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Watch this bush burn for 11 hours in bizarre Exodus film promotion

Ridley Scott’s elegiac Exodus: Gods and Kings has a new promotional video of sorts: an 11-hour-long performance starring the iconic burning bush, a sweeping orchestral score, and endlessly scrolling text extracted from the Bible. That is the entirety of it. At no point does any semblance of action surface from this dull but aurally impressive sequence. We aren’t even accorded the luxury of hearing the foliage narrate the passages. It’s unclear as to what 20th Century Fox was hoping to accomplish with this video, but it does at least make for some easy listening.

Scott’s modern-day $ 140 million interpretation of the titular exodus stars big names like Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver. Although ostensibly based on the Israelites’…

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40 YouTube Channels You Can Spend Hours On

The Internet has gifted us with many things. Along with e-mail and other things, we have also received YouTube. There’s a variety of things that you can find on YouTube and plenty of tricks to viewing them as well. From how-to’s to comedy channels that can get a chuckle or two out of you, it’s really hard to not just get caught up in what it offers.

YouTube is such an integral part of our lives now (especially mine, which I discovered as I was writing this) and to prove that, I’ve asked members of the team what their favourite YouTube channels are. Here’s what they have to say.

Fahad’s picks

YRF Songs

Who doesn’t love some music on YouTube? Fahad gets his Bollywood fix from this particular channel.


What better way to learn than through videos… Not a surprise that Fahad declares this as one of his most favourite channels.

Mismag 822 – The Card Trick Teacher

If you want to learn some neat card tricks, this is the right channel. Fahad says, "I usually impress my mates by learning card tricks from this channel and then doing the tricks live in front of them".

Nancy’s picks


Evelina is a fashion vlogger. Nancy’s not just a fan of Evelina’s outfits but her personality and DIY videos as well.

Sonya Esman

Sonya has this channel as well as a Russian channel that has even more subscribers. What Nancy appreciates about this personality is her "honesty" and the insight into her own life.

Agus’s Picks


Definitely not your regular how-to channel. Proceed with an open mind.


Sure, this may be geared more towards Asians. It doesn’t make the videos any less funnier.

Good Mythical Morning

This is Rhett and Link’s morning talk show. Yes, on YouTube. No more boring morning programs!

Singyin’s Picks


True story: Singyin actually stumbled upon her daughter watching a video from this channel one day. She sat down with her daughter and watched pretty much the rest of the videos in the channel. Side note: She has also managed to drag me along on the journey.

Postmodern Jukebox

In Singyin’s own words, "Timber. That’s all you need to know." Just press play and you’ll understand what she means…


The channel of Sungha Jung. Do you really need a reason for this?


Another talented young Youtuber. Singyin thinks that he’s a“fresh breather from vocal covers.”

Screen Junkies

Because there’s nothing like a good honest trailer going around on your social media feed.

How It Should Have Ended

Let’s be real. We all know that this channel does the better endings…

Fine Bros

Definitely a choice all of us can agree with. For Singyin, it’s the kids (who are adorable and so mature for their age) that get her. I myself find the Elders and Teens plenty entertaining.

Daniel’s Picks

Crash Course

As the name suggests, this channel features "crash course" videos on a variety of subjects from Science to Literature. It’s helmed by the Green brothers (who are basically the pioneers of the online video community).

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

The animation and epic voice over makes this a fun watch. Oh and of course, learning stuff is important.

Issa’s Picks

Namiko Chen

No matter where we come from, everyone speaks the language of food. This is a scrumptious channel that shows you easy Japanese recipes that you can try out for yourself.


For all the people who go to the movies and actually watch the trailers (guilty as charged), this is for you. After all, trailers build up the excitement.

Mental Floss

If you’re interested like Issa in general knowledge and interesting facts, then you’ll love Mental Floss. Fun fact: Hank Green has a hand in this too.

National Geographic

National Geographic is a big name and this channel is filled with great big stuff to keep you occupied for hours too. It’s okay though cause it’s good for you.

Rean’s Picks

Smarter Everyday

As someone who loves to learn things, “There’s just too much to learn” in Rean’s opinion. Smarter Everyday helps him get in the learning a lot faster.


There are some things that stick with us from a young age. For Rean, it’s stargazing. “From a young age I’ve always loved stargazing and I remember watching Cosmos by Carl Sagan and it’s always stuck with me.”


Unconventional questions is what VSauce plays on and this is the most interesting thing about the channel.

Kurt Hugo Schneider

As someone who’s also a subscriber of this channel, I can relate to Rean’s choice. A lot of awesome collaborations here.

Lindsey Stirling

Rean’s favorite violinist and if you’re a keen YouTube wanderer, probably yours too.

Leanne’s Picks

The Ming Thing

Interesting back story about this video: Leanne referenced this particular video in her job application.


According to Leanne, this is how she exercises. Hey, whatever makes for a fun workout, right?

Eat Your Kimchi

Being a new K-pop fan, she googled all things SHINee and stumbled upon this channel via the website. It’s okay Leanne, we’ve all been down that road before.

