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Smart Booo Wireless Light Dimmer: The pebble-sized switch reimagines the way we interact with household lighting

Smart Booo Wireless Light Dimmer

As the internet of things as a concept continues to materialize, more and more smart products for the home are introduced. Some are born out of necessity, while others seem to simply exist for fun and to push the space further. The Continue Reading…

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Illustrator Donald Robertson on Great Jones Street: The Instagram-famous illustrator opens up his work to interact with passersby

Illustrator Donald Robertson on Great Jones Street

In recent years illustrator Donald Robertson has made a name for himself with technicolor drawings of toothy lipstick smiles, cartoonish animals and fashion industry icons like Anna Wintour and Karl…

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Windows silhouette drawings that interact with the outside world


Spanish artist Pejac is back with a new playful project. In this series he took his drawings to the windows and made it interact with the elements outside.







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Clever doodles that interact with their environment


Amsterdam-based French illustrator David Troquier released a series of drawings that interact with each other or with their environment. Titled “Cartoonbombing”, this series of doodles does a great job convincing us that there is some action going on.









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Glimpse Dating App Update: The Instagram-based dating app rethinks the way users interact and connect

Glimpse Dating App Update

This past winter, iPhone dating app Glimpse launched as a way for curious creatives to see and meet like-minded individuals by way of Instagram. With the original platform, users browsed a selection of Instagram images and…

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Upcoming Android feature reportedly lets nearby devices automatically interact

Google is said to be working on a new Android feature that allows phones and tablets to automatically connect with devices and places very close around them, according to Android Police. The feature, called Nearby, might allow people to easily share information with others or receive deals from stores that they’re in. Nearby will reportedly be announced in the near future — possibly at Google’s I/O conference later this month.

While it isn’t clear exactly what Nearby would be used for, the implication is that your Android phone might be able to easily interact with a friend’s phone, or a smart device in your home, or a hidden beacon in a store providing deals. One use will reportedly allow Android users to set a reminder that’s…

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Exclusive: Microsoft’s next Xbox will take over your TV, interact with your cable box


Microsoft is investing in TV in a big way with its next Xbox console as part of a fight for the living room. Multiple sources familiar with the company’s Xbox plans have revealed to The Verge that Microsoft will introduce a feature that lets its next-generation console take over a TV and set-top box in a similar way to Google TV. We understand that the next Xbox will require an online connection to use the entertainment services, allowing them to be always-on for streaming and access to TV signals.

Very similar to Google TV, but with Xbox gaming

The functionality will work by taking a cable box signal and passing it through to the Xbox via HDMI, allowing Microsoft’s console to overlay a UI and features on top of an existing TV channel…

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Humans and rats interact in virtual reality ‘beaming’ experiment

Human/rat VR interaction

Researchers at the University of Barcelona and University College London (UCL) have used a custom-made virtual reality (VR) system to allow humans and rats to interact on the same level. Writing in a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE earlier this week, the scientists describe the process as ‘beaming’ — human participants are given a VR headset which allows them to control a virtual avatar, shown above, while the movements of a rat in a separate enclosure are mapped on to a second avatar. A robot in the rat’s enclosure represents the human, its movements scaled down to fit the smaller space.

During the experiment, the rats and humans were located more than seven miles apart, at different locations near the University of…

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