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Freebie: High-Quality Coffee Shop Icon Set (SVG, AI, EPS & PNG)

Cortesy of our friends over at Creatticon, today we have a fantastic free, easy to customize and high-quality icon set for all you coffee lovers! The free set consists of 24 different line-style vector shaped icons for easy resizing and fast customization of colors or line thickness. They come in several formats – AI, SVG, EPS & PNGs in different sizes – and can be used in both your personal and commercial works.

Remember, with enough coffee anything is possible! Enjoy :-)

Scroll down to download all of the vector banners.

High Quality Coffee Icon Set Preview

coffee icon glyph eps svg ai png light dark

Download & License

You are free to use this icon set in both your personal and commercial projects.

Do you have a freebie thet you would like to share with our readers? If you do, you can get in touch with us here:

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Twitter’s built-in video player runs 10 minutes of high-quality footage

We’ve known for a while that Twitter’s been planning to stick a homemade video player in your timeline, but for the most part, details have been scarce. Now we’ve got a closer look, as Daniel Raffel has flagged a Twitter FAQ about the player that sheds some light on the idea. According to the site, the player lets users upload up to 10 minutes of video in the MP4 or MOV format. Notably, the company is not capping a size limit on the video files, and are thus “encouraging partners to use the highest resolution source video.”

One word in that phrase — partners — suggests the project is aimed toward…

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20 Websites To Find Free High-Quality Images

Chances are you’re pretty tired of seeing traditional stock photos of people in suits shaking hands. Not only are they bland and uninteresting, but they also cost money. The good news is that there has been a rise in great stock photo sites that you can use for free – yes, for both personal and commercial use.

In this showcase I put together a collection of 20 sites with beautiful free stock photos that you can choose from. Hopefully, they will help you to spice up your future designs. Do read the licenses carefully though as some of these services and photos may require proper attribution.


Compfight is an image search engine. You can use it to look for the images that you need quickly. If you want a little demonstration, just click on the ‘show me what compfight can do’ button.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix lets you grab free high resolution images with no copyright restrictions. New photos are also added weekly to give you an array of choices.


Superfamous provides you with free stock photos available for download in high resolution. What’s great about it is that you can search under different collections. You may use them as you like as long as credit is provided.

IM Creator Free

IM Free is a new feature of IM Creator. It’s a curated collection of free resources for commercial use. Make sure to read the license of each image before using as some photos may require attribution.


If you’re looking for pictures with a different point of view, you can give this one a go. Here you’ll find free mobile photos for personal and commercial projects.


All of the images on the website are taken by Thomas Mühl and are free of copyright restrictions. You can search for what you need via the categories located at the bottom of the page.

Lock & Stock Photos

All the images you see on Lock & Stock Photos are the works of AJ Montpetit. He is giving back to the open source community (which he greatly admires) by sharing his photographs under the Creative Commons License ShareAlike 4.0.

Snapwire Snaps

This Tumblr blog with free stock photos is run by Snapwire. Snapwire is a site where mobile stock photographers can submit their photos to answer various requests made by others. Snapwire Snaps provides 7 new photos every week.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is a site curated and created by Cole Townsend. The idea behind this project is to publish old retro photos from Public Archives which are free of known copyright restrictions. So if you’re looking for more retro photos for your project, you know where to look at.


Jeshoots is another great site with free high-quality stock photos. You can use the search bar to find what you need or have a browse under categories which features people, animals, food and architecture among other things. If you’re unsure about anything, you can take a look at the FAQ section.


All the images you’ll find on Cupcake are captured by Jonas Nilsson Lee. There may not be as many choices compared to some of the other sites but you can choose from scenery, landscape, objects and animals.


Kaboompics is a great place to find breathtaking photos for your design projects. You can use the regular search box, look via tags or look under the different categories featured at the top to find the best picture. A new photo is added daily.

Foodies Feed

This site is definitely one that’s made for foodies. Here you’ll find delectable pictures of food. To browse through the free stock photo options, take a look under ‘Free Download’ at the side menu.

Jay Mantri

This lovely site is run by a photographer and traveler Jay Mantri. He uploads 7 new photos every Thursday, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Get a free high resolution photo each day with no attribution required from The names on the photos are pretty generic so you may want to use the category or search option to find things easily.


Raumrot features a selection of photos that have been curated and handpicked for our convenience. There are plenty of different photos to choose from but make sure to give credit to the creator.


Here’s another stock photo site that delights. Instead of just searching by categories or licenses, you can also search via the dominant color featured in the pictures. Definitely a handy thing for designers looking to save some time.

Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive is not specifically a free stock photo site but they do have an extensive collection of free stock photos without copyrights. With new uploads weekly, you will surely find something that catches your fancy.

Startup Stock Photos.

This Tumblr blog is a selection of high-quality stock photos for personal and commercial use. As the name itself suggests, this would be especially helpful for startups. And yes, the photos are free.

Photo Pin

Photo Pin is a collection of photos under the Creative Commons license from Flickr. Just type what you’re looking for in the search bar and it will show you all the different results and you can even sort them according to recent, relevance and "interestingness".

Cool Hunting Video: S. B. Foot Tanning Company: One of the last major American tanneries has been producing high-quality hides for over 100 years

Cool Hunting Video: S. B. Foot Tanning Company

Last year, our friends at Red Wing Shoes invited us out to explore their factory in Minnesota. And, right next door to Red Wing is S.B. Foot Tanning Company. Established in 1872 by the Foot family, the business was eventually purchased by Red Wing……

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8 high-quality PSD themes

first image of the post
Who wouldn’t love the free resources? Probably the number would be zero. Especially designers, what if you get a high quality PSD themes for free? You would definitely use them as that would be a great starting point for any of your web projects, isn’t it? So in today’s blog, here we are with 8 […]

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45 High-Quality Free HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates

CSS3 and HTML5 are those primary things that every developer considers first before they start creating an extremely stylish and trendy website design. The reason why CSS3 and HTML5 are so much popular among the developers is the availability of huge features and loads of functionality that CSS3 and HTML5 offer.

45 High-Quality Free HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates

Here we are presenting a showcase of 45 free CSS3 and HTML5 templates that will make your website development easier and more fun. So, enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun using these templates for your websites and make the web experience even more pleasurable and gratifying. Here, is the full list after the jump. Do have a look at this collection. Enjoy!

1. Vivid Photo: Free Photography Template

Vivid Photo: Free Photography Template

This template is based on Photography and this elegant Photography website template is cross browser compatible and created to suit needs of photographers.

Demo Download

2. Template for Web Design Studio

With this user friendly website template, you can customize your web design studio with an appealing look.

Template for Web Design Studio

Demo Download

3. Template for Spa Salon with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect

Free Website Template for Spa Salon with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect

If you are running a spa salon and want to build a website for it, then this template works for you best.

Demo Download

4. HTML5 Charity Center Template

HTML5 Charity Center Template

With this HTML5 charity center template, you can easily customize your website the way you want.

Demo Download

5. Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Wedding Page

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Wedding Page

This free HTML5 website template is created with jQuery Slider for Wedding Page. This template gives you the whole package which is required for this project.

Demo Download

6. Simple


This is a 7 page layout with jQuery functionality, loads of background patterns, 2 Cufon fonts and sprite file image.

Demo Download

7. Folder


Folder is a perfect template for your creative showcases and businesses. You can use this template with any device and browser size without any problem.

Demo Download

8. Muro


Muro is the HTML5 template having 3 different skins, 7 page layouts as well as jQuery functionality.

Demo Download

9. Connoisseur HTML5 template

Connoisseur HTML5 template

This template is for your personal or professional website and suitable for websites relating to fine arts, cuisines, dining etc. Connoisseur HTML5 template is new and advanced HTML5 template.

Demo Download

10. Simpler


For your personal website or blog Simpler is best because it is made in HTML5 and simpler is a fixed layout theme.

Demo Download

11. Immaculate 2

Immaculate 2

You can use this template for personal or business project because Immaculate2 is clean one page portfolio website template with latest and fresh layout.

Demo Download

12. Left – Template

Left – Template

With this template you can generate fresh and new skin appearance for your theme in few seconds.

Demo Download

13. Elegant Press

Elegant Press: Free Website Template

Elegant Press is made in HTML5 and it can be used in all kinds of business websites. It is advanced, fresh and minimal website template and it is also fast loading and cross browser compatible.

Demo Download

14. iPhone Application Template

iPhone Application Template

iPhone application template is made using HTML5 for iPhone applications you can also download this template free of cost.

Demo Download

15. Template for Horse Club

Template for Horse Club

This blog template is best suited for horse club websites or blogs. It offers some great jQuery slider and Zoomer effects.

Demo Download

16. Online Solutions

Online Solutions HTML5 and CSS3 Template

For your business project, Online Solutions HTML5 and CSS3 template is best.

Demo Download

17. IMCreatives Template

IMCreatives HTML5 and CSS3 Template

IMCreatives is made using HTML5 and CSS3, it is an elegant and interactive template you should see this smart template.

Demo Download

18. Watercolor


This template offers a fixed layout with customization options. This template is based on XHTML/CSS.

