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The most important camera gear at Japan’s biggest photo show

All the new products from CP+ 2015

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The five most important things we might have learned from Ant-Man’s very tiny teaser

Marvel blessed us with a teaser for the Ant-Man teaser earlier today, the upcoming superhero flick starring everybody’s favorite “guy next-door” Paul Rudd. While it was a coy attempt to tantalize without giving away much detail, the studio execs obviously don’t watch enough police procedurals and therefore forgot about our ability to zoom-and-enhance. What we’re left with is a surprising amount of casting reveals and cameos that show the studio’s unraveling faith in the star power of Rudd.

Paul Rudd will certainly be in this movie, which we already knew. But what we didn’t know was that he would appear next to Ranger Smith from the Yogi Bear cartoons. That seems like a confusing creative choice by Marvel until you realize that…

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Meet the US Senate’s most important anti-environmentalist

In 2003, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and then-chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, took to the Senate floor and asked, “With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?” More than 10 years of science has been completed since Inhofe first posed his question. Nearly all of it shows climate change is definitely not a hoax. That hasn’t stopped Sen. Inhofe and other conservative politicians from waging a crusade against climate policy and science.

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Powerful charity animation helps spread important message

Read more about Powerful charity animation helps spread important message at

youtube: 6qwndXMfmso Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to get the message out there. Video marketing agency Hurricane Media took on the task of spreading the message of Together for Short Lives – the leading UK charity for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.

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This Is Why Proofreading Is So Important… Else This Happens!

Proofreading is very important in public domain, especially in marketing and advertising, else it’ll turn into a big disaster for yourself or your company.

This Is Why Proofreading Is So Important… Else This Happens!

Proofreading can be the determining factor in effectively communicating with your audience. It helps remove careless grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors from your writing to improve the overall effectiveness of the message.

Unfortunately, there’s not a single spell-check program out there that will catch all the potential mistakes from your writing. That’s why it’s so essential to proofread your work before making it available to public because when you work in public, proofreading saves lives. Else, something like this happens…

Why Proofreading Is So Important

1. Now Rachael Ray truly exposed.

Now Rachael Ray truly exposed.
Image credit:

2. Is it a church or a doomsday cult.

Is it a church or a doomsday cult.
Image credit:

3. When you maybe had one regert.

When you maybe had one regert.
Image credit:

4. Interesting offer! This store probably be out of beds soon.

Interesting offer! This store probably be out of beds soon.
Image credit:

5. Remember the real heroes of our country.

Remember the real heroes of our country.
Image credit:

6. Now I know why I’m not average.

Now I know why I’m not average.
Image credit:

7. This store knows how to help overcrowded prisons.

This store knows how to help overcrowded prisons.
Image credit:

8. You should take witch’s parking policies VERY seriously.

You should take witch's parking policies VERY seriously.
Image credit:

9. When Jenny prefer to be angry first.

When Jenny prefer to be angry first.
Image credit:

10. It would be interesting watching SpongeBob doing the hiring?

It would be interesting watching SpongeBob doing the hiring?
Image credit:

11. The sign maker is sick and tired of boots.

The sign maker is sick and tired of boots.
Image credit:

12. When an escort opens a side business for extra cash.

When an escort opens a side business for extra cash.
Image credit:

13. And all this time I thought The Hunger Games was fictional.

And all this time I thought The Hunger Games was fictional.
Image credit:

14. How ironic?

How ironic?
Image credit:

15. You can always find someone having a worse job than you.

You can always find someone having a worse job than you.
Image credit:

16. Text from a vampire.

Text from a vampire.
Image credit:

17. Wood you like to have some free would?

Wood you like to have some free would?
Image credit:

18. I never knew this enlightening fact about Nelson Mandela.

I never knew this enlightening fact about Nelson Mandela.
Image credit:

19. When spacing ruins the entire meaning.

When spacing ruins the entire meaning.
Image credit:

