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The Ebove Bike from Activetainment: A virtual reality-compatible indoor mountain bike trainer that blends elements from video games with training

The Ebove Bike from Activetainment

For most adrenaline-seeking mountain-bikers, sitting on a stationary bike is less of a substitute for the real thing and more cruel and unusual punishment. But as technology aids indoor trainers in becoming more engaging, staying bike-fit throughout……

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Indoor Cycling Meets Entertainment with Zwift: The global multiplayer environment integrates exercise with game play

Indoor Cycling Meets Entertainment with Zwift

Whether it’s the dropping of temperatures, shortening of days or just plain lack of free-time, hitting the road for a lengthy ride isn’t always in the cards. While indoor trainers for stationary riding continue to advance, giving cyclists more detailed data on their…

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The Indoor and Outdoor FollowMe Lamp from Marset: A modern, lantern-like table lamp designed to let you roam your home

The Indoor and Outdoor FollowMe Lamp from Marset

Barcelona is known for its flair—in natural geography, architecture and style of the city’s inhabitants. With this in mind, it’s no surprise one of the most exciting companies in lighting at the moment hails from the coastal…

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Books recycled to pot indoor plants


We have been reading books from our childhood and till now we have collection of them. It’s almost of no use for us now but Gardenkultur teaches us a very creative way of utilizing our old books.

The old books can actually be recycled as potted plants. All you need is a hard-cover book or novel and put seeds of your desired plant into scooped-out sections of your old hardback books. This is a really a superb technique of decorating your room with such an exceptional and unique pot. Who could have thought that a plant can be grown in a book? We have only seen the images of plants from small to giant trees in the books but now you can actually grow them in your book.

Get visualized to the grown plants in the book pots in the given pictures. I am sure you would definitely give it a try after watching these pictures.





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Low Maintenance Indoor Gardening With Pikaplant: Two new home gardening options for people whose green thumb is a little unreliable

Low Maintenance Indoor Gardening With Pikaplant

Whether or not you’ve got a green thumb, Amsterdam design agency Leaps Innovation has developed two unique systems that make caring for a plant as easy as admiring it. Their…

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Word of Mouth: Arts District, Los Angeles: The Ace Hotel, an indoor bouldering gym, new restaurants and more spaces opening up downtown

Word of Mouth: Arts District, Los Angeles

The Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, east of City Hall and Little Tokyo, has long been known as a haven for artists and creatives. The industrial buildings mix multi-use living and working spaces with bars, food, factories and all kinds of…

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Apple buys indoor navigation company WiFiSLAM


Apple has acquired WifiSLAM, a Wi-Fi-based indoor navigation company, indicating that it may be planning to add indoor navigation to its mapping service. The news was reported by The Wall Street Journal and confirmed by an Apple spokesperson.

WifiSLAM’s software lets people pinpoint their location within a building using ambient WiFi signals from routers that are already present inside, providing accuracy of around eight feet. Apple reportedly paid $ 20 million for the two-year-old company, a relatively small acquisition, but a definite asset in the competition against Google’s dominant Maps service, which offers its own crowdsourced indoor mapping functionality.

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