icon, this is ideal for the girls who bring their laptop everywhere they go.

Documents Laptop Bag

The laptop bag is available in three sizes: 13", 15" and 17". If you follow the link, you can also find links to a yellow My Document folder laptop bag and a My Photo folder camera bag. [$ 30.00]

Solar Window Charger

Know a girl who loves the environment? Then help her go green with this solar window charger, made by XDDesign. Available in blue, silver and green, this solar charger is black on one side and sticks to the surface of a glass window for maximum solar exposure.

Solar Window Charger

Charging is possible at home, in the office or even in the car. It’s also the perfect companion to keep your phone charged for when you are outdoors or nowhere near a power plug. [$ 90.00]

Balloon Lamp

Here’s a fun way to light up a room. And those balloons are real. They just envelope an LED lamp bulb that can run over 100 hours on just two lithium ion batteries. Best of all is that you can change the color of the light just by changing the color of the balloon.

Balloon Lamp

The lamp comes with a fixture that you can hang from a side wall or from the ceiling to give the illusion of a floating balloon light. There are no electric cords to worry about; to turn it on or off, just tug on the balloon string. [$ 76.00]

Roku 2 XS

Got a girlfriend who knows her way around TV series and the latest movies? Get her the Roku 2 XS and keep her home for Christmas. Roku features 1080p HD video of the latest TV shows, hottest blockbusters and live sports events from more than 600 channels like Netflix, Crackle, HBO GO, Hulu etc.


If she’s also a casual gamer and music lover, Roku comes with Angry Birds, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Play games with the Roku remote, or play unlimited songs on the Net. [$ 99.99]

For the Couples

So the cold winters of Christmas aren’t going to stop you from being a warm romantic at heart; and you want to declare your love to your other (half) geek. You can always get a double dose of our list above. Otherwise, here’s another 3 gift ideas.

iCufflinks & iNecklace

Inspired by Apple, this gorgeous, pulsating on/off button on the iNecklace and iCufflinks make the perfect couple accessories for the Apple couple. What makes it even more unique is that the circuit board can be hacked, so you can reprogram exactly how you want the lights to flash. [iNecklace: $ 75; iCufflinks: $ 128].




Regardless of whether you’re an Instagram fan or not, you’ll probably want to have one of this around, especially when everyone is snapping family photos over the Christmas family dinner. It streams and displays Instagram photos on the fly, by being connected to your Instagram account over Wi-Fi. There are new models where speakers and Facebook integration are included. [$ 199]


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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for The Geeky Guy

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for some Christmas shopping! Buying the right thing for your loved ones is definitely a challenge; and it’s even more so when your special someone is a geek!

If cool gift ideas for the geeky boyfriend, husband, father or brother is what you seek, we might have a few suggestions to share with you. Ok, we have 10 gift ideas to help you get the perfect Christmas gift for the perfect geek. Full list after the jump!


Using your iPhone as an alarm clock is convenient but on days when you are feeling the Monday blues, it might not be loud enough to get you out of bed. This is where the iBell comes in to give you that classic metal ringing that remind you of traditional alarm clocks.


The non-cradle version (left) comes in a variety of 5 colors while the cradle (which also acts as a charger) only comes in black and white for an extra $ 13. Note that you need to download an app to get the alarm to work. [$ 41.00]


Rejuvenate your sneakers with this colorful lacing system called Hickies. Choose from 16 different color combinations to give your pair a unique look to match the Christmas season and festivities.


You won’t have to worry if you’re big- or small-footed because it is expandable to give you a snug and comfortable fit. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t have to adjust it anymore; your pair of laced sneakers will be transformed into unique looking slip ons. [$ 19.99]

Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

For superhero wannabes, forget that Superman t-shirt that everyone has and grab this official Marvel merchandise of Tony Stark and his Arc Reactor. There are battery-powered LED’s behind the shirt that can be removed for easy washing.

Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

Three AAA batteries power the Arc Reactor for 12 hours. After that, it gets more awesome. The Arc Reactor begins to pulse on and off giving like it’s running out of power, guranteed to be a blast at crowded Christmas parties and get-togethers. [$ 29.99]


Ever have that feeling you forgot to lock your door but you’re already too far from home to turn back to check? With Lockitron and a smartphone, you do not have to worry as you can lock or unlock your doors with an app.


You can share access of the lock with family and friends and it even notifies you when your front door is unlocked by anyone of them. And when your phone is near enough to the door, it will automatically unlock – great for times when your hands are full with groceries. Coolness and security never worked this good together. [$ 179.00]

USB LED Beverage Cooler

A warm beer is a man’s kryptonite. No, that’s an exaggeration but, nothing is more refreshing than a nice, cool drink within arm’s reach of the computer! If you always want a can of your favorite drink nearby your computer, this USB-powered mini-fridgeis the answer of all your problems.

USB LED Beverage Cooler

Long hours infront of the computer are more enjoyable than ever; definitely a Christmas gift your geek friends would enjoy. [$ 19.99]


This is just your average LED watch, but wait, what’s this? It’s touch- and motion-sensitive. Flicking your wrist or tapping the face of the watch shows the time, and swiping left and right takes you through the menus.


Plus, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery which you can recharge via a USB cable built into the watch strap! If you gift this watch to a nephew, you automatically become the favorite aunt or uncle of the year. [$ 259.00]

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

Have a friend who just cannot put own his phone? He might have to do that when it gets too cold out. Or he’d be really grateful to get this bluetooth handset glove from you, new best friend. This pair of gloves has a bluetooth headset built into the left glove and can work for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

It has a rechargeable battery which you can charge using a micro-USB cable. The conductive fiber also allows you to use your smartphone’s touch screen (and keeping warm) while wearing the gloves. [$ 69.99]

Gunnar Technology Eyewear

A geek spends most of his day in front of a computer; eye fatigue, eye strain and sometimes headaches could occur due to long periods of staring at the screen. Instead of just getting him a new pair of glasses he will probably get replaced before the following Christmas, get him a pair of Gunnar glasses.

Gunnar Eyewear

The glasses help reduce the amount of stress the eyes take. It comes with many frame designs to fit any face shape and different lenses for different eye protecting purposes. [$ 79 – $ 189]


To add an extra kick of excitement to everyday gaming, get this Boomchair that has built in speakers that send vibrations throughout your whole body. Small devices like smartphones or tablets will benefit as the volume is boosted and louder when connected to the chair.


You can connect virtually to any system or device with a headphone jack or bluetooth. It can be charged with a USB port and is made of comfortable and rugged material for you to sit on for long gaming sessions. [$ 199.99]


For geeks working on their computers all day, this U-Board is great to get rid of the clutter on the workstation. This is a glass monitor stand that can withstand 15 kg. It also comes with a smartphone and drink holder which are removable.


On one of the stands there are also 3 USB ports. It comes in black or white and is a really good way to organize the workspace to help improve productivity. [$ 59.95]

For the Couples

In this bonus section, we’ll showcase 3 products you can buy for your loved one for Christmas. After all, sharing something meaningful together shows the strength of your love for each other.

Pixel Heart 8 Bit Love T Shirt

This matching 8 bit heart tee is a geeky treat for couples. Wear it together at Christmas parties to show off your love for geekiness and (of course) each other. [$ 23.60]

Pixel Heart 8 Bit Love T Shirt

Nike+ FuelBand

This FuelBand will ensure you couples with a healthy new year resolution are working out together while having fun at the same time. The LED display shows how many points you’ve earned and calories you’ve burned, while trying to reach the goal of the day. [$ 149.00]

Nike+ FuelBand

WeMo Baby

For couples with a newborn at home, this is a great (second) addition to the family. This baby monitor can sit in your child’s room while you monitor it with an iOS app. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be linked to multiple iOS devices to ensure that everyone is alerted to the baby’s cries. [$ 89.99]

WeMo Baby

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40 Geeky Decorations For The Christmas Holiday

Christmas may still be a month away but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas decorations, and food. Year in, year out we’ve been stuck with old-fashioned snowman, angel, ribbon, bell and shiny ball ornaments. Maybe it’s time we inject some geekiness into this year’s Christmas. If this is what you are looking for, then have we got a list for you.