20. Encouraged to be rebels.

Encouraged to be rebels.
Image credit:

21. Now you get rewarded for parking illegally?

Now you get rewarded for parking illegally?
Image credit:

22. See, You got a good option at this bakery.

See, You got a good option at this bakery.
Image credit:

23. When a comma ruins everything.

When a comma ruins everything.
Image credit:

24. This mommy need serious help.

This mommy need serious help.
Image credit:

25. Don’t look confused. It’s an X-rated road.

Don't look confused. It's an X-rated road.
Image credit:

26. Now, Will you ever eat pancakes again?

Now, Will you ever eat pancakes again?
Image credit:

27. This is intentional so no one can use this bathroom.

This is intentional so no one can use this bathroom.
Image credit:

28. Finally the dirty truth about McDonald’s came out.

Finally the dirty truth about McDonald's came out.
Image credit:

29. Only lightweight people are allowed to have personal time on the copy machine.

Only lightweight people are allowed to have personal time on the copy machine.
Image credit:

30. When a witch opened her account on Facebook.

When a witch opened her account on Facebook.
Image credit:

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Important Advice To Remember When You Design Your Infographic

In the marketing industry we have to see infographics as being quite new, although it looks like they have been around for ages. It is only now that we see a huge craze that appears in marketing and that includes infographics as a promotional method.

Important Advice To Remember When You Design Your Infographic

Using infographics can be highly beneficial for promoting literally any sign or campaign but it has to be done properly. Always remember that building an infographic does not guarantee you will get links to your pages or traffic to your sites. You have to be sure that the infographic is properly promoted and you need to learn how to create something that can be engaging.

We will now talk about infographic design since most people out there just get a vector based Illustrator template, paste some data and expect success. Before you submit your infographic to any site, make sure that you take into account how modern infographics are created since there are differences compared with what worked in the past, all fundamentals are always the same.

Data Has To Tell A Story

In order to properly communicate with your audience, you need to tell a story. It is the only way in which you can engage with anyone. When you just paste data and there is no story that is presented, you end up with an infographic that is not effective.

All data that you use needs to be:

  • Controversial
  • Competent
  • Compelling

Always think about whether or not the audience finds the data that you present and the way in which you present it as being interesting. At the same time, be sure that you always present information that is first offered by a credible, high authority source. Controversy is quite good since it creates an instant response. Creating debates and conversations is what helps spread influence.

Think About Audience And Purpose

One of the worst things that you can do is to create an infographic that includes really good data but everything you present is of no interest to the target audience. Before you even create your fist layout, you have to research the market, the media landscape and the client so that you can connect in a proper way.

After you identify your target audience, you will need to consider the call to action that you want to include. Some want to sell a product or a service. Others want to raise brand awareness. Identifying your purpose will help you to create an infographic that is suitable and that can help you to reach the goals you have at the moment.

Making Complex Data Completely Understandable

The wise marketer knows that he has to communicate in a way that the target audience can understand everything. This means that you have to avoid industry slang as much as possible. After data is analyzed, you have to figure out how to properly present it. The graphic’s main purpose is to make data as comprehensive and as pretty as possible.

The viewer can understand facts in a really easy way when proper graphics are used. What you create needs to have the aim of presenting everything in a way that reaches purposes. With this in mind, the visual representation of your data should:

  • Be accurate
  • Be clear
  • Be informative
  • Be accessible
  • Be optimized – presented in a way that will be conducive to promotion medium.
  • Be Attractive

The infographic needs to make the data easy to understand while also standing out as visually appealing and completely informative. As you can imagine, this is really difficult to achieve.

How our laws are made.
Infographic – How our laws are made.

A great example of an infographic that actually tells a story is How Laws Are Made (pictured above) by Mike Wirth and Dr. Suzanne Cooper Guasco. The reader is taken through the entire law making process, thus being captivated by a story instead of just data.

First Consider Your Structure!

