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Best Website Designs from Germany: Details, New Technology and Accuracy

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Best Website Designs from Germany

Beauty in diversity: The best German website designs are eager to prove it to you. Inspired by a German art culture that embraces various art movements starting from modern vibrant street art (aka graffiti) and ending with lavish pop-art and gloomy but highly thorough international Gothic, it certainly has something to show with numerous exceptionally […]


Netflix reportedly in discussions to launch in Germany and France

“We plan later this year to embark on a substantial European expansion.” That’s what Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells told investors last week, and it looks like the streaming service will make good on those claims. The company is working to strike deals with American content owners to stream shows and movies in Germany, France, and other European countries, according to The Wall Street Journal‘s sources.

It’s far from the first time we’ve heard word of Netflix expanding further into Europe, but — combined with the official statements last week — it appears the company is seriously moving to gain a foothold in the fourth and sixth largest markets in the world by number of broadband subscribers. In Europe, Netflix…

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Marco Goran Romano: GQ Germany Illustrations

Loving the style and color palette of this illustration series by Marco Goran Romano for GQ Germany.





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UK and Germany join France in demanding Google rewrite its privacy policy


Last month France acted on a year-long investigation into Google’s new privacy policy in the EU, demanding the company change its policy or face stiff fines. Now, the UK and Germany are piling on. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office says that Google’s policy, last updated in March 2012, “does not provide sufficient information to enable UK users of Google’s services to understand how their data will be used across all of the company’s products.” The ICO is giving Google until September 20th to update the policy or face “the possibility of formal enforcement action.”

Germany, meanwhile, has already scheduled a hearing for August, where Google will need to defend its privacy policy, reports Computerworld. Google’s privacy…

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Google announces international Chromebook rollout to Australia, Germany, and more


Google has been putting some weight behind its Chromebook line lately, and now it’s making them available to a lot more potential customers. The company is announcing that Chromebooks from Acer, HP, and Samsung will now be available in a number of new countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands. Those in the United States will also find it a little easier to pick up a Chrome OS machine, as Best Buy will begin carrying Chromebooks in every location that sells computers. According to Google, that will double the number of US stores that carry the Chromebook line in the US. Whether increased availability will help the computers gain a toehold in the market, however, is another question entirely.

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Webfontday 2012 This Saturday in München, Germany

I have added a very last-minute speaking commitment to my schedule. This Saturday, November 11, I will give a presentation about improving web typography in a few simple steps at Webfontday 2012, the one-day conference organised by the Typographische Gesellschaft München. The theme this year is “Type goes Interface”.

Web or mobile – well-conceived interface design is still scarce. User friendliness and (typo)graphic quality often seem to be incompatible. Many websites offer playful technical features, yet often fail to communicate their content. Simply introducing webfonts will not be the solution.

Webfontday 2012 is dedicated to courageous and extraordinary solutions in web design. It will provide practical tips for everyday practice, and showcase brilliant and inspiring examples.

Panel discussion about fonts specifically designed for the web at Webfontday 2011, with Tim Ahrens, Georg Seifert, and Adam Twardoch. © Michael Bundscherer

The program of the event looks pretty solid – I will be sharing the stage with Tim Ahrens, David Berlow, Indra Kupferschmid, and Adam Twardoch amongst others. The only problem will be to compress my presentation into a half hour slot.

If you are in (Eastern) Germany and would be interested in attending Webfontday, there are still a limited number of seats available.

Header image: Oliver Linke at Webfontday 2011. © Michael Bundscherer

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Japan and Germany team up for a two day asteroid ride


The Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA) will be making another trip to an asteroid with the help of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and its MASCOT lander. The mission follows up Japan’s first attempt at studying asteroids with the original Hayabusa probe which, according to New Scientist, was unfortunately hit with a number of technical issues during its travels. When it launches in 2014, the Hayabusa-2 mission will be tasked with the same goal — collecting samples and acquiring measurements from the asteroid’s surface — but will do so using the German-built Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout.

To maneuver around the rocky terrain, the 22-pound, beer case-sized MASCOT has been equipped with a mechanism that allows it to…

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US court prevents Motorola from blocking sales of Microsoft products in Germany

xbox 360 stock

Back in May, Motorola won an injunction against the sale of several Microsoft products in Germany, but it appears it won’t be going into effect after all. Reuters reports that a US appeals court has upheld a judge’s decision to prevent the company from enacting the sales ban. The conflict traces back to standards essential patents covering H.264 video encoding. Motorola claims that Microsoft infringed on several of its standards essential patents with numerous products, including Windows 7 and the Xbox 360.

The German courts agreed with Google-owned Motorola, granting an injunction against the offending products, but the company was unable to pursue any sales ban at that time. Motorola had already been shackled with a restraining order…

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Amazon Appstore launches in UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain

Amazon Appstore Android (STOCK)

Amazon has just announced that its Appstore is available in a number of countries throughout Europe. The store is a rival to Google Play, and sells Android apps for phones and tablets. Amazon started taking submissions for the European version of its store back in June, and with the store now live we’ll hopefully start seeing some of the heavily-discounted app promotions stateside users have grown accustomed to.

With its Ecosystem now in place in five of


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Nexus 7 now available from Google Play in France, Germany, and Spain


For many in Europe the wait for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is nearly over — the device is now available in France, Germany, and Spain. Prices are numerically the same as those in the US, only denominated in Euros — €199 for the 8GB model and €249 for 16GB. Those work out identically to the UK prices (£159 and £199), meaning European customers will pay the same 25 percent markup over what the tablets sell for in the US.

The news marks the Nexus 7’s first expanded availability since its July launch in the US, Canada, and Australia. We still don’t have any word on European availability at retail, but ordering now from Google Play should get you a tablet in 3–5 days. And to the rest of Europe, we’ll let you know as soon as…

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