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Kennedy App: Log your life as it happens with designer Brendan Dawes’ “camera for context”

Kennedy App

Journaling is a common New Year’s resolution that always seems to creep its way back onto the list year after year—yet it doesn’t have to. Thanks to a tip from Netted, we came across …

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Can you remember what you were doing when Kennedy came out?

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There’s nothing quite like scrolling through a load of your old Twitter updates and wondering what in the hell you were thinking of when you posted that thing six months ago. Lack of context can often mean that something that made perfect sense at the time can be rendered meaningless months or years down the line.

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Where were you when Kennedy for iPhone was released?

There’s no shortage of apps that want to help you document your life, but there are none quite like Kennedy. The critically acclaimed app Day One has carved out a niche for itself as the go-to journalling app for iOS users, offering a selection of features that allow you to log your life in private and share what you want in public. Kennedy takes a different approach, stripping away much of the interface, preferences, and sharing options that make Day One so popular, and leaving you with a surprisingly fun experience.

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