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A Hilarious Collection of CSS Puns & Jokes

Most web design languages tend to be quite sober. We can’t help that; we’re very serious about what we do. HTML. PHP. JavaScript. Not even a little smile from them. But when it comes to CSS, things can be quite different. Things can be hilarious!

Have you seen those CSS pun posts on Reddit and Designer News recently? They were brilliant. And they just got better. Saijo George has recently taken all of those CSS puns and visually recreated them onto a standalone site that you can browse through until you fall over laughing!

Here are some of our favorites:

The CSS Puns & Jokes Series

arrow CSS pun

sniper-mode-engaged CSS pun

#periodic CSS pun

#chucknorris CSS pun

#nsa CSS pun

oliver-queen CSS pun

ninja CSS pun

obese CSS pun

yomama CSS pun

wife CSS pun

delorean CSS pun

.illuminati CSS pun

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Hilarious and Clever Illustrations of Common Phrases

Graphic designer Abdul Latif Nabhan has created a fantastic series of clever and hilarious minimalistic illustrations based on common household objects, that represent some of our most common everyday phrases. These ridiculously simple illustrations collectively showcase Nabhan’s brilliant insight for conceptual design.

Putting the design and charm aside, these clever illustrations are hilarious. Some of my favourites include the ‘Just in Case’ illustration where ‘Just’ is actually inside the case! So simple, yet so imaginative. Other brilliant concepts include the literal demonstration of ‘Time Flies’, and the ‘He’s so Cool’ artwork, where drinks are praising the ‘coolness’ of a cooler.

The Clever Illustrations of Marko Manev

clever illustrations ice cream
Ice Cream

hilarious illustration series Saving Money
Saving Money

smart art series Sunday

hilarious illustration series Crack Up
Crack Up

clever illustrations Confessions of a Shopaholic
Confessions of a Shopaholic

hilarious illustration series When Nature Calls
When Nature Calls

clever illustration series Time Flies
Time Flies

hilarious illustration series Dirty Talk!
Dirty Talk!

clever illustrations Safe!

hilarious illustration series Bored Board
Bored Board

smart art series Stay in Shape
Stay in Shape

hilarious illustration series Watch Out
Watch Out

clever illustrations Smoking Pot
Smoking Pot

hilarious illustration series Rib Cage
Rib Cage

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Real Fake Nudes: Custom Illustrations by Ben Hammond: Commission your very own naked portrait from this talented and hilarious British artist

Real Fake Nudes: Custom Illustrations by Ben Hammond

Berlin-based British portraitist Ben Hammond is a freelance illustrator whose portfolio includes expert works for various clients, but we have totally fallen for his Real Fake Nudes. Essentially creating pseudo-portraits, Hammond…

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Another Hilarious Short Film by Colorbleed – Mac’n’Cheese Supermarket

credits02_STILL_v01_1-1024x625At first the guys at Colorbleed brought us "Mac'n'Cheese", a brilliant short film that made headlines around the internet and grabbing a few awards in the process. This time they have "Mac'n'Cheese – Supermarket" starring the same dynamic duo. I've also gone ahead and included some stills to help illustrate the quality of this animation and why it is receiving […]
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12 Hilarious parody movie posters featuring dogs

World-famous fashion photographer Rankin from United Kingdom doesn’t just shoot supermodels and celebrities. Every Christmas, he will created a series of photo shoots by entirely of dogs and keeps it to himself until now. These hilarious parody movies posters are being released from his image archives for the first time by Hunger Magazine for what…

Hilarious Wedding Party Attack Photos

Wedding party attack photos are the hottest new trend on 2013, photographer Quinn Miller from United States who started it all with her fantastic T-Rex creation. This kind of idea has gave you a fresh feeling and fun. If it worked perfectly, it could gave new wedding couple an unforgotten wedding party. featuring a Snowspeeder…

Hilarious Disney Mash-Ups Feature the Popular Grumpy Cat

These hilarious series of Grumpy Cat/Disney Mashups created by artist Eric Protor —aka TsaoShin— replaces classis princess figures with Grumpy Cat ! These collection of illustrations feature Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lilo and stitch. Tangled and more. He is a digital painter who enjoys working in ArtRage, Adobe Photoshop CS4. He says, “My style is a blend of my traditional…

Hilarious Photo Series Shows How a Magician’s Baby is Born

These hilarious couple gonna shows you how a magician’s baby is born, they  announcing the arrival of a baby with a super fun occasion!  In July, the photographer behind the Tumblr Daddy’s Little Prop, Anthony Stuart, had a beautiful baby girl. In the cute photo series he calls The Magic Show, Anthony dresses up as a…

Hilarious and Brilliant Stereotypical Character Designs by Ido Yehimovitz

The Illustrative style of Ido Yehimovitz is itself quite funny, fuse it with the quirky character designs that he has come up with, you have yourself a recipe for laughter. The vision for each character below was taken from his everyday commute in Tel Aviv (the second most popular city in Israel). Although for some, Israel might be thousands […]

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Hilarious Photos of Celebrities Riding Invisible Bicycles

This might be the weirdest post i have ever put up. Celebrities are floating slightly off the ground. The bicycle that they were riding in reality is erased by photoshop, leaving viewers to stares at some of their favorite movie stars and musicians in awkward positions.  These photos are  interesting when there are multiple cyclists in the…