When you build a house, you start with the foundation. In a similar way, the great infographic always relies on a clear, strong structure. A good structure will determine data organization, narrative flow and guarantee data integrity. When you concentrate on your structure, data will control graphics instead of visual design controlling the infographic.

If you want to have a good structure, you have to think about:

  • How much data you include – Is it too much or too little?
  • Data categorization – Different visual formats will be needed for different categories. Information is usually organized in 5 ways by designers: chronologically, alphabetically, categorically, hierarchically or by location.
  • Dimensions.
  • Mediums – animation, interactive or static.
  • Where infographics will be promoted – on TV sets, in print or on the internet.

While building your structure, stop from time to time and make sure that everything you create is very easy to understand. Infographics always have to inform and success always varies based on this. You may end up being caught up into your design and lose sight of your structure. So many designers create tremendous visualizations that are stunning on your wall but the data is not really accessible because of improper structures.

The bottom line with the structure is that it needs to be well constructed, with design being secondary in the process, but not to be neglected. When you add structure that is way too complex and those that see it have to spend a lot of time to decipher it, you have a huge problem. Your structure needs to:

  • Be comprehensive
  • Put focus on key elements
  • Be clear
  • Never mask data
  • Never obscure facts

How to be a Superhero.
Infographic – How to be a Superhero.

The infographic above showcases a really simple medium with minimal text but simple information, making it highly attractive, while also reaching a great target audience.

Use Correct Tools

The web designer has access to so many tools and chart options that can be used. We have access to lines, layers, areas, bars, pies and highly customizable elements that can make the infographic look exactly as you want it to. The problem is that when we have so many opportunities, it is easy to end up faced with problems since wrong choices are made.

You have to select design elements that are perfect based on the data that you are about to present. Visual representations of data blocks can be tough but you can easily use various elements in some circumstances.

As an example, use a simple bar chart if this is the most accessible format that is to be used. Learn from how data was presented in the past and do not always try to come up with something new. You can easily add some graphic elements to transform a bar chart into something else but is it something that will be beneficial for overall readability?

Choosing A Correct Visual Approach

There are basically two main types of infographics when talking about overall graphic visual design:

  • Data does all the talking – Artwork is created for data.
  • Graphic elements do the talking – Attractive design elements are created in order to drive a narrative, guiding style so that the information is mainly attractive while data is presented in a brute way.

Both approaches are suitable for specific situations. In some cases we can even combine them. In most situations you will need to consider the following to see what correct visual approach:

  • Branding
  • Exposure medium
  • Purpose
  • Necessary tone
  • Audience

You have to be really careful whenever you use illustrations so that you can represent narratives. Information and data stand out as main elements while illustrative elements should never hamper viewer comprehension. Metaphorical data visual representation can always be insightful and impactful when it is correctly used. Data would be lost if it is not correctly utilized.

Size Is Vital

The image that you create needs to be of a really high resolution. When bloggers or the press want to publish it or share it, high resolution is vital. You should never limit options before you even start designing your infographic by starting to work at an improper resolution.

A small infographic version is always recommended as it is to appear as a very attractive and small image, perfect for sharing on social networks. This is known as an infogram. The infogram is practically a really concise infographic part that can also be viewed as a standalone content.

Many designers forget about the infogram but you should not make this mistake. Having various sizes and resolutions is important. Below you can see an example of an infogram for the infographic we showed above:

How to be a Superhero.
Infographic – How to be a Superhero.


It is such a shame to see a really well designed infographic that does not have branding. At the same time, there are cases when we have too much branding. In most situations less is more as you build an outreach campaign. Try to think about how you can brand the content that you promote without making it seem that this is what you do. This is quite tricky but it can be done if you are a little patience. You can add logos at the top and URLs at the end. Also, if you have authority, you can add links to your content in the source section.

Arranging Data Into Sections

All the data that you have need to be broken down. Your infographic needs to include sections because of the fact that data becomes much easier to digest. The idea is to have parts of the infographic that can be used as standalone images to use for promotion purposes in the future. That is quite interesting for a promotion purpose since your infographic automatically transforms into various images that you would use to promote just parts.