(Image Source:

We’ve compiled about 40 geeky ornaments that you can decorate your own Christmas tree with. Indulge in the various themes you can dress up the tree with and flaunt your tree decorating skills. Pick from an array of Star Wars, Star Trek, comic book superheroes, virtual game characters, computer hardware and gadgetry to spruce up your Christmas decor this year and give your dad a break.

Star Wars

Storm Trooper Ornament. Have your own clone army guarding your Christmas tree. [$ 5]

Storm Trooper Ornament

Yoda Ornament. Hang on your tree, I shall. [$ 5]

Yoda Ornament

Boba Fett Ornament. A bounty hunter is always on the job, except during the Christmas season perhaps. [$ 5]

Boba Fett Ornament

Queen Amidala Ornament. A true queen of Naboo celebrates Christmas with you. [$ 5.99]

Queen Amidala Ornament

Darth Vader Ornament. Luke, I am (your gift from) your father. [$ 7.95]

Darth Vader Ornament

Darth Maul Ornament. The dark side does not favour Christmas, or does it? [$ 7.95]

Darth Maul Ornament

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Ornament. Santa, you should get one of these to make your rounds. [$ 20.95]

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Ornament

R2D2 Wreath. If only it came together with C-3PO. [$ 52.00]

R2D2 Wreath

R2D2 Light Set. Great decoration to accompany the R2D2 wreath. [$ 31.05]

R2D2 Lights

Yoda Santa Hat. A merry Christmas, you have. [$ 11.21]

Yoda Santa Hat

Comic Book Superheroes

Captain America Ornament. Serving all aspects of society. [$ 7.95]

Captain America Ornament

Superman Ornament. The Ornament of Steel. [$ 15.95]

Superman Ornament

Dark Knight Batman Ornament. This will look like it’s jumping off your Christmas tree. [$ 10.37]

Dark Knight Batman Ornament

Iron Man Helmet Ornament. Made from a PEZ candy dispenser; genius Stark move. [$ 7.95]

Iron Man Helmet Ornament

Green Lantern Ornament. The power of the ring powers the Christmas lights. [$ 3.25]

Green Lantern Ornament

The Flash Ornament. Christmas is the only season Flash stops running. [$ 16]

The Flash Ornament

Thor Ornament. The God of Thunder defending Earth this Christmas. [$ 13.47]

Thor Ornament

Catwoman Ornament. Catwoman is always up to something mischievous. [$ 15.99]

Catwoman Ornament

Star Trek

Spock Santa Hat. Dress the part during your geeky Christmas celebrations. [$ 19.99]

Spock Santa Hat

Star Trek USS Enterprise Ornament. Christmas, the final holiday of the year. This is the greatest celebration on the starship Enterprise. [$ 49.95]

USS Enterprise Ornament

Star Trek Spock Ornament. Till the next Christmas season; live long and prosper. [$ 13.25]

Star Trek Spock Ornament

Star Trek Jakes Kirk Ornament. To boldly decorate where no ornament has decorated before. [$ 9.40]

Star Trek Jakes Kirk Ornament

More Geeky Ornaments

Computer RAM Ornament. Great Christmas memory upgrade. [$ 18.95]

Computer RAM Ornament

Pacman Arcade Machine Ornament. Miniature sized arcade machine that’ll definitely stand out. [$ 32.95]

Pacman Aracde Machine Ornament

Angry Birds Ornaments Pack of 30. A favourite for most kids and probably some adults too. [$ 114.99]

Angry Birds Ornament Pack

Facebook Fanatic Like Pack of 12. For all you Facebook addicts out there; Like this. [$ 94.99]

Facebook Fanatic Like Ornament

Clack Robot Ornament. From the PlayStation game ‘Ratchet & Clank’. [$ 7.95]

