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Old Jeans, New Saddle: Brooks + Levi’s Cambium C17: A built-to-last upcycling collaboration from two heritage brands

Old Jeans, New Saddle: Brooks + Levi's Cambium C17

Last summer, denim heads in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London donated their beyond-repair jeans at Levi’s pop-up Commuter Workspace—an outreach project aimed at urban bike commuters. Now the discarded denim has been given a new life by the heritage……

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RE/DUN: Vintage Jeans With a Modern Fit: Reworking worn denim into stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces

RE/DUN: Vintage Jeans With a Modern Fit

The biggest problem with shopping for vintage jeans is that tailoring is usually a requirement, further extending the initial commitment of both time and money. Uniting storied denim with a contemporary silhouette is LA’s new womenswear brand RE……

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Nudie Jeans + Swedese: Lamino: Denim meets handcrafted furniture in this sustainability-minded, 100% Swedish collaboration

Nudie Jeans + Swedese: Lamino

Bridging the gap between the industrial and the handcrafted is one of the major elements of Scandinavian design. Coupled with an insistence on functional minimalism and textured natural materials, the special edition collaboration Lamino chair from……

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The Denim Dudes Guide to the World’s Best Jeans: The author gives us the international lowdown on where to buy the perfect pair of jeans

The Denim Dudes Guide to the World's Best Jeans

Amy Leverton’s passion for denim has seen her journey across the globe to find the latest, oldest and most unique denim looks around, be they vintage wonders or the very newest threads from Japan. Her upcoming book, “Denim Dudes” showcases a number……

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Qcut wants to make you the perfect pair of jeans using data and algorithms

It’s puzzling how difficult it can be to find a pair of jeans that fits you properly — and that seems to be particularly true for women. That’s why a new company that’s launching with a Kickstarter campaign today is hoping to find women the perfect fit using nothing but some information they already know along with a few algorithms, rather than having them try on a dozen pairs first.

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Gamine Co. Workwear Jeans for Women: Made entirely in the USA, these tapered dungarees perform in both utility and style

Gamine Co. Workwear Jeans for Women

While there’s been a boom in the raw selvedge denim market recently, there are still very limited style options for women—particularly those whose jobs ask a lot of their jeans. When Taylor Johnston, a horticulturist at New England’s treasured Isabella Stewart Gardner…

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Black on Black Denim: An exploration of black denim manufacturing methods through six pairs of superior jeans

Black on Black Denim

Though we’ll never turn our back on indigo denim, lately we’ve been thinking more and more about the world of black denim. A lengthy discussion with leading denim authority and Self Edge co-founder Kiya Babzani on the three main modes of making black…

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Raleigh Workshop’s Certified Organic Cotton Project: Jeans with the smallest carbon footprint on earth made with North Carolina’s first crop of certified organic cotton

Raleigh Workshop's Certified Organic Cotton Project

By now one would think all great ideas have already been considered and executed in the world of denim. With this in mind, sometimes the best way to take a step forward in a saturated market is to revisit the most basic question…

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Cross-Platform Videoconferencing With Blue Jeans Network

Videoconferencing has become an integral part of business communication. Increasing Internet speeds and accessibility have led to the existence of a plethora of software video clients and platforms, most of which may not be incompatible with each other.

Add dedicated videoconferencing systems into the mix, and you’re left with a headache trying to bring all these different devices and platforms together.

Blue Jeans Network

We have a solution for you: Blue Jeans Network. Blue Jeans is a platform- and device-independent cloud-based video collaboration service. In other words, with Blue Jeans Network, you can bring different devices and video clients together for videoconferencing, fuss-free. No more worries about compatibility issues.

Using Blue Jeans Network

First, you have to register an account with Blue Jeans. You can also connect via your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Creating the account is a quick process, and you should be done and ready to go within 10 minutes.

Signing Up For Blue Jeans

Once registered, you’ll see your Meetings page. This is where you schedule or initiate ad-hoc meetings. All you need in order to invite participants (collaborators) are their e-mail addresses.

Since Blue Jeans is a cloud-based service, collaborators don’t need any software installed on their end. They will receive a URL that opens the meeting in their default web browser.

Scheduling A Meeting In Blue Jeans

From here on, it’s as simple as choosing the device and video platform they wish to use to connect to the meeting.

During the meeting, collaborators have control over the viewing layout, zooming, as well as the ability to share content and video.

Blue Jeans Conference

Blue Jeans Network Support

One of Blue Jeans’s most notable features is its support for multiple types of devices and different video clients. Blue Jeans supports all major web browsers on Mac OS, Windows and Linux, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Blue Jeans can integrate with any H.323 or SIP room conferencing systems, thereby overcoming the incompatibilities inherent to these systems. It also supports a number of software video clients, namely:

  • Skype
  • Google Video Chat
  • Cisco Jabber
  • LifeSize Softphone
  • Avaya Scorpia
  • Polycom RealPresence

Blue Jeans also integrates with Microsoft’s Lync service, connecting Lync users with other client users, as well as fellow Lync users from different organisations. Last but not least, Blue Jeans also supports Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) audio, so users can call in to meetings when video is not an option.

Blue Jeans Compatibility

Aside from this cross-platform support, other notable features of Blue Jeans include support for up to 25 endpoints per meeting, the ability to share HD content and videos, enterprise-readiness and enterprise-grade security. Blue Jeans’s enterprise-readiness takes the form of support for single sign-on (SSO) as well as integration with Google Calendar and Outlook for scheduling.


All in all, Blue Jeans Network is an essential service for businesses that rely on videoconferencing. Its ability to unify various devices and video clients reduces setup time, minimizes potential technical glitches and, as a result, increases videoconferencing productivity.

The pricing for Blue Jeans Network will depend on your needs and the size of the deployment. They offer site-wide pricing that range from $ 50 per user all the way down to $ 10 per user, depending on how many user accounts your business requires. Also available are per-host and per-minute plans.

Osloh Jeans: The perfect jeans for biking are now available for purchase on Kickstarter

Osloh Jeans

Born from Brooklyn’s bike scene in 2008, Osloh Jeans have sought to make the best pants and shorts for the global cycling community. After years of product testing and evolution, designer and founder Shawn Drayton has…

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