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Why Do We Recommend WP Engine WordPress Hosting?

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Why Do We Recommend WP Engine WordPress Hosting?

One of the most important aspects of website success is having a solid hosting/server provider, because a slow or non-functional website is inefficient for every business. If you use WordPress, it is important to understand that not all companies are ready to host your website. That’s why we recommend specialized hosting for WordPress websites. In […]


Flywheel: WordPress Hosting for Designers

If you’re a designer or a creative agency that regularly builds and maintains websites for your clients, it’s likely that you’re often in pursuit of reliable and trustworthy web hosting.

Your clients turn to you for web design, but beyond that, sometimes they also want you to take the hassle of web hosting away from them. Furthermore, since WordPress has become the de facto standard when it comes to building websites, it’s a bonus if your web host can help you deal with WordPress-related issues.

Allow me to introduce you to an amazing managed WordPress hosting service that is especially meant for designers and creative agencies– Flywheel.

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting solution that is custom-made for designers, developers and creative agencies that build and deploy WordPress websites for their clientele.

Name anything that you would expect to find in a good web host — blazing fast server performance, regular backups, stellar support, competitive pricing — Flywheel has it all. Furthermore, Flywheel comes with added bonuses of its own, such as server-side caching to help improve your WordPress website’s performance, better security measures, managed upgrades, and a lot more.

What Does Flywheel Bring To The Table?

Now before you go “Yeah, right, another WordPress host with a fancy name,” let us first briefly review what Flywheel has to offer that an ordinary web host would not:

A. Blazing Fast Servers

Flywheel offers lightning-fast server performance, simply by virtue of the fact that each website is hosted on its server with its own share of resources — shared resources with meagre limits set for database connections and I/O throttles are things you might find on your generic $ 5-per-month web hosting, but not with Flywheel.

Obviously, such a setup will ensure that your website works fast — really fast. Add in the fact that Flywheel also employs server-side caching, and your website will load faster than the speed of light (well, not really, but you get the point).

B. Collaboration Is a Breeze

Flywheel takes pride in the fact that it primarily caters to designers and developers building sites for themselves as well as their clients. That means they’ve ensured that collaboration isn’t a headache, no matter how many websites you’re trying to manage.

Each user is given a login to the Flywheel server. By means of the SFTP server, you can easily access all your files neatly organized — be it a single website or a thousand.

But it doesn’t stop here. Say you’re building a website for a client, and you need to demo it to them before actually taking it live. Pretty simple with Flywheel: Just set up a demo site for your client to take a look at it. After they’ve approved it, you can publish the site and transfer its hosting billing to your client. Neat, eh?

C. Awesome Support

No matter how good your web host might be, at some point or the other, you’ll need to contact their support team. This is the experience that sets a good web host apart from a bad one. Every other person can get servers installed in the best datacenter in their country, but when it comes to offering quality support, many web hosts simply fall flat.

Flywheel, being a managed WordPress web host, is run by folks who know what WordPress is and what it can and should do. Security issues, performance problems, guided migrations — no matter what your problem might be, you won’t be let down by Flywheel’s specialist support team.

Plus, just so you know, Flywheel migrates any WordPress site, regardless of the hosting platform it might be on, to its servers free of charge.

D. These Guys Know Their Stuff!

There’s more to Flywheel than just plain web hosting. Not only are they passionate about web hosting in general and WordPress in particular, but they’re also willing to go the extra mile to help their clients.

As designers or developers building websites for clients, you must already be aware of the menaces that can arise; a client might accidentally delete files that should otherwise not be touched, or a website might be hacked due to a poor password. In either case, Flywheel’s support team will be there to help. Be it restoring backups or protecting your website from bad guys, you’re covered on all fronts!

Take, for example, The Layout, a design publication managed and curated by Flywheel. The Layout offers relevant content for web designers and WordPress users alike, and I myself have had the opportunity to write for them.


When it comes to fine-tuned WordPress websites, Flywheel should be on your list of web hosts to check out. Hacker-free security, caching, fast servers, a better SFTP experience, you name it — Flywheel’s got everything a designer can ask for, especially meant for WordPress users.

That said, try Flywheel for yourself and see the difference! You can choose from the multiple plans that they have to offer or check out a custom plan if your needs and requirements so desire.