Serif Vs. Sans- The Final Battle.
Infographic – Serif Vs. Sans- The Final Battle.

Adding References

A really good infographic will be shared by people when the data presented is credible. You have to be able to add sources. If possible, the infographic can also include clickable URLs. When you create your infographic, you have access to data that is taken from different sources. The designer receives the data and should also receive the source of that data so that it can be added right at the bottom of the infographic. At the same time, it is great to add some sort of code that can be used for embedding the infographic but that is done by the webmaster, not by the designer. Learn more about adding sources here.

PR And Distribution

As already stated, many think that a good infographic will basically promote itself. This is not the case. After you finish that perfect infographic, you need to distribute it. That is not as easy as you may believe right not.

The designer is not responsible for the promotion but it is important to understand at least the basics. You have to basically realize where your target audience is found online. That is where the infographic should be promoted. If it is well designed, you will be able to have it become viral.

Summing Up

There are various things that were mentioned above and it is quite difficult to take them all in. Infographics are basically available all around the world and they surround us. Some elements are even used in billboard ads.

A designer that wants to specialize in infographics needs to also have some sort of marketing training. This is because he/she needs to realize how to create visual elements that would aid the promotion of the image that is created. This is a lot easier said than done!

When you are asked to create an infographic, it is very important that you take the necessary time to ask all the questions you need answers to. This mainly means that you have to look at the target audience. As a simple example, in the event that you need to create an infographic for 20 year old men, everything would be different than when comparing with 40 year old women.

When you receive the content that is to be added to the infographic you create, you have to always think about whether or not it will be good. While you are paid for adding that data and creating the images, success is highly dependent on the data that you receive. If you think that the data is not suitable, you have to let the client know. That is why the work of the professional infographic web designer is difficult.

At the same time, you have to be sure that you ask about how the infographics will be promoted. That is necessary since you have to be aware of how to create the infographic in a way that is suitable, based on all the factors that were mentioned above. Have patience and always ask for enough time so that you can create something that is perfect!

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10 Important Twitter Management Tools

There are so many Twitter tools out there that makes it quite difficult to decide which ones to trust with your Twitter account management. There are many useful tools that have been used by big giant to manage their Twitter accounts. For this post, we have collected 10 very important as well as equally useful Twitter management tools for you that will allow you manage multiple Twitter accounts easily.
Here is the full collection after the jump. We hope that you will find this collection useful for you. DO let us know what you think about this compilation. Also, add if we have missed some good management tools that you know.


Enhance your social media management with HootSuite, the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results.


Tweepi Twitter Follow Management Utility is a set of Twitter tools to add, follow and unfollow tweeps in bulk.


BrandChirp is the # 1 solution for brand management on Twitter. Effectively monitor, manage and resolve all brand activity.


ManageFlitter is a critically acclaimed set of Twitter Tools loved by over 2 million people. Unfollow, Follow, Bio Search & Analytics.


Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and we automagically share posts for you through the day.




Argyle Social is marketing software made for the social B2B. We integrate with several marketing systems and social networks to ensure your social data is relevant at every level of your organization.


Get your free Twitter brand assessment and action plan.


Embedly delivers the ultra-fast, easy to use products and tools for richer sites and apps.

Contact Page is More Important Than You Might Think

Website is a general term referring to an entity of web pages.

Contact Page is More Important Than You Might Think

Each page of a website is equally essential, but why then all noise is about the ‘About Us’ page, landing or home page? Contact page has the same meaning and impact on users.

What Is Contact Page For?