Clank Ornament

Recycled Motherboard Snowman Ornament. Made from a worn-out motherboard, this Christmas decor is tech-tastic. [$ 6]

Recycled Motherboard Snowman Ornament

Recycled Motherboard Angel Ornament. Another great piece of hardware to decorate your tree. [$ 6]

Recycled Motherboard Angel Ornament

CD Tree Ornament. A nice and inexpensive way to recycle an old storage medium. [$ 6.45]

CD Tree Ornament

Circuit Board Star Ornament. Something traditional, something new. [$ 4.85]

Circuit Board Star Ornament

Game Consoles Ornaments. Stencil art in great detail. [$ 35]

Game Console Ornaments

Video Game Controller Ornaments. Simplistic cut outs from acrylic. [$ 30]

Video Game Controller Ornaments

Pantone Colours Ornament. Modern ornaments to follow what’s left of traditional ornaments. [$ 17.50 per pc]

Pantone Ornament

Lego Ball Ornaments, Set of 4 . A fun way to decorate your tree. [$ 40]

Lego Ball Ornaments

More Lego Ball Ornaments. This fits the overall colour theme of Christmas: Red, Green and White. [$ 25]

Lego Ball Ornaments

Lego Holiday Wreath. Inexpensive and fun way to build your own holiday decoration. [$ 5.99]

Lego Holiday Wreath

Facebook Ornament. Show people how much of a Facebook addict you are. [$ 5]

Facebook Ornament

Instagram Ornament. After decorating your tree with this, take a picture of it and post it on Instagram! [$ 5]

Instagram Ornament

Twitter Ornament. For anyone who have Tweeted more than 30,000 times. [$ 5]

Twitter Ornament

Note: Prices for the ornaments and availability are subject to change. Do however shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. Happy Decorating!

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30 Hoodies To Strengthen Your Geeky Existence

Throughout the glorious history of geeks, you will always see someone, fictional or non-fictional, wearing hooded clothing. Mark Zuckerberg wears the hoodie. The Jedi wears the hooded cloth. Heck, even the legendary Gandalf wears a hooded robe. The hoodie simply symbolizes secrecy and coolness, but today we want to bring to you something that reeks more than just coolness – hoodies with extreme geekiness and craziness!

geek hoodie

At this moment if you are still looking for the coolest hoodies to impress other geeks, you’ve come to the right post. With our selection of 30 geeky hoodies, with themes ranging from superheroes to Minecraft Creeper and unicorns, you are spoilt for choice for hoodies that will make heads turn. Pick out your childhood fantasy to showcase, wear the hoodie and let your geek spirit shine through! Oh, and do note that if the hoodie is too hot for you, we also got the selection of 80+ creative geek T-shirts that you could buy online!

Note: We did our best, but if you find that the item is out of stock, you can search for it in either eBay, Amazon or Etsy, and remember to always compare prices!

Zombie Attack! [$ 59.99]

zombie attack

Portal 2 Test Candidate [$ 59.99]

portal 2 test candidate

Minecraft Creeper [$ 64.99 – $ 65.99]

minecraft creeper

Pac-Man [$ 39.99]

pac man

Super Mario [$ 27.59]

super mario

Storm Trooper [$ 49.99 – $ 59.95]

storm trooper

Boba Fett [$ 119.00]

boba fett

Darth Vader [$ 34.88]

darth vader

Commander Shepard [$ 69.99]

commander shepard

Arthur Knight Medieval Armor [$ 150.00]

arthur knight medieval armor

Assassin’s Creed [$ 150.00]

assassin's creed

Joker [$ 47.99 – $ 54.99]


Captain America [$ 29.99]

captain america

Iron Man [$ 59.99 – $ 66.99]

iron man

Spiderman [$ 60.00]


Venom [$ 59.99 – $ 66.99]


Superman [$ 53.99 – $ 55.99]


Batman [$ 51.99 – $ 55.99]