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Website Hosting

In this blog post we’re going to consider top 10 business web hosting mistakes to avoid.

Web Hosting Jargon: Disk Space vs. Monthly Bandwidth

There are a lot of important aspects to consider when choosing a web hosting service to use. Upon comparing the available packages and special offers, you will most likely come
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The post…

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Blogger’s Path

Web Hosting Jargon: Disk Space vs. Monthly Bandwidth

There are a lot of important aspects to consider when choosing a web hosting service to use. Upon comparing the available packages and special offers, you will most likely come
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You can visit the website for the full article and other interesting articles.

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Take your work online with a year of Justhost web hosting

Read more about Take your work online with a year of Justhost web hosting at

There’s no reason for you to not have your own website. Whether you want to show off some of your work, host a blog, set up a store front, or just set up your own little slice of the web, Justhost is the perfect place to turn to for your hosting needs. You can start with a year of service for just $ 30.

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How to Spot & Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies

Here are the facts: Web hosting is a shady, shady industry at the best of times. While there are plenty of well-meaning companies, money-hungry affiliates and deceptive marketers have turned the web hosting game into a high-stakes affair.

How to Spot & Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies

For some businesses, your website is more than just your online hub – it’s a huge source of income and an important part of your branding and communications strategy. Experiencing downtime or getting trapped with a bad host can be a hugely expensive mistake.

So what should you look for when you’re evaluating hosting companies? How can you separate the good from the bad? While it’s not always cut and dry, keeping an eye on all of the following is a tremendous start.

1. “Unlimited” isn’t.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. A lot of hosts will promise you the moon, with sexy-sounding offers like “Unlimited bandwidth!” or “Unlimited disk space!”

But it’s a lie. Bandwidth and disk space both cost hosting companies money, so all that “Unlimited” means is that the host isn’t being upfront with you about what the limits really are.

Hosting companies who sell this way are banking on the hope that your site, like most websites, will use very little bandwidth. Use too much, and they’ll be banging down your door to transfer you to a more expensive plan.

You’ll be threatened and not-so-politely “coerced” into upgrading your account – sometimes even suspended!

That’s not to say that every host who offers an unlimited package is to be avoided – but you have to wonder how much these companies value their customers if they’re willing to lie to them.Most of the best hosts have dropped this from their marketing in favor of less deceptive tactics.

2. Support? What support?

No matter who you are or what site you plan to host, there will almost inevitably come a time where you’ll need to get in touch with customer support. It’s one of the few human points of contact a hosting company actually has – and sadly, many hosting companies have tried to keep their costs as low as possible by outsourcing cheaply overseas or cutting off necessary channels.

A few things you want to look for:

  • Is the support US/UK/Canada-based? When you’re frustrated, you need the help of a trained tech, not someone reading from a prompt. While overseas support is slowly improving with education and training, the best hosting companies offer support from people in English-speaking countries.
  • What channels are available? There are a surprising number of hosting companies who don’t have phone numbers you can call. Instead, they opt for live chat or support tickets. Generally, the more options you have when seeking help, the better.
  • What are their response times? Every web host can get busy, especially when there’s a major outage. But if you’re waiting 45 minutes on every phone call or support tickets go for days without any sort of response, it can not only cause frustration – it can cost your business money.
3. Can They Keep it Up?

Hilarious innuendo aside, one of the most critical factors when evaluating a web host is their uptime. Any site that promises 100% uptime is lying – but you should be able to find someone with 99.96% – 99.99%.

If you want to test your uptime, there are a myriad of totally free (but rather basic) tools at your disposal, including UptimeRobot and Pingdom.

The other thing you want to investigate is how the hosting provider handles downtime – especially when they’ve made an uptime guarantee. Skim through the terms of service to see what’s made available to you – the best hosting companies will usually comp you some free hosting time in the event that your site goes down for an extended period of time or they fail to meet the uptime guarantee they’ve promised.

4. Price it Out.

There’s certainly some truth to “you get what you pay for”, but there are also a lot of less-than-savory pricing techniques out there.