  1. The first function of a Contact page is to get visitors interested. If they like what they see and it is easy to contact you, why won’t they make a call or fill a form?
  2. The second but probably the most important reason to build Contact page wisely is the collaboration facilitation. The ‘Contact Us’ section helps users to contact the webmaster and so the website owner so gets the information on his customers.
  3. Contact page is the last one that visitors see before they decide if they need your project. There are little chances that users will change their mind if your home page is brilliant but contact page has a so-so design. Still, it is better not to risk with it! If a user likes your website thanks to a perfect website design, the Contact page will just emphasize how cool you are.
  4. Contact page kills two birds with one stone: it helps to improve customers’ satisfaction of the website and the company, plus it helps to improve your product. How? – Very easy: people will leave their thoughts, suggestions, tips, recommendations via a contact form. So you can make an analysis of your website and understand how your audience sees it.
  5. This function follows out of the previous point: you can collect any information you need via a Contact form. It doesn’t mean just information on your project but on users too. You can get the name, email address, website URL, and something else very easy.

Contact Page Must Be:

1. Functional

It is pretty clear that everything should work like clockwork on a Contact page. Each field of the form, any button or link must be double-checked before you let it appear before visitors.

2. Good-looking

Design matters a lot, even if it seems rather easy to create a Contact page. It just seems so. The colors, fonts, form position, elements of design, buttons’ look are all the ingredients of this page. The more important fact is that all these features have to be designed in harmony and balance with one another. The styles and colors should correlate with each other, take this into consideration please.

3. Written seductively

The copy should be written well if you want users to fill the form fields. For this reason, you can add a short greeting phrase before the contact form, a sentence or two about yourself, anything that can put users in a good mood and win their favor.

4. Responsive

Mobile gadgets have taken the world. People use them everywhere and for any purpose. The Contact page, as of course all other pages of the design, has to be responsive. Plus, you need to think about the hassles mobile users can face. For example, this is a ‘Submit’ button. Make sure it is big enough to click on it via a touchscreen.

5. Personal

Many who thinkthat a Contact page is designed like in a standard way and the Contact form can be a simple box with empty fields to fill. But you will gain more users if your Contact page has personalized design. You can use your pictures and the pictures of your team: this is a true way to make a page design individual. Then, let your imagination help you with the design, and maybe you will get something really special that no one else done before.

6. Alternative

Users need to have a chance to choose. They should be able to pick the method of contacting you. Someone hates contact forms, even if there are just two small fields. Make your email clickable: probably there would be some people to prefer this way. If you have many branch offices in many cities, make sure you include a search box which visitors can use to find the location of the only office they need, not to scroll a long list of contacts.

Components of a Smart Contact Page

1. Contact form

A web form is one of the most significant Contact page ingredients. Before you design one, you should define the best appropriate position on the page for it. Firstly, it is better to be above the fold, and not vice versa like many sites do: map above the fold and contact form below. This position allows users not to scroll but type their message immediately. As for the position, a form with center alignment is better, because usually full width forms seem too complicated.

The amount of form fields can make your visitors go away from it at once. Too many fields may scare users, who have no time and especially desire to write a lot. The best solution is to include at least three fields: name, email, and message. By the way, the empty field for client’s message should be included, instead of those forms with many options a user has to choose among.

It is also a great design technique to highlight the current field with another color, a bold or dotted line. This shows which field is active right now.

Contact form is a part of Contact page, but not obligatory it to be just there. You can design a form popup that appears on any other pages. If a user is reading the ‘About Us’ page and has already decided to collaborate with you, he won’t need to go for Contacts to get in touch with you. One more option is possible: sidebar sliding contact form. It is a bit more functional and practical that a popup, so far as the popup disappears after users push the cross button (if accidentally). Sidebar sliding form can be activated any time with just one simple button.

2. Email address

Contact form and email address are oriented on different audience. While some people want their message be more anonymous, or they don’t want to go to another window, open their email client or so; others feel better if sent a direct message from their email. Therefore, they have a copy of the message, which they can use again or make it a proof of that they contacted the website owner. So far, as you can’t predict what a particular user will pick, you should have these both options on your web page. The email address is better to be clickable, as it will save users’ time and don’t require any additional actions from them.

