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Gods of Marketing, What We Can Learn From Them

Learn several tips from marketing gods that made a name for themselves thanks to powerful advertising campaigns.

Island Of The Gods Records: The new Bali-based imprint from LN-CC co-founder Dan Mitchell releases a hypnotic single from Zsou recorded in the Javan jungles

Island Of The Gods Records

After a fair amount of time monitoring LN-CC’s seriously obscure music collection in the digital realm, we knew we needed to meet the people behind such a curious inventory. So we traveled to East London’s Dalston…

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Cool Hunting

Illustrated Book: Fall of Gods by Rasmus Berggreen

Fall of GodsRasmus Berggreen's project 'Fall of Gods' is an illustrated book inspired by Norse mythology, on his facebook page he explains the project as; "an epic story about the warrior váli, and his journey through jotunheim, the land of the Giants, as he sets out to avenge his murdered family." Rasmus owns a visual development studio called […]
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Gods take over London Olympics in stylistic 3D short

Read more about Gods take over London Olympics in stylistic 3D short at

vimeo: 70975460 This brilliant new short brings the Olympics back to London – only this time, it’s the Gods of Olympus in a race to light the Olympic torch. The stylistic, low-poly 3D film was created by creative agency Masters of Pie, the team of which specialise in character driven 3D apps, games and motion graphics. Here, we talk to Masters of Pie co-founder and director Karl Maddix about the short’s production.

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Gods of old get a geometric makeover

Check out this sublime series of characters, developed by creative agency Hey Studio for the Oh My God show at MITTE Barcelona.


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Branding the drink of the gods

Start-up beverage brand Thor Drinks gets a thunderous branding package to hammer home the point.

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The Voice of all the Gods

Today I’ve released two limited edition prints along with some originals. The prints are based on words penned by William Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas.

‘The Voice of all the Gods’ is a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Loves Labours Lost.’ The first time I read the passage in which this phrase occurs I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks. The words are extraordinarily rich, and I wanted my visual interpretation to reflect this. The main source of inspiration for the letterforms comes from the 18th century, but I’ve tried to rework or re-imagine them in the spirit of our time. Above all, I wanted my interpretation of Shakespeare’s words to capture their shimmering beauty and harmony.

‘The Voice of all the Gods’
Signed edition of 100, 594 X 420 mm.
Metallic Gold ink on black Plike art paper.

Dylan Thomas’s ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ is one of the most powerful and compelling poems I know. I have always found the words incredibly moving. Dramatic, fiery, beautiful and poignant — I wanted my interpretation to capture that. I developed a modern, sharpened italic style which I felt suited the tone of the piece, with what might be described as sharpened flourishes carefully integrated into the design. The forms are based on my cursive italic calligraphy which you can see demonstrated in the video below. I tried to do something unconventional and progressive with this piece. I wanted all the forms to be extremely graceful but also have a tension about them in keeping with the words. I wanted to evoke flames, lightning, and stars blazing in a night sky.

‘Do Not Go Gentle’
Signed edition of 200, 594 X 420 mm.
Gold foil blocked on Midnight blue Plike art paper.
© The Trustees for the Copyright of Dylan Thomas

I have also released several original pieces of art today. Here are two of them, the rest are on my website.

I designed bespoke Roman monumental capital letters. I then commissioned a very talented and respected letter carver to carve rude words into the finest Welsh slate using them.

‘Slate 1’
Bespoke Roman monumental capitals carved in Welsh slate.
50cm X 12.5cm X 7.5cm. Signed by the artist.
One of a series of three.

‘Slate 2’
Bespoke Roman monumental capitals carved in Welsh slate.
25cm X 12.5cm X 7.5cm. Signed by the artist.
One of a series of three.

It has become apparent to me that doing calligraphy makes you a better type designer, and doing type design makes you a better calligrapher. That was a beautiful revelation to me and one that I hope I will continue to benefit from.

Seb Lester is a designer and artist whose clients include Apple, Nike, Intel, Absolut Vodka, Levi’s & The New York Times. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Voice of all the Gods

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