For example, often the company will bait you with an extremely low first-year price to get you in the door, then slam you with huge fees for subsequent years. In fact, obscenely low pricing almost always works this way – they’ll make it back up somewhere later down the line, or give you a bare-bones account and nickel and dime you for basic features like POP3/IMAP, subdomains, add-on domains and so on.

As you price shop, compare pricing across multiple years to get a true sense of what you’ll be paying for. Keep a shortlist of features that are important to you and be sure that they’re included in the package you’re paying for.

5. Check Their Legacy.

History is a powerful predictor of the future – but not always in the ways you’d think! Yes, you want to look for companies who have a track record and established history to prove that they’re not fly-by-night operations keen on taking your money.

But there’s more to it. Some other things to check:

  • Who owns/manages the company? It’s regrettable to say, but EIG has a long history of buying up hosting companies and turning them into puppy mills of poor service and bottom-of-the-barrel pricing. If EIG owns the host, be leery and do your homework to find out how real customers are feeling about their service. Don’t write off every company associated with EIG, however – great companies like A Small Orangeare owned by EIG, but manage their own business and do things their way. Ownership vs. management is more important than you might expect.
  • Were they recently acquired/did they recently get a big boost in usership? Even great hosting companies can turn sour for awhile after experiencing huge business growth. Success can sometimes be a bad thing when a host grows too quickly and lacks the infrastructure to support all their new customers. Load times get slow, sites go down and support time can be abysmal. Check out the company history to see if they’ve made any major announcements, and factor that in when testing them out.
  • Scope their BBB rating. It’s not a foolproof metric, but you can always look to the Better Business Bureau to see how a company is performing ethically. If they’re not registered, you’re out of luck.
6. Reviews Are Tricky.

One of the most common ways of vetting hosting companies is to check out customer reviews. The only problem is, more often than not those reviews are – gasp – FAKE!

Hosting companies offer affiliate programs, where enterprising marketers can sell their services and earn a commission on referrals. Unfortunately, that creates a huge incentive for affiliates to butter up the company and make them sound amazing, even when they’re really not. In fact, many times an affiliate has never even tried out the service they’re selling!

If you want to spot a fake review, look for…

  • No bad reviews. No matter how amazing a company may be, there will always be a few times they get it wrong, or someone chooses 4 stars instead of 5. If you’re seeing nothing but glowing, positive reviews without any constructive criticism or feedback, chances are you’re on a fake reviews website.
  • Little customer information. So “Bob” from “North Dakota” rated 5 stars– and that’s the only information you have?Likely a fake. Real reviews tend to be specific and verifiable; customers might provide their name, social account, domain name and detailed account of the service they received.
  • One-word reviews. If the only feedback is “Great!” or “Wonderful hosting!”, that review is not to be taken seriously. Real people tend to leave specific details about the types of plans they own and the experiences they’ve had with the company.Look for authentic accounts of customer service and pricing – not general happy sentiments.

So – has every affiliate sold their soul? Not quite – some of us still have our ethics. Take me, for example! Over at Reviewpon, I offer up fair, unbiased reviews based on my own experience (you can even check the affiliate payouts – some of the highest paying sites are rated the worst!).
But you don’t have to take my word for it. Shopper Approved and are both outlets where you can find additional unbiased reviews of web hosts.

7. Who’s Your Neighbor?

It’s not commonly known, but IP addresses and hosts can have reputations with search engines. If your host is also hosting porn, pirated software, bulk-email services or sites about hacking, there’s a good chance your site could wind up associated with the same shady business. Scan the host’s terms of service to see who your neighbors might be and judge them accordingly.

8. Can I Get a Refund?

One of the ways I evaluate hosting providers is their refund policy. If things go wrong or you want to switch hosts, you’ll definitely want to get a refund on your plan so that you’re not paying for hosting you never actually used.

The best refund policies are prorated refunds, where they calculate the remaining unused hosting on your plan and send you the difference.

Anyone not offering this will expect you to pay out the rest of your plan whether you keep your site on their service or not – you’re on the hook for all of it! That’s just not a great policy for customers, so whenever you can, choose a company who offers prorated refunds.

9. Lock it Down

This one doesn’t get thought of too often – but it’s nonetheless important. Security systems like firewalls, anti-virus and encryption are one thing – but server location and data privacy is another. If the company’s servers are hosted in a far-off land, not only will load times experience latency – but your data will come under the sometimes lax privacy laws of another country.

