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Intricate Mosaic Bird Sculptures by Dusciana Bravura

Mosaic Bird SculpturesThese beautiful and intricate mosaic bird sculptures are by Ravenna and Venice based artist Dusciana Bravura. To make each sculpture she uses glass paste, millefiori, crystals, iron, cementitious adhesive, gold smalti, opalescent on fibreglass structure and more.  Dusciana started her artistic path collaborating with her father, Marco Bravura, creating Public Art for the cities of Ravenna, Beiruth, Rimini, Forli, […]
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Intricate Graphite Drawings by Christina Mrozik & Zoe Keller

intricate graphite drawings8These intricate graphite drawings are by Christina Mrozik & Zoe Keller, they have collaborated for this project titled 'Intricacies'. Christina and Zoe have started a Kickstarter project, with the mission to launch a beautiful hardcover book of full-page illustrations that blend lovingly rendered natural imagery with hints of story. On Kickstarter they currently have 560 backers and pledged $ 27,167, $ 18,567 […]
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Intricate Pencil Line Art by Carl Krull

line art1Artist Carl Krull has created this collection of pencil line art, he is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This series of pencil drawings on paper have been created whilst on a road trip across the United States. He has titled the project 'Scroll Drawings' and the biggest one measures at 152 x 338 cm and the six smaller 100 x 40 […]
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Intricate drawings by François Schmidt


François Schmidt is a French illustrator who works for local TV, editorials, and all kinds of other clients. He creates drawings that are full of surprises, richly illustrated.







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Intricate Illustrations on Plates by Sasha Tugolukova: The London-based artist takes her stunning work to quality decorative china

Intricate Illustrations on Plates by Sasha Tugolukova

Born in Russia, London-based artist Sasha Tugolukova’s first training in illustration came in the form of Khokhloma, a folk art drawing technique. The style js defined by vivid detail,…

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Designers’ uniquely intricate responses to client briefs

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youtube: ZFc1JeGs-2A Winning a new client in the competitive industry of design is no easy task. However, a whole host of South African designers have decided to turn the initial briefs into something creative that may unlock the secrets of great client relationships.

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Seal Chen’s Mixed Media Art: Found materials become creative and often creepy worlds of intricate sculpture

Seal Chen's Mixed Media Art

Mixing medias and construction methods with varying themes of religious, historical and moral matter, the work of Shanghai’s self-made artist Seal Chen conjures up images of Hieronymus Bosch’s darkest symbolic…

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Intricate paper art makes the cut

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White’s paper artwork will swoop down and steal your heart

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Bravur Watches: The young Swedish watch brand replaces the macho and flashy with intricate style

Bravur Watches

Bravur is a watch company formed by two friends—Magnus Svensson and Johan Sahlin—in 2011. The brand exists today purely because the duo couldn’t find what they were looking for in the market as it existed; so…

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Incredibly Intricate Floral Carvings On Used Car Tyres by Wim Delvoye

rescaleHWhilst Belgium Artist Wim Delvoye is usually creating a stir in the art world, I think we can all agree that this collection of intricately carved tyres are as beautiful as they are creative. Just imagine the amount of time that Wim spent on each and every one of these designs, truly inspirational.
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