3. Phone number

Telephone number is a step towards confidential relations between you and your visitors. By giving these contact details to them, you show more thrust and your desire to negotiate.

4. Social media links

Social media buttons and links can maximize your online exposure, and it is double success if they work together with your website. It is more and more often seen how web designers incorporate follow buttons on a Contact page. Some time ago, this kind of elements were put in the Footer or somewhere on the homepage only, but what stops you to have Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest links in more than one place? Users will go for contact information on your Contact page and surprisingly they will find one more way to reach you: social networks.

The design of social media buttons must be smart: not too provocative, but enough eye-catching. They should be pretty big in size, yet we don’t mean to give a half of your web page to these links. The most suitable position is somewhere at the bottom, or in the Header, so not to mess up all information you have.

5. Interactive map

Interactive map is good investment to a Contact web page. It makes your website more up-to-date if to say so, and of course it is a crucial element of the user-centered design. User must be your major interest, and you should understand that users will be pleased with a functional and interactive map on your site. You show your location, this is the first, and you also make it easier for users to find the right route to get to your office. They won’t need to go for Google maps, any other service/app, GPS, they will do everything in one browser window.

6. Specific details

The contact form andmap are well-suited features for any website kind, though there are some peculiar things that just some websites can include. The restaurant businesses having a website, can include the happy hours on their Contact pages, while schools or gyms can mention their opening hours. You know your audience better and you definitely know what your potential customer wants to find on the Contact page.

7. Confirmation message

You are obliged to inform users that their message was sent successfully, otherwise they would be confused and can submit a few messages to be sure they succeeded. A simple phrase like ‘Your message was sent successfully’ will be enough. Still, creativity is not forbidden. The confirmation message can contain the information about the respondent or the approximate time of response.

Something Important To Add

1. Buttons

We want to share some secret rules for making buttons perfect with you.

  • Exclude ‘Reset’ or ‘Clear’ button. The name you pick for this button does not make a big deal, because it should not appear on your Contact page with the contact form. This buttons usually is close to the Submit button, and users can push it accidentally. Imagine the frustration someone feels after he thought out a perfect message to contact you and delete it through inattentiveness. And, actually this button serves for nothing useful, why then to include it? If a user wants to delete the message, he can do it manually; or if he changed his mind to contact you, he will just leave the page.
  • Think out the button text. Trivial ‘Submit’ button will surprise nobody. There are many variants to be more creative and make the button text: go, sent message, ready, etc.
2. Captcha

Come on! Do you still have these annoying captchas on your website? It is interesting to know why you need it. Some time ago, it was thought that captcha is a proof of spam defense. The situation has changed and now it is almost the same easy to get to the spammer’s list with an open email address and having captchas to confirm that user is a human. And be honest, have you really got a lot of spam before you use captcha?

Ways toGet to the Contact Page

Finally, you have made the best Contact page design ever (using our tips, we hope so), but now you need visitors to find it easy and quickly. Here are two placements for a contact page link.

1. Primary navigation

Contact page is a separate web page on your site, and so it deserves to be featured on the primary navigation bar. A common thing is to make Contact menu tab the last on the bar, but it doesn’t matter a lot. Still, there is something to matter: if you have a navigation menu with submenu tabs, the Contact page shouldn’t be somewhere in the submenu.

2. Footer

Oftentimes Footer fulfills the function of the Contact page, i.e. it features the contact info, sometimes contact form and even a map. It is much better to have a separate Contact page with all-in-all features, and Footer can still have contacts but in short. In this case, Footer can become a home place for a link to the Contact page.

What Should You Do Right Now?

OK, you have the read the entire article, and now you need either to design a new Contact page, if you didn’t have it before, or redesign the old one. You have got enough instructions and tips here, but remember the most important: be creative, think about user, make forms simple, ensure that everything works perfectly and add individuality to your Contact page!

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Circle – An Important Aspect of Web Design

Trend hunters have grasped another things that seems to seize the looks of most website. Get into the blog post to find out more.