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Chickens are closely related to dinosaurs, and other insights from the new bird family tree

Flamingos and doves are more closely related than they look, a new genetic analysis of birds shows. That’s not all: chickens are close relations of dinosaurs, and genetic patterns in the brains of birds that learn new calls show remarkable similarities to humans.

These findings stem from a project that sequenced genes from 48 bird species and then used several months of supercomputing time to analyze relationships. This week, eight papers appear in Science from the effort, which included more than 200 people from 80 labs. More than 20 papers will also be published in separate journals.

“an impressive effort”“This is an impressive effort that provides important support for a number of previous assertions that have lacked this extensive…

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99U’s Make Your Mark: Notable entrepreneurs and designers share their hard-learned lessons and practical insights

99U's Make Your Mark

While the annual 99U conference (previously known as 99%, co-founded by CH and Behance) is a two-day whirlwind affair in NYC, the conference’s daily-updated website—and now, their three-part book series—offer a way for creatives…

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Snoopy + Bamford Watch Department Rolex: Founder George Bamford shares insights on Charles Schultz cartoon character come to life in this limited edition timepiece

Snoopy + Bamford Watch Department Rolex

When Bamford Watch Department announced their collaborative piece with pop art design house Rodnik Band—on the much-loved cartoon character Snoopy—word spread like wildfire. Bamford Watch Department chose a…

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Get FREE Access to Hotjar Insights

Would you like to get all the tools for data analysis the big sites use? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all these tools for a discounted price? Or even better, what if you could get all these tools for free to try them out?

Well, look no further, Hotjar insights is offering all the data insights you need for free, if you sign up before August 30th, 2014. (After the free trial period, you can continue with Hotjar at a significantly discounted price)

What is Hotjar Insights?

Hotjar Insights is a web app to help you understand your website visitors. It combines several insight tools (that you might pay for separately) into one unified platform. These tools include:

Hotjar Insights combines metrics into one platform.
  • Heatmaps that tell you where your users are clicking.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Exit polls.
  • Surveys.
  • Video recordings of users using your site.
  • A platform for recruiting people to do user testing for you.
  • Live chat integration.
  • Funnel analysis.
  • And of course, more.

With Hotjar Insights you can truly understand your website visitors. If you are a web designer, UX (user experience) specialist or into web marketing, Hotjar gives you the tools you need. All your data, reports and data are securely stored in the cloud, and are accessible at lightning speed.

What Are Unlimited Insights?

With one simple affordable plan, you can generate insights on an unlimited number of websites, and make these available to an unlimited number of users. Hotjar will also gather insights from an unlimited number of page views.

To make this possible, Hotjar Insights samples reports (such as heatmaps and email surveys) with over a million data points. This provides statistically accurate insights at a very affordable price.

How is Hotjar Different?

Here is what Hotjar writes on their site:

Services like CrazyEgg, ClickTale and Qualaroo only offer one core feature e.g. heatmaps – at a premium price. To justify this they create additional features that you really do not need. You are also charged with complex plans based on how many sites, users and page views your site has. Features are also limited based on the plan you pay for.

With Hotjar Insights there are no pageview or user limitations. Hotjar Insights has one simple plan that delivers unlimited insights.


How much does it cost?

Hotjar is offering unlimited access to Hotjar Insights for free to everyone that shares their unique link during our beta period after signing up. After the beta period, you’ll receive an additional month of free, and if you like what you see you will have the option of staying on at $ 29/month (discounts will be given to all early users). In comparison, $ 49/month gets you only Heatmaps for 100k page views on services like CrazyEgg.

Get free early access to Hotjar Insights if you sign up before August 30th, 2014.

Sign Up

Note: Please note that WDF does not receive compensation or any paid incentives for this post. WDF does not guarantee nor endorse Hotjar, nor make any claims to the quality or reliability of services provided. WDF will not be held liable or responsible in any way from the services provided by Hotjar. Please read our full terms of service to learn more.

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Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing and Living Well: The trio behind the cult LA-based Pressed Juicery institution offers a sneak peek at their book and insights on cleansing

Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing and Living Well

Hayden Slater, Carly de Castro and Hedi Gores are the founders of Pressed Juciery, an idea they had in 2010 that was grounded in a simple belief: in order to live well and feel healthy, people…

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Forager: A Subjective Guide to Miami’s Edible Plants: Artfully presented insights on sustenance you’ll find in and around south Florida

Forager: A Subjective Guide to Miami's Edible Plants

You don’t have to be lost in the Everglades of South Florida to find value within “Forager: A Subjective Guide to Miami’s Edible Plants.” A well-researched, beautifully presented documentation of 39 delectable plants found within the…

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New Orleans’ Rum-Centric Bar, Cane & Table: Bartender Nick Detrich shares insights on tiki culture and a recipe for the Two Palms

New Orleans' Rum-Centric Bar, Cane & Table

by Kate Beard Since opening last July, Cane & Table in New Orleans’ French Quarter has garnered a lot of attention, cementing its place on the list of the city’s best bars. And with its pedigree, it’s…

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Qinghe Cao: Insights on the Chinese fashion designer’s eclectic inspirations like Japanese fantasy tales and a look at her latest collection

Qinghe Cao

Qinghe Cao is a talented young designer from Beijing’s prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), with a very unique and imaginative style. In 2011 she launched her first…

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Shinola + Bruce Weber: The storied photographer shares a few insights on his latest campaign with the Detroit-based brand

Shinola + Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber’s work—renowned for its powerful and iconic imagery that has graced gallery walls, billboards and the finest fashion magazines around the globe—is largely an extension of the way he sees the world. And when the…

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99U Conference 2014 Speakers: This year’s lineup and some insights from the annual action-oriented conference’s director

99U Conference 2014 Speakers

As regular attendees (not to mention current curation partners and co-founders with Behance back in 2009) we are excited to announce this year’s line up for 99U’s annual Continue Reading…

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