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Cycling Climbs: Twenty Art Prints: The world’s most famous ascents on two wheels, captured in words and illustration

Cycling Climbs: Twenty Art Prints

Since the Tour de France route changes every year, the announcement of where the ride will take the peloton is a highly anticipated event. For riders and fans alike, a tour doesn’t quite have the “je ne sais quoi” without a visit to the Alpe d’Huez……

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How to Create a Coding Page Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

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How to Create a Coding Page Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

With all the flat style madness going on in the design community, we can quickly see how this is the direction of the future. Whether it’s icon design, mobile design, or web design, beautiful playful colors, lines and shapes are creating a new world for us to play in. Having said that, the current tutorial […]


How many iconic vehicles can you identify in this illustration series?

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French artist Nicolas Bannister was kicking his heels one Sunday afternoon, in late August 2013. “I was bored and I decided to do what I usually do when I’m bored – make a fake movie poster.” The result was the first in what became a massive series of iconic vehicle images. It covers all of Nicolas’s favourite things: cinema, graphic design, and movie cars.

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The Digital Illustration Portfolio of Conrado Salinas (+ Process Shots)

Conrado SalinasLos Angeles based illustrator Conrado Salinas has an impressive digital illustration portfolio. He was featured in Versus Magazine's 2014 Summer Issue and had his 'Bone Collector' piece printed and featured at Adobe MAX 2014. Conrado also has a few more process steps of certain digital pieces that you can see on his website.  Process Shots via: Conrado Salinas
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Illustration Project: Drunk in Autumn by Zhao Na

Zhao NaZhao Na is a professional illustrator based in Beijing, China and she has titled this project 'Drunk in Autumn'. The piece was created using autumnal colors with a cross hatch technique, featuring various wild animals laying in a large apple tree. Look, autumn fruit is ripe, aromas of sweet, attractive, intoxicated by the animals of […]
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Get inspired by the Illustration Master Class mastermind

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Petit Morte: It’s important to be able to paint just as well digitally as traditionally, says Rebecca

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Incredibly Detailed Illustration and Typography Piece by Xavier and Rémy (+ Process Shots)

typography project19Xavier Casalta and Rémy Boiré have collaborated to create this gorgeously detailed illustration and typography piece, the pointillism (dotwork) is by Xavier and the line work by Rémy. Overall, the piece took 300 hours to complete and was created using Rotring Inkpens. There are 50 limited edition prints available, on high quality giclée and A3 size, with free shipping.   via: Xavier […]
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Super Rockers – An Illustration Series of Rockstar Superheros

New York-based artist Andres Moncayo has taken popular superheros and given them a rockstar makeover in a tremendously creative illustration series called Super Rockers.

He has put together two bands of superheros – ‘The Rocking League’ and the ‘Avengers Band’. In ‘The Rocking League’- Superman sports a mohawk hair style and a bearded Aqua Man, wearing nothing but briefs, just looks totally bad-ass. Wonder Woman, Batman and Flash make up the rest of the band. In the ‘Avengers Band’, there are Wolverine and Thor, who look completely at home as rockers, and are backed up by Ironman, Spiderman, The Hulk and a boy-band looking Captain America.

If you love superhero art, you might also like to have a look at the Mysterious Noir Superhero Series by Ted Grant, or even Pixelomics, a gif-animated series of pixel art superheroes by Dusan Cezek.

Super Rockers by Andrés Moncayo

super rockers illustration superman

super rockers illustration woner woman
Wonder Woman

super rockers illustration batman

super rockers illustration The Flash
The Flash

super rockers illustration aquaman

super rockers illustration Wolverine

super rockers illustration the hulk
The Hulk

super rockers illustration Spiderman

super rockers illustration ironman
Iron Man

super rockers illustration thor

super rockers illustration captain america
Captain America

super rockers illustration Avengers Band
Avengers Band

super rockers illustration The Rocking League
The Rocking League

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Exciting new illustration project needs your help

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Want to rub creative shoulders with the likes of Jean Jullien, Stanley Chow and Grace Wilson on an exciting new project? The team behind UK street press comic OFF Life and One Thing I Know have launched Yellow, a year-long project that will see 52 artists illustrating their take on 52 weeks of news – and they need your help.

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The Creative Illustration Portfolio of Shannon Knight

shannon knighShannon Knight is a freelance illustrator currently based in Boston, her portfolio is full of unique and detailed illustrations. Some of Shannon's clients include; On Tray Magazine, Brandeis Magazine and New England Arts for Animals. If you are interested in purchasing any of her works, she does have prints available via her website. via: shannon knight
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