It’s just one more reason to choose a host that stores their servers on-shore.

Do Your Homework!

As I started out with, hosting can be a rather sketchy game – but it’s not impossible to win. Don’t just sign on to the cheapest host or the one offering the lowest prices. When you’ve got revenue riding on the decision, it’s not one to rush through! Take the time to dig into the company’s history, support, policies and performance to find a company you can trust long-term. I’ve hosted enough websites with enough hosts to tell you confidently – you’ll be so glad you did.

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Who Offers the Best WordPress Hosting?

For any business or website, choosing the right host is an important decision. However, when you’re using WordPress to power your website there are some additional decisions that need to be made,…

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WordPress Plugins For Blogs Hosted In Shared Hosting

Many of you have your blog hosted on a shared hosting server which means hosting of a number of websites on the same server. Shared hosting greatly cut down the cost of hosting, however, this advantage comes with a shortcoming and that is that some of the plugins do not work on blogs hosted in a shared hosting environment.

Plugins are meant to extend the functionalities that are already available, and having them available and work properly on a shared hosting would be a plus point. Thus, keeping this in mind we have created a list of the best and most popular WordPress plug-ins for blogs hosted in shared hosting environments.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.

Fast Secure Contact Form

An easy and powerful form builder that lets your visitors send you email. Blocks all automated spammers. No templates to mess with.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Jetpack by WordPress

Supercharge your WordPress site with powerful features previously only available to users.

W3 Total Cache

Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

WordPress Importer

Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.


NextGEN Gallery

The most popular WordPress gallery plugin and one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 10 million downloads.

Lightbox Plus ColorBox

Lightbox Plus ColorBox permits users to view larger versions of images, simple slide shows, videos and content all in an overlay.


Add Facebook social plugins and the ability to publish new posts to a Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. Official Facebook plugin.

TinyMCE Advanced

Enables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Social Media Widget

Adds links to all of your social media and sharing site profiles. Tons of icons come in 3 sizes, 4 icon styles, and 4 animations.

Google Analytics

Enables google analytics on all pages.


Adds a more advanced paging navigation interface.

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a free, powerful plugin that empowers you to sell anything online, quickly and easily.

Widget Logic

Widget Logic lets you control on which pages widgets appear using WP’s conditional tags. It also adds a ‘widget_content’ filter.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Creates a Coming Soon page or Launch page for your Website while it’s under construction and collects emails from your visitors.


Make it easy on yourself and use AdRotate to place your adverts on your site… Make making money easy!

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts generates a list of related posts with thumbnails and gives you click-through statistics.

Social Networks Auto-Poster

This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LiveJournal, Flipboard, FriendFeed, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Display a list of related posts on your site based on a powerful unique algorithm. Earn money by including sponsored content

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security and performance plugin that makes your site up to 50 times faster and more secure.


Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team, or niche community.

Google Analyticator

Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics. Includes widgets for Analytics data display.


Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. For WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress.

Disqus Comment System

The Disqus comment system replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Disqus.

Antispam Bee

Say Goodbye zu Spam in deinem Blog. Kostenlos, werbefrei und datenschutzkonform. Für Kommentare und Trackbacks.

WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce

WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.


Sends a list of subscribers an email notification when new posts are published to your blog.

Events Manager

Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management.

WP SlimStat

The most accurate real-time statistics plugin for WordPress.

Really Simple CAPTCHA

Really Simple CAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA module intended to be called from other plugins. It is originally created for my Contact Form 7 plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Track your WordPress site easily and with lots of metadata: views per author & category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.

MailPoet Newsletters

Send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress is the most popular and easiest way to create great-looking Google Maps and driving directions in your blog.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Allows you to regenerate your thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes.

Print Friendly and PDF Button

The #1 Print and PDF button for your WordPress site. Printer Friendly pages without coding, css, or print.css. Fast, easy, and professional.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is the perfect solution for any wordpress website which needs more flexible data like other Content Management Systems.

How to Choose a Basic Web Hosting Provider

Hosting is something that every website needs, but no one really enjoys shopping for it. With thousands of hosts to choose from it can easily become overwhelming if you don’t know what you should be…

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