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Hypnotic Effect of Cinemagraphs & How Can Bloggers Benefit from Them?

Gifs were given a second chance of popularity after cinemagraphs appeared. Let’s see what we can do with such amazing animated photographs.

Island Of The Gods Records: The new Bali-based imprint from LN-CC co-founder Dan Mitchell releases a hypnotic single from Zsou recorded in the Javan jungles

Island Of The Gods Records

After a fair amount of time monitoring LN-CC’s seriously obscure music collection in the digital realm, we knew we needed to meet the people behind such a curious inventory. So we traveled to East London’s Dalston…

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Kate Steciw’s Manipulated Stock Images: The artist turns 5 images intended for much more mundane use into hypnotic pieces that transcend the rectangular photograph

Kate Steciw's Manipulated Stock Images

In her first solo exhibition in Germany, artist Kate Steciw manipulates a very limited number of stock images into unique layered compositions, blurring the line between representation and abstraction. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born and now Brooklyn-based Steciw adorns…

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Hypnotic site turns your name into artificial life

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Have you heard of Conway’s Game of Life? It’s a sort of simulation of very basic artificial life, made out of a grid of square cells. Each cell interacts with its eight neighbours according to four basic rules, and from these rules evolve little worlds filled with distinct beings. It’s one of these simple mathematical things that can lead to complex and beautiful results, like the Golden Ratio.

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Watch Anthony Howe’s hypnotic 3D art go from conception to reality

“I was bored with everything being static in my visual world,” artist Anthony Howe told The Creators Project about his new work — a series of so-called “kinetic sculptures.” These kinetic sculptures are hardly static — thanks to the wind, they move in mesmerizing patterns that The Creators Project described as “real-world screensavers.” Beyond the visual spectacle, Howe’s design process is a combination of modern technology and traditional metalwork processes. His pieces start as computer models that he designs with the CAD program Rhinoceros 3D, and then the designs are cut with a plasma cutter and assembled by hand. That 3D design process is crucial to the wild visual effects found in his finished work — it allows him to see how…

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Hypnotic clock design makes time stand still

This abstract clock design from Portuguese designer Daniel Duarte will have you staring for hours with its ability to hypnotize and inspire.


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