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Inside Kohler’s Century-Old Wisconsin Factory: Touring the American-made manufacturer of brass, porcelain and steel sinks, bathtubs and toilets

Inside Kohler's Century-Old Wisconsin Factory

There’s a great number of things we interact with on a daily basis that are too easy to assume have been made by machines. Take, for example, toilets, sinks and bathtubs. These steel, porcelain and brass pieces of industrial design are so commonplace……

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Studio Visit: Photographer Jill Greenberg: Inside the workspace of the celebrated artist, whose upcoming gallery showcase blurs painting and photography

Studio Visit: Photographer Jill Greenberg

On the fifth floor of a joint residential/workspace building in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, photographer Jill Greenberg set up shop back in 1997. While she would leave in 2000 for the West Coast, 12 years later she returned and the studio itself……

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ListenUp: Alex Burey: Inside World

Alex Burey: Inside World

If you needed yet another reason to feel old and unproductive, stream 19-year-old Alex Burey’s debut EP Inside World, which the songwriter and producer from London is self-releasing on 9 February 2015 through his label, Pling recordings. Burey’s emotive……

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Test Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R: Inside the fast, fun and powerful hatchback

Test Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R

by Justin Kaehler

Just last year, it seemed Volkswagen had reached peak hatchback status, but evidently, they had grand plans. The respected company is now ready to release its ultimate hatchback, the Golf R. It’s the fastest, most powerful Golf……

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What 20 Designers Carry Inside Their Bags [PICS]

Designers and artists are pretty fashionable folks, as you may know. They like to get creative from the clothes they wear to how they organize their desks. If you’ve always wondered about what designers carry in their bags as well, you definitely want to pay attention to this.

Mijlo, a Dutch-based collective which has a backpack project you can back on Kickstarter, has reached out to a group of creatives from all over the world, asking them the essentials they have in their bags. On their site you can find about 100 of these designer bag exposés, so what we have here is just a sneak peek into what you can probably find in a designer’s bag.

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Jiani Lu

Juani Lu is a designer, photographer and bookbinder from Toronto, who currently lives in Dubai. It is evident just how passionate she is about her craft with the particular items she uses for her craft like thread and the paper cutter. The camera, and a set of pens and markers in her bag complete her artistic endeavours.

Fabrizio Querida

Fabrizio Querida is a designer at a graphic design bureau based in Barcelona called Querida (which means lover in Spanish). The array of things featured in the picture display a quirky sense of style as well as humor. The subtle nods to pop culture are pretty cool as well.

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a designer and Creative Director based in New York city, which explains the mug. What makes this display unique is the different combinations of item that seem to go together such as the radical pineapple with sunglasses and the lipstick holding figurine.

Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole is a graphic designer and illustrator from Newcastle, Australia. She is also co-founder of the Shorthand design studio. Instead of going the conventional route and taking a picture of her items, Amanda went with what she knew. You can really tell that she dials it back down to the real essentials.

Justin Broadbent

Justin Broadbent is an artist based in Canada. Judging by his collection of items military bag, Justin is a fan of coffee and skateboarding. It’s highly likely that he’s 32 years old and dabbles with different mediums of art.

Jordan Blyth

Jordan Blyth is the owner of a small design studio, JB Studio, that specializes in identity design and brand development. His fairly minimalistic style is depicted here by his choices which are black and white in color.

Ed Nacional

Ed Nacional is a freelance designer and illustrator from Brooklyn, New York. As you see, Ed is a fan of trade marks and symbols. He also uses the stylish field notes notebook and only takes a few things along with him.

Daniel Brokstad

What really strikes a person about this photograph is the arrangement of the stuff Daniel has. As a freelance graphic designer that also works in photography and illustration, the Norwegian has a particular elegant style that’s depicted by his accessories.

Kasia Kurek

Kasia is a Melbourne based freelance graphic designer. She is inspired by various people like Wes Anderson and Saul Bass and loves to experiment with different creative elements. Her playful and creative nature comes alive through her things in this photo.

Calen Knauf

Calen Knauf makes up half of the Knauf and Brown studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The contents of his bag are kind of weird: a pocket camera, notebook, sunglasses, a handy pocket knife and an old cell phone.

