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P. Johnson Tailors Pocket Squares: Playful yet sophisticated silk accessories for gentlemen with a sense of fun

P. Johnson Tailors Pocket Squares

Maybe it’s the recent resurgence of ’80s touchstones like Ettore Sottsass’ Memphis movement and Jeff Koons that have us lusting after designs that blend play and sophistication, but there is…

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The 6 things you need to watch from ‘Star Wars’ director Rian Johnson

J.J. Abrams may sound like a tough act to follow in the Star Wars universe, but director Rian Johnson might just have the chops to make Episode VIII a classic. It’s early yet, but with word surfacing that Johnson is in talks with Disney to both write and direct the eighth entry in the saga, fans can reasonably expect the film to stand up next to the greats. He’s the real deal.

Johnson doesn’t have an extensive backlog of films under his belt, but it can safely be said that he’s been drawing…

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johnson banks’ four-stage process to branding and identity design

Read more about johnson banks’ four-stage process to branding and identity design at

Charities have long been patrons of good design. But as the credit squeeze continues to impact donations, non-profit organisations are having to be increasingly creative in their campaigns. This Thursday, branding legend Michael Johnson will discuss the unique challenges presented by ‘design for good’ at Computer Arts’ first-ever Impact Conference.

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A Collection of Illustrations by David Johnson

David Johnson currently lives and works in Windham, Conneticut, he began selling work at the age on 19 and then began his freelance career shortly after. He recently won a silver medal from The Society of Illustrators in New york, and a gold in 1999. Just a few of David's big list of clients include; […]

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Johnson & Johnson has removed formaldehyde from its baby shampoo

Johnson & Johnson’s popular “No More Tears” baby shampoo can now claim yet another “no more” to its title: formaldehyde. The company told the New York Times that as of this month, it’s created a entirely new formula for its signature shampoo, sold under the label “improved formula,” that eliminates the chemical commonly associated with preserving dead bodies. Formaldehyde is a naturally-occurring chemical in many fruits, but the US government classifies it as a cancer-causing agent in high doses.

Johnson & Johnson maintains that the amount that could previously be found in one bottle of baby shampoo was 15 times less than the amount a person would be exposed to when eating one apple. And to be clear, the company was never deliberately…

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Student Work: Hannah Johnson: Quarter Life Review

For her graduate thesis at Tyler School of Art, Hannah Johnson created Quarter Life Review, a series of book covers inspired by her childhood drawings and writings. Below you can see the series of covers along with the piece of art that inspired it, but be sure to check our her site for more details. Projects like these really make me wish I was required to do a thesis in school—love it.























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Paul X. Johnson Illustration

I’m loving the dark, mysterious and dramatic work of Paul X. Johnson.







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Creative Portrait Illustrations by Paul X. Johnson

London based freelance illustrator Paul X. Johnson has created these creative portrait illustrations, he has had quite a few clients just a few being; Adidas, Little White Lies and Oi Polloi. Paul sells his work on his Big Cartel online store, which you get get to via his website link at the bottom of this […]
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Design Inspiration: Nick Johnson

A Clean and responsive website for customized office furniture. We wanted to create something that was fun and easy to get around and would start a conversation with our potential clients. We went for some nice big heroes to get people engaged and made our navigation really simple.

This design was featured on Tuesday 10th of September 2013. It’s designed by Nick Johnson, and falls under the category of Corporate.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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WA State Fire Lookout Project: Photographer Kyle Johnson documents the few remaining Forest Service lookout posts in the Pacific Northwest’s vast landscape

WA State Fire Lookout Project

Few places garner the type of awe and admiration for the abundance of nature like the great Northwest. While its cities continue to produce an impressive crop of creativity, its wilderness remains in part uncharted but ever-enchanting. To keep the heavily wooded region…

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