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How an artist helped put Middle Earth on the big screen

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One of John’s most iconic paintings of a Ring Wraith returning to Sauron’s tower

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A man named Doom helped create the first atomic bomb and we spoke to him

C 25. That’s the badge number of Mr. Lewis G. Doom, one of the men who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1944 as part of the Manhattan Project: an effort that culminated with two nuclear detonations over Japan and the end of World War II.

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Interview: Wilbert Das on the UXUA Hotel: Sustainable building, creative collaborations and how his experience in fashion helped shape his boutique accommodation in Brazil

Interview: Wilbert Das on the UXUA Hotel

by Abby Morgan and Blake Whitman

As far as designers go, Wilbert Das is something of a legend, creating some of the most provocative advertising in the ’90s that turned Italian fashion label Diesel into a household name. In order to fully grasp……

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How a computer error helped Deep Blue beat humanity’s best chess player

Chess legend Garry Kasparov beat IBM computer Deep Blue four games to two in a match organized in 1996. A year later, he was man versus the machine again, accepting another challenge from the team behind the supercomputer. This second time around, IBM’s competitor came out on top, beating Kasparov three-and-a-half games to two-and-a-half. After the loss Kasparov questioned whether Deep Blue’s team had cheated in order to beat him, but in a fascinating new short documentary by FiveThirtyEight and ESPN, it’s shown that the momentous victory — and the notorious 44th move that led to it — was actually the result of a computer error.

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Looking back on the ads that helped define photography for a century

Louis Daguerre first introduced his daguerrotype in 1839, and it was the first true camera to break into the mainstream. However, photography was vastly different proposition in the mid-19th century than what it is today — the technology was very in its infancy, and what it meant to society would take decades to develop. That’s where ads came in. Hyperallergic takes us down memory lane and gives a look at what consumers could expect from professional photographers. In the early days, studios emphasized their the skill at capturing dead loved ones. By the turn of the century, the medium was attached to the adventurer and the great outdoors. And photography (and its ads) would again change with onset of the World Wars. Read the entire…

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The 80-year-old concrete arrows that helped deliver the mail

Travel in a straight line between New York and San Francisco and you might find a strange set of concrete arrows on the ground. The arrows — set into anonymous hillsides and nondescript scrubland — were laid down by the US Postal Service in the 1920s. Prior to the invention of radar and other modern flight planning implements, pilots would have difficulty navigating the coast-to-coast route over the American midwest: the arrows, when combined with a fifty foot tower and a powerful gas light, would help them find their way.

America’s first transcontinental air postal route was opened on August 20th, 1920. The first pilots to fly the route had to rely on landmarks to guide their way across the land, making the journey near-impossible…

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How Technology has Helped Health Administrators Spread the Word of Outbreaks

Technology has helped health administrators spread the word of outbreaks to the world because almost everyone is online now. People are looking to be healthy, and stay healthy these days as well. If…

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