The Batman [$ 73.99]

the batman

Pony [$ 124.99]


Totoro [$ 44.99]


Dinosaur [$ 40.00]


Cute Dragon [$ 399.39]

cute dragon

Black Dragon [$ 399.39]

black dragon

Unicorn [$ 154.76]




Panda [$ 94.85]


So So Happy Turquoise Taco [$ 46.00]

so so happy turquoise taco

So Mad Dog [$ 46.00]

mad dog

Ultimate Geek [$ 69.99]

ultimate geek

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40 Geeky Cakes to Max Up Your Birthday’s Geekiness

Wanted an iPhone as your birthday gift but it’s too expensive? How about the iPhone showcased below? It’s cheaper, it’s bigger, and it even got an exclusive feature – it can be eaten! Yeah, because it’s a cake.

geeky cake
(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

Driven by our geeky 2.0 sharing spirit, today we want to showcase 40 cakes that gadget geeks or gamers alike will die for. From iPhones, the Xbox and even Deathwing’s head, we got every extremely geeky cake covered here! Most of them even look like they are the real deal, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look!

Hongkiat. The first geeky cake is indeed the lovely Hongkiat cake featuring the shining logo! The cake was made for the site owner, Hongkiat’s birthday celebration. (Image Source: Hongkiat)


Nikon Camera. Cameras too expensive for you? Consider this one then. It’s gorgeous, and it’s delicious! You can view more surreal camera cakes here and here . (Image Source: Tina’s Cakes)

nikon camera

Blue iPod. Complete with earphones, this iPod cake has got it made for the birthday boy. If you prefer pink, there’s one too! (Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

blue ipod

iPhone3G. I thought this is a real iPhone when I first saw it, the detail is simply amazing! Debbies Does Cakes brings cake-baking to epicness levels! (Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)


iPad. I think if you make this cake as a birthday gift for your kids, you better prepare a real iPad too. Anyway, it’s a perfect imitation of the real iPad. (Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)


Blackberry. Now here comes a pretty darn cool Blackberry cake, should taste like blackberry too! (Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)


Mini Mac. It’s truly mini, as they are cupcakes. I couldn’t resist their cuteness! (Image Source: Cakehead Loves)

mini mac

MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro with retina display costs more than $ 2000, you can get this one for a lot less. (Image Source: elidr)

macbook pro

Nintendo Entertainment System. Geek dads will definitely love this NES console, a reminder of the golden age of their gaming youth. (Image Source: sgs_1019)

nintendo entertainment system

SNES. My heart melts when I saw this cake; it brings back so much precious memories! And it’s probably because it looks real similar to the real deal. (Image Source: Ninja Dog Corps)

ninja dog corps

PlayStation. “The guys were in geek heaven with the cake.” (Image Source: everdale1)


PlayStation 3. Put in a game disc (pick one of the two that came with the cake!) and you may just be able to fire up this cake for a run. The baker is insane. (Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

playstation 3

PlayStation Portable. My jaw dropped when I saw this one, as I’m a PSP addict and this basically has no difference with the real one. (Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

playstation portable

Nintendo DS. Now here’s a Nintendo DS XXXXL! (Image Source: Paddy’s Place of Prattling)

nintendo ds

Xbox. Love the color and the simplicity. View another realistic one here! (Image Source: Susan-Claire’s Cakes)


Xbox 360 Halo Edition. I wonder how much effort did the baker put in to craft out every little detail on the cake. It’s mind-blowingly impressive. (Image Source: Cakes by Bernard)

xbox 360 halo edition

Halo. A hardcore cake for a hardcore Halo fan, made by a similarly hardcore baker. (Image Source: Mike’s Amazing Cakes)


