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HP’s keyboard with built in Leap Motion gesture controls available this month for $99

If you’ve been looking to play around with Leap Motion’s innovative innovative gesture control technology on your Windows PC but you hate the idea of plugging in a dongle, you’ll be glad to hear that HP has decided to start directly selling its keyboard with the technology built in. Leap Motion representatives at the Computex trade show reportedly tell Engadget that the keyboard will go on sale this month for $ 99, which puts it at $ 25 more than the dongle itself. That will probably be a hard sell, especially since — in our testing — Leap remains a novelty, not a tool. But it’s a significant move for Leap, as it gives the company another way to get its motion controls into homes. Previously, the keyboard was only available with select HP…

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Hovering Controls – Samsung-Like Air Gesture Features For Any Android Device

When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released last year, Samsung included a feature called Air Gesture. This feature allows you to navigate your smartphone like moving between pictures and images, scrolling through email, accepting incoming calls, or checking for notifications without physically touching your Android device screen.

Hovering Controls Android App

The feature functions with the integrated apps that come with the phone but a few developers have created apps to try to replicate this nifty feature in other phones. One of this app is the Hovering Controls app.

With Hovering Controls, you can use air gestures to open your favourite app, unlock your smartphone or even answer a phone call. Best of all, you can use most of its basic features for free.

Getting Started With Hovering Controls

Grab Hovering Controls and install it into your device. Open the app; you will be asked to give administrative access to Hovering Control. Just tap Yes. Next, you will be asked the same question again. This time you need to tap on Activate – if you get the same question a third time, tap on Yes again and you can start using the app.

Activate device administrator

Next, you can set up your gesture settings to determine whether it will open a single app or use the carousel mode.

Gestures And Options

Using Hovering Controls, you can activate certain apps via 3 gestures: Hover Hold, Slide Once and Slide Twice.

If you have a favorite app that you almost always open up first or most often on your device, you can set it to turn on upon Hover Hold. Hover Hold works when your palm "hovers" over the screen of your device. You can launch apps or launchers with it. The same works with Slide Twice (a left-right quick motion).

Both these gestures work to activate only a single app each.

Home Page

Under the Slide Once gesture, you can choose Carousel Mode which lets you have more than one app linked to the gesture. If you have 5 apps linked to this gesture, everytime you swipe over the screen, you flip through the linked apps. Just stop swiping to use the app you want.

Slide Once

More Settings

In the Settings page you can enable gesture to skip or pause your music, lock/unlock your smartphone, answer a call and many others. You can also opt for root options to enable features like Camera AutoShoot or Browser Navigation.

Settings Page

For this app to listen to your active notifications, you will need to allow it to access your notifications by tapping on ‘Allow Detect Notification’ in the app main page and tick Hovering Controls. Furthermore, if you find that you want to increase or decrease the sensor duration, you can do this on the Sensors Options page and change the delay settings there.

Settings And Sensors Options

Lastly, you can also optimize how the app behaves: have it run at boot, vibrate when detected, disable detection when screen is off and so on, all at the Settings page.

Uninstall Hovering Controls

Unlike other Android apps, It’s a bit tricky to uninstall this particular app due to the early permission you’ve given the app. Before you can uninstall Hovering Controls, you will need to do an extra step of deactivating the Administrative permission you’ve given to the app.

Disable Admin To Uninstall

To do that, tap on the navicon icon or your device menu button, and select Uninstall-Device Admin. Next, tap on Disable Admin to Uninstall and you will notice a small message at the bottom indicating that you can now uninstall the app.

Proceed with uninstalling Hovering Controls as per any other app.


At the time of writing, the option to use the hover hold to jump straight to your Android home screen is not included. You would need to choose your current launcher (if you use one) in order to jump to your home screen using the gesture. The developer did talk about adding this feature and is still thinking about how best to enable it. You can follow the discussion here.

If you think using air gesture is cool and will ultimately improve the daily usage of your Android device, the free app is more than sufficient. If however, you want to obtain access to features like silencing incoming calls, quickglance, flip cover mode and more, grab the paid version for just $ 1.37.

Steelcase Gesture Chair: Inspired by new ergonomic research and designed for the way technology is used in today’s workplace

Steelcase Gesture Chair

The way we sit at our desks has changed over the years, which is no surprise considering the increased range and form of our daily tools. Desktop computer screens are bigger, laptops are smaller and now there are tablets and mobile phones in…

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Kreyos unveils first smartwatch with voice and gesture control

There’s a new crowdfunded Bluetooth smartwatch on the horizon which should beat the mooted Apple iWatch to the shops. Check out the Kreyos Meteor…


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Gesture control comes to Photoshop

You can now use Photoshop just by tracing your fingers through the air – no keyboard, touchscreen or stylus required!


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Pizza Hut delivery app for Xbox 360 and Kinect lets you gesture and yell for food


Microsoft and Pizza Hut are planning to release a new app on Tuesday that lets hungry gamers order food straight from their Xbox 360s, reports Polygon. The pizza delivery service will arguably make things easier for people that are too engrossed in the action to order over the phone, online, or through a mobile app. What’s more, the service will reportedly let you build a pizza with the Kinect, through “hand motions or voice commands,” which Xbox rep Larry Hryb says is quicker than using the controller.

There’s plenty of precedent for the pizza-by-console plan — Sony built a pizza-ordering function into Everquest II in 2005, and added a Papa John’s shortcut to the PS3 web browser in 2009. But while Hryb is enthusiastic about the…

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Leap Motion gesture controller arrives May 13th, with software from Autodesk, Corel, and Disney

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is less than three months away. The motion-tracking company announced today that its “Kinect on steroids” motion controller will begin shipping from on May 13th (prioritized by pre-order date), and be available six days later from Best Buy. The launch price will be $ 79.99 plus shipping, a ten-dollar jump from the introductory pre-order price.

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New Asus PCs will ship with Leap Motion gesture control technology

Leap Motion

After unveiling its Kinect-like gesture control system for PCs in mid-2012, Leap Motion is a promising product that’s not available to buy just yet, but that’s set to change this year. At the beginning of this week, Leap Motion was still only pitching themselves to consumers, but they just took a big step into the world of original equipment manufacturing. They’re still making motion control units for you to pre-order — but as of today, they’ve unveiled a way for you to buy one bundled with a laptop, and down the road, maybe with a tablet or a smartphone too.

“We’re at 100% capacity in the factory right now.”

This morning, Leap Motion announced a new partnership with Asus, which will see it bundle its motion control technology…

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Interface Design Freebies: Free Multitouch Gesture Icons

Each week at TemplateMonster blog starts with a freebie, it will be logical if we complete it with another freebie, so here you go, numerous sets of Multitouch Gesture Icons. Check them out!
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