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Designed to be hired: tips on finding the right resume template for the job

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When looking for a job, it may be tempting to design the most beautiful resume template you can and start to send it around. However, it isn’t the most clever strategy if you are looking to be hired. During job search, you should look at your potential boss as a temporary client. What are they […]

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Hunters may be hired to kill 2,800 deer on Civil War battlefields

Civil War battlefields may soon light up with gunfire once again if a new plan to “reduce” deer populations gets approved. The US National Parks Service has proposed a $ 1.8 million plan to hire sharpshooters to hunt and kill white-tailed deer at three Civil War battlefields over the next five years.

Deer populations at the Antietam and Monocacy battlefields, located in Maryland, as well as the Manassas battlefield in Virginia, are far above desired levels. The public is prohibited from hunting on the parkland, and populations have reached as high as 230 deer per square mile at Monocacy. The Parks Service hopes to bring those numbers down to 15 or 20 per square mile, reports the Associated Press.

The proposed plan would call for a…

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Silk Road employee says federal agents faked his death after being hired to kill

In an exclusive article, Epic Magazine reports that a former employee of the underground drug market Silk Road had his death faked by undercover federal agents after they were hired to assassinate him by the site’s alleged founder.

Curtis Clark Green was an administrator at Silk Road for just three months from November 2012 to January 2013, but within that short space of time managed to get himself into a colossal amount of trouble. Green describes himself as a 47-year-old grandfather who works at a non-profit helping people with learning disabilities. He says he got involved in Silk Road because of his “interest in harm reduction related to drug use,” and chatted on the site’s forums under the aliases “flush” and “chronicpain” before…

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