Portal 2 Space Core. The shading is so perfect that I even wonder that if it’s really a cake. Baking an epic cake is a "piece of cake" for Mike’s Amazing Cakes. (Image Source: offwithyourtv)

portal 2 space core

Companion Cube. Many bakers love to do this companion cube cake! Guess it’s because of its simplicity, but of course cuteness does matter a lot! (Image Source: freeforged)

companion cube

Mario Kart. How can you call this a geeky cake collection if Super Mario is not inside? Here’s one big, fat and charming Super Mario for you to taste! (Image Source: Rachel Manning Cakes)

mario kart

Happy Ending. With this wedding cake and his own princess, the geek wedding is complete. (Image Source: M. A. L.)

happy ending

Super Mario. It is a touching moment to see your childhood hero appear on your birthday cake! (Image Source: BarbaraRG)

super mario

Ms Pac-Man. Ingredients for a Pac-Man cake: Basic Yellow Cake, Buttercream, Fondant and a touch of white chocolate, and lots of cuteness! (Image Source: melonqueen)

Angry Birds. Nothing is better than this cake for an Angry Birds addict. Also, you can take a close look at Red Bird cake here! (Image Source: Anita Jamal)

angry birds

Twitter Fail Whale. I’d rather stare at it than eat it, as it looks so beautiful and most importantly, peaceful. (Image Source: Mariana Pugliese)

twitter fail whale

FarmVille. This cake could be the bestseller in the local shop, considering the number of FarmVille addicts out there! And it’s even charming. (Image Source: Anita Jamal)


Wall-E. How dare you eat this cake when it’s staring at you like this! Besides, you could see the baker has really put extreme effort into every single part of detail. Look at the ‘dirt’ on its rollers. (Image Source: donbuciak)


Baneling. It’s Baneling from StarCraft 2! It’s the nastiest masterpiece ever! (Image Source: Tina’s Cakes)


World of Warcraft – Deathwing. This is beyond epic. If the silver plate was not under the head, I won’t even believe it’s a cake. It is perfection, in fact, it’s beyond it. (Image Source: Obajoo)

world of warcraft - deathwing

World of Warcraft – Human Shield. For every human player in Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, this cake is for you! (Image Source: auroracakes)

world of warcraft - human shield

Diablo 3. If there is only one thing to complain about, I will say that Diablo’s head is just too adorable! (Image Source: Vickibakes)

diablo 3

Eye of Sauron. Am I supposed to eat this… eye? I will probably start slicing it by stabbing the eye first! (Image Source: emzstar)

eye of sauron

Dragon. How to bake a dragon – “The Dragon was a rice crispy sculpture covered in fondant and the rock was cake and buttercream”. There’s also another great dragon cake inspired by Dungeons and Dragons! (Image Source: Mary Griffis)


Mass Effect 2. “Shepard, you’re offering me cake? Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.” (Image Source: 4lici4)

mass effect 2

Venom. Sickening Venom, baked with coolness and epicness. (Image Source: chocmocakes)


Captain America. No, this is not photoshopped. And yes, it’s clean and perfect. Take a close look at another cake depicting his cool… delicious shield! (Image Source: chocmocakes)

captain america

Optimus Prime. Roll out, autocakes! (Image Source: Cakerific)

optimus prime

Batman. Not sure if it’s a cake anymore, or a great building made by the cake’s ingredients. (Image Source: William Eng Photography)


AK 47. This AK-47 could kill people with its coolness and sweetness. (Image Source: auroracakes)

ak 47

Rubik’s Cube. Even if the shape is quite primitive, it’s still a creative and appealing cake for Rubik’s cube solvers! (Image Source: BRIAN)

rubiks cube


I believe if you’ve browsed through every cake showcased in this post, you will agree that they are all made in great detail, and this is what impressed me the most. Creating illustrations with graphic editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator is hard enough, but shaping a cake with so much attention to detail is just insane! You need both patience and skill to surpass the skills of these bakers. Kudos to all of master bakers!

Did you spot some really geeky cakes elsewhere? Be sure to share them with us. Embrace the web 2.0 sharing spirit! And if you are a fellow superbaker, don’t be shy to showcase your handmade geeky cakes, we are salivating for some eye candy from you guys.

Liked what you saw? Then be sure to check out our sweet collection of awesome geeky products and creative geek t-shirts!

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