Adam Gray

A quick glance at the contents inside the bag and you can tell that Adam Gray is someone who loves the outdoors. The artist from San Francisco has a huge imagination as indicated by his selection. Definitely someone with a wide range of interests.

Polly Stanton

Polly uses photography, videos and sounds to reflect her view of the way human’s experience the world with all its features. In addition to her art, she also works in film and television which is reflected in the items that she carries in her bag.

Thorbjorn Gudnason

Originally from Denmark, Thorbjorn Gudnason is a New York based designer. He has a fondness for creating ideas that combine both Scandanavian simplicity and New York mentality which we can see. The contrast between his passport and the rest of his items which are black in color really highlight his taste.

Levi van Veluw

Levi van Veluw is a Dutchman who has produced varying artworks in a combination of different disciplines. The powertools displayed here showcases just how much he plays around with all sorts of materials.

Thibault Zimmermann

French artist Thimbault Zimmermann is a part of the Zim&Zou brand. Their specialty lies in creating wonderful installations out of phsycial objects although their preferred medium is paper. Thimbault’s vibrant personality comes through below.

Joe Perez

Joe Perez is a creative director and graphic artist based in Los Angeles, California. His clients consist of a lot of well-known musicians if you didn’t guess by the guitar and his general style.

Yah-Leng Yu

Yah-Leng Yu has worked with some renowned names in fashion. Currently she is one of the co-founder’s and a creative director at Foreign Policy Design, which is based in Singapore. You can sense the tropical vibe by the garments pictured below and the particular rustic sense of asthetic.

Adriana Barros

Adriana is a founder and award-winning designer of Scene 360’s Illusion. Scene 360 is a magazine featuring art, design, and films. As one would expect, as someone who is in charge, she needs a lot of tools in her bags, be it make up or artistic tools.

Amy Woodside

Amy Woodside is an artist and founder of OKREAL, a site which features stories of everyday women from all over the globe. Her own story unfolds her before our eyes. She comes across as down to earth and someone who appreicates the simple things in life.

Davy Rudolph

As the current Interactive Art Director at Apple, Davy Rudolph is someone who understands what the company is about. His Californian roots are showcased here in the form of the sunglasses and shoes. A fusion of elegance and simplicity.

Share with us what you have in yours in the comments below.

This is what’s happening inside your camera at 10,000 frames per second

The “D” in DSLR does not stand for dark magic. In fact, that snap of the shutter you hear when taking a picture is a wonderful symphony of mechanical engineering at work, and happens so fast that you can’t really enjoy it all with the naked eye. Luckily, the Slow Mo Guys have painstakingly chronicled what’s happening with the mechanical shutter of a Canon 7D using a very fast (and expensive) Phantom Flex camera, recording various shutter speeds at a mind-boggling 10,000 frames per second.

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Inside Itay’s Growing Sneaker Expo, Ginnika : The grassroots event moves to the northern city of Verona where we speak with founder Andrea Sibaldi

Inside Itay's Growing Sneaker Expo, Ginnika

Sneaker culture is varied and constantly evolving. It’s a world in which art, music, sports, fashion and of course shoes, all play a part. It generates passions and manias, as well as interesting connections between different places and people that……

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Life in Japan: an 18-part look inside Japan’s game industry

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Treasures Inside a Tunnel: Osaka’s Shark Attack: A hidden antique store in the quiet Japanese neighborhood of Nakazaki-cho, Osaka

Treasures Inside a Tunnel: Osaka's Shark Attack

Opened in 2013 in Japan’s Kansai region, the commercial complex of Grand Front Osaka stands just outside the Osaka train station, offering weary travelers a long list of high-end stores and restaurants (including the World Beer Museum that seats……

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Fashion Designer Paola Hernandez’s Brooklyn Showroom: A peek inside the Mexican creative’s philosophy-driven studio and store, and a brand new collection

Fashion Designer Paola Hernandez's Brooklyn Showroom

Over a year after launching a flagship store in Mexico City, fashion designer Paola Hernandez has unveiled a showroom at the crux of Brooklyn’s north and south Williamsburg neighborhoods. Aesthetically minimal and arranged for the maximum impact……

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