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Instagram introduces endlessly looping videos to please advertisers

Instagram has tweaked its video settings so that clips automatically replay in users’ streams — a change that will be mainly welcomed by #brands keen to get as many views for their ads as possible. The users themselves might be less happy as the clips also autoplay, eating up mobile data. Users can choose to have videos preload on Wi-Fi only to save data, but this is not the default option and there’s no way to disable autoplaying altogether.

The change also brings Instagram’s video service closer to rival Vine’s. However, while Vine’s six-second clips are often designed to be looped, Instagram’s 15-second videos generally are not. The Facebook-owned Instagram first introduced video ads in October last year, but was criticized for…

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Gorillaz announces its return with new artwork on Instagram

Everyone’s favorite cartoon band is getting back together. Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett excited fans on Thursday when he posted new artwork of band members Murdoc and Noodle on Instagram. Hewlett later confirmed that the band was getting back together with a simple reply to one of the Instagram posts: “Yes, Gorillaz returns.”


A photo posted by hewll (@hewll) on

There has yet to be an official announcement, but it’s expected that the band — together with Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn — will release a new album sometime this year. Its fifth album, The Fall, came out in 2011. Following that release, the band went on hiatus, though disagreements between Albarn and Hewlett are…

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Facebook and Instagram taken offline as Lizard Squad hackers hint at responsibility

Facebook and Instagram were both taken offline this morning around 1AM ET, with hacker group Lizard Squad hinting that they may have been responsible. The social network’s help site for developers reports downtime on both Facebook and Instagram’s API servers “from 22:10 until 23:10 PST.” The note adds that “our engineers identified the cause of the outage and recovered the site quickly.”

Tinder also reported being knocked offline, sending a tweet earlier this morning saying: “EVERYBODY PANIC! #Blizzard? North Korea? #TindernetApocalypse.” The site said that it had recovered an hour later, reassuring users: “PS: Your matches aren’t gone, just logout and log back in!” Work messaging client Hipchat was also affected, and claims it is still…

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21 Instagram Photographers That You Should be Following

19More than 16 billions photos have been uploaded to Instagram and 57 million (and counting) of them contain #selfie. So with that in mind, it is hardly surprising that you're struggling to find inspiring Instagram photographers to follow. Hopefully I can make your quest a little shorter, below you'll find 21 that I recommend you check out, they're people I personally […]
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Illustrator adds characters to random Instagram photos

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Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian illustrator who works from London. For fun, he likes to hijack people’s photos on Instagram and add his own flavor to it. He draws some funny pictures that give a whole new meaning to the photos. You can find more of his illustration here, in his photo invasions page.

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Weevmee Captures a Year in One Image: A new technology from design agency HUSH artistically weaves personal Instagram images

Weevmee Captures a Year in One Image

Leading up to new year’s eve, social media sites fill up with flipbook-like posts compiling the best of users’ years. As a more artistic option, drawing upon the colors and tones of the last 365 days, NYC-based design agency HUSH developed Weevmee;……

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Best of CH 2014: Instagram: Art, architecture, autos and more from our team’s myriad worldwide adventures

Best of CH 2014: Instagram

As we traveled around the world this year, our team of writers and editors snapped images of the many inspiring, creative places and moments that caught our collective eye, and posted it all to Instagram. As part of our 2014 year in review, we looked……

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Police can gather evidence by making fake Instagram accounts, court rules

Your Instagram friend could secretly be a police officer, and that’s totally legal, at least in New Jersey. In an opinion from earlier this month, district court judge William Martini responded to a request by Daniel Gatson, who is accused of running a lucrative jewelry theft ring that was busted by the FBI in 2013. Among many other requests to suppress evidence of cellphone location data, seized physical evidence, and phone conversations, Gatson asked for the court to throw out his social media history: namely, pictures from a private Instagram account, which law enforcement officers had accessed by creating a fake account and friending him.

“No search warrant is required” to go undercover on Instagram

Social media, especially places…

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Instagram makes teens and celebrities angry by killing millions of spambots

A crackdown on spam Instagram accounts has triggered a cataclysm in the world of low-grade social media celebrities. The event, which began today after the photo-sharing service made good on its promise to start deleting millions of fake accounts, has been dubbed the “Instagram Rapture” after the follower counts of apparently popular Instagrammers were savaged. Rapper Tyga saw his followers drop from 5.5 million to 2.2 million, while Ma$ e committed Instagram’s version of seppuku, deleting his account after freefalling from 1.6 million followers to around 100,000.

Some users have revelled in the spam massacre, suggesting that those who have seen the biggest drops are guilty of having purchased fake followers to boost their numbers, while…

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Instagram announces first new filters for two years

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A sneak peek at the new filters on offer from Instagram

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