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Avegant’s VR goggles look like headphones and are launching later this year

Avegant’s virtual reality glasses aren’t quite like anything else on the market. For one thing, they don’t use the same magnified screen technology as Oculus, Samsung, and most other companies. They use a virtual retinal display, projecting images directly on your eyes; it’s a technology that’s been around since the ’80s, but it’s rarely found in consumer headsets. And instead of goggles, they look like headphones. In fact, they are headphones — they just tip forward onto your eyes if you want to use them as a headset.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 Headphones : Hands-on with the premium audio-maker’s new texture-centric on-ear offering

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 Headphones

Bang & Olufsen products come with a certain amount of expectation. The Danish audio-maker has established and maintained a reputation for excellence in performance, aesthetic and dependability since its humble beginnings in an attic in the north……

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AIAIAI+ Ghostly International Limited Edition Headphones: Two aesthetic and audio focused companies team up to create a sleek, specially engineered headphone

AIAIAI+ Ghostly International Limited Edition Headphones

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International is a creative force unlike any other within the industry of, and culture surrounding music. With Matthew Dear as co-founder, it’s no surprise their artist roster is impressive to say the least. Not to mention……

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Caeden Linea N° 1 Headphones: Beautifully designed, on-ear listening that delivers superior sound and style

Caeden Linea N° 1 Headphones

While there are plenty of cleanly designed headphones out there, NYC’s Caeden has just launched the Linea N° 1 and it’s beyond attractive. We found, while testing out the Convex Carbon and Gunmetal colorway, that there’s far more to it than good……

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NFL fines quarterback Colin Kaepernick for wearing Beats headphones

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been fined $ 10,000 by the NFL for wearing Beats headphones, which are banned by the league, at a post-game press conference on Sunday, according to the Associated Press. Bose recently took over as the NFL’s new headphone sponsor, and as part of that, the league is banning all other headphone brands from being televised during interviews. It’s a potentially major hit to Beats, which has received a wealth of exposure from athletes.

The headphones were pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kaepernick has an endorsement deal with Beats and has appeared in one of its commercials. He declined to say whether Beats would cover the fine, telling reporters, “We’ll let that be unanswered.”


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NFL bans Beats headphones during broadcasts after push from Bose

Many athletes pump themselves up before game time by slipping on a pair of headphones and cranking up the volume on their favorite songs. But players are going to have to make a change to that routine, at the behest of the NFL and its new sponsor, Bose. According to Recode, the NFL has banned players and coaches from wearing any brand of headphones — other than Bose — during televised interviews and other on-camera appearances. The restrictions are in place during all games, as well as pre-season training camps and practice sessions, and it extends from the pre-game through to post-game interviews in the locker room up to 90 minutes after the whistle is blown.

The far-reaching agreement is part of a new sponsorship deal signed with Bose…

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The best headphones for under $50

Headphones are your smartphone’s best friend. They are the cheese to your phone’s wine, the glass of milk to your phone’s Oreo. They are nearly as ubiquitous as smartphones themselves and you see people wearing headphones almost everywhere you go.

A lot of smartphones come with a basic set of headphones right in the box. But most of these headphones are pretty terrible, with a poor fit, mediocre sound, and a cable that easily turns into knots in your pocket. They are designed to serve the…

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The best 3 wireless headphones for designers

Being a music lover, I am very concern about the headphones and so might be you if you too are music passionate, aren’t you? I personally have gone through more than dozens of headphones. Some for my fantasy, some for quality and some because they are cheap (:-P). But the common problem with all these headphones are the wires. Wires get stuck on everything and also gets tangled on its own which becomes difficult to manage. That is why I prefer a Bluetooth or wireless headphones that provides great sound with freedom to move anywhere.

Here are the collection of 3 best wireless headphones which is just perfect options for designers.

AKG K845 Black

The AKG K845 Black headphone is one of my favorite headphone that produce marvelous and qualitative sound. It comes with one straight cable and one mini USB to USB charging cable. This headphone is very comfortable with high quality leather that allow listeners hours of use. It is also foldable so you can easily store it anywhere even in your pocket.


Jabra REVO

Along with the high definition sound in Jabra REVO Bluetooth headphone, the turntable touch control makes it ways to manage your calls and tracks. It has the capability to withstand a cable bend of 10,000 times, a fold of 3,500 times and a drop from 2 meters. This headphone is composed of superior synthetic titanium material, steel hinges, and an aluminum frame.


Harman Kardon BT

Seeking for high quality with less money? Harmon Kardon BT is the perfect choice which is unique and extremely stylish. Its rectangular shaped design of ear pad is extra than the normal oval shaped one. It has a built in microphone and playback buttons on one of the ear-cups which above mentioned earphone do not have. The USB rechargeable battery last for 12 hours with highest quality of audio streaming.


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Charged: Indie Wearable Tech Brands: Alternative innovations in the ever-expanding industry from tot-trackers to headphones

Charged: Indie Wearable Tech Brands

As companies like Nike, Google, and Apple rush to be at the forefront of wearable technology, a group of startups and tech incubators are making a strong case for why consumers may need to look elsewhere…

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Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Headphones: Contain loud music with durable, premium headphones perfect for office use

Master & Dynamic's MH40 Headphones

As offices grow evermore headphone-friendly and creative co-working spaces surge in popularity, the market has opened up even further for reliable, attractive headphone options that get real loud—but keep all that sound contained in the ear-pad. A lot of headphones bleed noisily and…

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