Anna Akana

A combination of geek and sass, Anna is a force to be reckoned with. In Leanne’s own words, "I just get her".


After binging on Superwoman’s videos, Leanne came to this conclusion: "Her parents" are the best thing about them.

My Picks

Nerdy Nummies

Food and geeky things are my 2 favorite things. So a combination of that basically leads me to this drool-worthy channel. Alright, it was actually my little sister who told me.


More geeky things and musicals. You can’t see it but I sung that line.


Epic Rap Battles. From Oprah vs Ellen to Dumbledore vs Gandalf, it’ll make you want to brush up on your own rhymes.

Andrew Huang

I stumbled upon him when I typed in unicorns and have been a fangirl ever since. Note: He does amazing song challenges.


His songs are catchy and they deal with interesting topics like Comic Sans *cue groans*. And yes, this Andrew and Andrew Huang are buddies.


Music, stop motion and special effects! You got to admit that he’s got style too.

Convos With My 2-Year-Old

Conversations with kids are funny enough but what happens when you get a grown man to play the role of the kid? Well, this is it!

ASAP Science

Because knowledge and cool drawings will make you lose track of time. It’s not rocket science but this will happen.


The mixes that Pogo does are just beautifully crafted and make for great ambient music.

Art Basel with PHHHOTO: The motion-capturing photo app introduces five artistic image filters for 24 hours each

Art Basel with PHHHOTO

We’ve long been fans of motion-capturing social photo booth PHHHOTO from our friends at HYPERHYPER, perhaps since even before its official inception in early 2013. Though their looped-motion image-creating booth is always an event favorite, the introduction……

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Spend hours browsing through Einstein’s life on Princeton’s new digital hub

The digitized Albert Einstein is here. Today, Princeton University launched Digital Einstein, an open-access, online version of the University’s “Einstein Papers project.” This means that anyone with an internet connection can now read and share thousands of the physicist’s personal documents.

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Knight Mills + Goodhood Limited Edition Floor Runner: Sourced and crafted in Santa Fe, each rug takes over 25 hours to weave on America’s only Jacquard loom

Knight Mills + Goodhood Limited Edition Floor Runner

In 2007, Goodhood opened its doors on a back street in Shoreditch, promising Londoners a curious collection of clothing and home goods. Last September, founders Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart expanded their inventory and moved shop a block away to a……

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ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation: The NYC retail space uses motion sensors and LED strips for a mesmerizing night show after business hours

ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation

Fashion label ØDD recognizes the close-knit connectivity between art and style. This awareness infuses founder and designer Judson Harmon’s signature line, as well as the other labels he houses within his Lower East Side…

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Twitpic saved by Twitter just hours before planned shut down

Twitpic has reached its final chapter. The once-popular image sharing service announced today that it has reached an agreement to be acquired by Twitter, saving millions of photos that were set to go up in smoke later today. In a blog post, founder Noah Everett said “we have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the Twitpic domain and photo archive, thus keeping the photos and links alive for the time being.” He added, “Twitter shares our goal of protecting our users and this data.”

The service was one of the first and, ultimately, most popular ways to share photos on Twitter. Until more recent years, Twitter itself didn’t offer a way to upload and share photos on the social network — users were forced to host images elsewhere…

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A Houston radio station is now playing Beyoncé songs 24 hours a day

The radio news business ain’t what it used to be. So after three years as a 24-hour news channel, a Houston radio station, News92 FM, announced this week that it will from now on play nothing but Beyoncé songs, Beyoncé songs, and more Beyoncé songs. There won’t even be commercials, unless you count when she talks about watermelons and Vogue. Queen Bey has five albums to her credit, totaling 63 songs and a little over four hours — those long Texas drives are going to get a little repetitive. Luckily, if you count Destiny’s Child there’s really a lot of music to be had. (One has to imagine that “Single Ladies” and “Flawless” are going to be played a lot, and that exactly no one will mind.) There won’t be as many people involved, as parent…

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Botched lethal injection takes nearly two hours to kill Arizona inmate

An execution taking place in Arizona tonight appears to have gone horribly awry. According to a report from the Associated Press, inmate Joseph Rudolph Wood “gasped and snorted” and was still alive more than an hour after the execution began. Wood was not pronounced dead until 3:49PM MT, one hour and 57 minutes after the beginning of the procedure.

Wood’s lawyers filed an emergency appeal during the execution, noting that he was “gasping and snorting for more than an hour” but was still alive some 70 minutes after the execution began. The whole process should have taken 10 minutes, Wood’s lawyers said.

Wood had been attempting to delay the execution by claiming his First Amendment rights were violated because the state wouldn’t release…

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Word of Mouth Melbourne: Late-Night : Five of the best spots for supper and nightcaps in the early hours

Word of Mouth Melbourne: Late-Night

Melbourne is a city that prides itself on culture. From concerts to plays, club events and public exhibitions, there’s no shortage of entertainment into the very early hours. But when the clock clicks over to a new day, the perfect place for supper and a cocktail can be tricky to…

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