Demo Download

19. RedRooftops Template

RedRooftops HTML5 and CSS3 Template

This template is in bold red, portraying a city scene from above basically it is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template.

Demo Download

20. WoodyWidgets

WoodyWidgets HTML5 and CSS3 Template

This template has a very unique woodgrain design because it is a 2-column HTML5 and CSS3 template.

Demo Download

21. FreshIdeas

FreshIdeas HTML5 and CSS3 Template

For your website, if you want a nice template with smart and neat style which also looks attractive then Freshideas is best.

Demo Download

22. Start Photographer’s Portfolio!

Free Website Template. Start Photographer’s Portfolio!

This template helps you to create your website unforgettable and outstanding because you can easily customize it in minutes.

Demo Download

23. Animated Template for Charity Project

Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Charity Project

This template look like Flash, but it is slightly different due to its light-weight characteristics and you can also edit it with any code editor. This template is a complete JavaScript-animated for charity projects but you can easily customize it for your different projects.

Demo Download

24. ThinkSimple

ThinkSimple HTML5 and CSS3 Template

This elegant, business oriented HTML5 and CSS3 template possesses good-looking jQuery image gallery with a nice but eye-catching color scheme.

Demo Download

25. KiteSurf

KiteSurf HTML5 and CSS3 Template

With this template you can easily transform code to animate images with CSS3 and an HTML5 progress bar.

Demo Download

26. Principato

Principato HTML5 and CSS Template

Principato is a HTML5 and CSS template designed for a restaurant or culinary related websites but through this template you can do lots of nice things.

Demo Download

27. BlueBand

BlueBand HTML5 and CSS3 Template

For the music related websites, BlueBand HTML5 and CSS3 template is best, with this fresh and cool template you can easily showcase band’s music, and concerts in your website.

Demo Download

28. Retina Responsive

Html5 Template : Retina Responsive

With this responsive template, one can easily build a professional looking website with all the required functionality.

Demo Download

29. Cafe

Html5 Template : Cafe

This is another restaurant or culinary related website template that is suitable for restaurants websites.

Demo Download

30. Proper


Proper is another brilliant template based on HTML5 and CSS3 that is fully customizable and can be modified as per your needs.

Demo Download

31. Curve Responsive

Curve Responsive

With some beautiful color combination and a professional look, this website template provides complete functionality of a corporate website.

Demo Download

32. Core

Html5 Template : Core

This is another HTML5 and CSS3 based web template. The mouse over effect and the image slider are the key point of this template.

Demo Download

33. Nutheme


This website template gives you complete functionality along with some eye catching elements.

Demo Download

34. CSS3 Photo Dark


Photography related and portfolio related website that lets you showcase your creativity in a creative manner.

Demo Download

35. Scenic Photo

Scenic Photo

Scenic photo contains completely documented 5 page website which shows you all the styles available with this design. In this template, you will also see a working PHP contact form on the contact page.

Demo Download

36. Tasty-Looking Skin for Culinary Site

Tasty-Looking Skin for Culinary Site

This HTML5 and CSS3 template is based on tasty-looking skin for the culinary site.

Demo Download

37. Free Website Template for Car Business

Free Website Template for Car Business

This HTML5 website template is for car business. This free template is a superb mixture of simple to eye catching colors and shades that turn out to be great.

Demo Download

38. Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club

This free HTML5 template is designed with jQuery for diving club. You can use this flexible and versatile theme as the background for your new online project.

Demo Download

39. Free Website Template for Business Company. Your Efficient Start

Free Website Template for Business Company. Your Efficient Start

If you do not want to waste your time and money then you should use this template because this template holds versatile background for bringing your creative ideas into reality.

Demo Download

40. Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Pet Clinic

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Pet Clinic

Look into this free website template that comes with jQuery slider. This template is best suited for pet clinics.

Demo Download

41. Animated Neoarts

Animated Neoarts

With this beautiful and eye catching theme, one can easily build a functional as well as visually appealing website for his business.

Demo Download

42. Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Agriculture Business

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Agriculture Business

The best free template for agriculture business. This website template is designed with HTML5 and CSS3 to give complete functionality.

Demo Download

43. Vintage

Vintage – HTML Template

This responsive web template is suitable for retro style portfolios as it showcases a retro style touch.

Demo Download

44. Template for Restaurant Business

Template for Restaurant Business

This is another restaurant business website template that comes with amazing features and a functional design to attract more visitors.

Demo Download

45. Zen


This template is best suited for personal website. It is also based on HTML5 and will give your website a very pleasing look.

Demo Download

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TravelByDrone is a one-stop shop for high-quality drone videos

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