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Distinct Modern Free Joomla Template for Interior & Furniture Business

To keep up with the current trends in web design and uplift business conversion, try this interior & furniture free Joomla template.

Mr Kitly + Decor Self-Watering Plant Pots: Conceived by an award-winning Australian designer, these clever planters will brighten any interior

Mr Kitly + Decor Self-Watering Plant Pots

Melbourne, Australia’s Mr Kitly is a store (and architecture studio and gallery) best known as a light-filled haven for all things related to Japan, good design and oddly enough, plants. For five years now the owners have been purveyors of anything……

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In the Field with Aether Apparel: Testing the premium outdoor brand’s latest gear in interior British Columbia’s remote ranges

In the Field with Aether Apparel

After a few flights, a couple hours in the car, a short jaunt in a helicopter and a ride in a steamy snowcat, we found ourselves overlooking British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains, surrounded by untracked powder without a lodge or any mark of human……

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Uniform Wares’ New Swiss-Made Watches: The clean, sophisticated, British-designed brand gets an interior upgrade

Uniform Wares' New Swiss-Made Watches

After much acclaim for their minimalist, refined aesthetic—with innovative flourishes—the London design team behind Uniform Wares watches has upgraded their timepieces to all Swiss-made components. Since launching the brand five…

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Grab live interior 3D, one of the top design apps, for just $14.99

Read more about Grab live interior 3D, one of the top design apps, for just $ 14.99 at

You’re looking around your home one night and you can’t help but start to think about changing some things. At first it’s just shifting furniture, but soon you’re adding new rooms and redesigning the entire house. Don’t get ahead of yourself – do the design in Live Interior 3D, on sale now for under $ 15!

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Interior Photography by Chris Tubbs

interior photographyThis collection of interior photography is by Chris Tubbs, as well as interior he also specializes in travel imagery and portrait photography. A few of his clients include; Gordon Ramsey Restaurants, Soho House and Conran Octopus, his work has also been published in many magazines.     Chris Tubbs Website
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Interview: Afroditi Krassa: The interior designer on the true meaning of sustainability, gender politics and how she works like a chef

Interview: Afroditi Krassa

Based in London, with firm roots in Greece, Afroditi Krass has established herself as a prominent designer of her generation—particularly in interior design. Her clients range from the highly lauded furniture design house recordOutboundLink(this,…

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BASE Bar, Tokyo: A venue interior that tells a long, insightful story—because nothing has ever been taken off the walls

BASE Bar, Tokyo

by James Rodrigues BASE Bar’s walls are thick with layers of posters, pictures, license plates and business cards; the ceiling is draped in faded flags. Wu-Tang posters are hung opposite of signed Uruguyan soccer jerseys. This bar’s incredibly storied design has been created…

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Must-Have Design Tips for Interior Sites

What are the essentials of a successful interior website design? What main points should you consider to turn your site into pleasant to look at and easy to browse? Check out this slideshow (just 30 points) to find out 6 must-haves of a well-done interior website. So, what are they? Six tips for a good interior website: Home page with purpose. Explain your visitors why it is good to be your clients and what they can achieve when becoming the ones. About Page should tell in explicit way about company’s business. Tell your clients how your business can help them. Read More

Interior design: 8 ingenious ways to make the most out of small spaces


People living in big cities with an average income often crave one thing: space. Unfortunatly, appart from moving out of town or a major income increase, you will surely have to do with what you have. The interior designs you’ll see in this post are brilliant way to deal with a lack of space.

1. Under the roof

If having the dream place to read by the window is not enough for you, a sliding bed will make your nights perfect.


2. Double beds

A series of four double beds in quite little space.


3. Ceiling storage

Not the most beautiful storage you’ll see in this post, but pretty efficient if you lack space to put your stuff.


4. Foldable table

A foldable table that turns into a painting frame if you put it up against the wall.


5. Stairs storage

A great way to keep the space under the stair usable and optimized.


6. Closet bed

If you are straight but still want to come out of the closet, you should install this kind of bed in your home.


7. Window side bed

Beautiful and cozy bed by the window, the perfect place to read during the day.


8. Stairs drawers

Another way to take advantage of stairs for storage, using each stair as a drawer.


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