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Top designers create new Innocent smoothie labels

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The designers put their own spin on the smoothie label

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10 free vintage labels and badges packs

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Labels and badges are very popular elements in modern web. If you are designing a retro design then it’s not complete without a vintage label. Badges are very powerful to use in promotional and marketing tactics. There are several areas where you can use them. If you have special offer or item on sale then […]

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Music labels get huge victory in quest to sue Grooveshark out of business

It appears Grooveshark’s days are just about numbered. The music sharing service has been dealt what could easily amount to a death blow by a US District Court judge, which found that Grooveshark’s own employees personally (and willfully) violated and profited from copyright infringement. It’s been a long saga; Grooveshark has faced lawsuit after lawsuit in recent years. It’s managed to overcome some by striking deals with publishers, but vengeful music labels haven’t given up on sinking the company.

Most recently, Grooveshark had tried to seek protection under the “safe harbour” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It took on a Google-like approach when responding to takedown notices by taking down unauthorized files…

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Black Weirdos Meets Twin Peaks for A/W 14: From the Black Lodge’s zig-zag floor to Killer BOB, plenty of Lynchian inspiration in this Japanese label’s collection

Black Weirdos Meets Twin Peaks for A/W 14

For their A/W 2014 collection, Japanese label Black Weirdos has gone deep into Ghostwood Forest. The delightfully odd menswear brand has created a line that is inspired by all things Twin Peaks—no doubt scaring and thrilling…

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Industrial Fashion’s Non-Fashion Hat : The label’s debut product is born from experimenting with manufacturing processes instead of trends

Industrial Fashion's Non-Fashion Hat

Spotted during this year’s London Design Festival at RCA’s Big Small show, which delved into contemporary contradictions, were some hats—striking in their simplicity. They’re the debut product from newly launched label Industrial Fashion, dreamed up…

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Bottle liquor labels that tell you the truth

When you go to buy alcohol, what makes you decide to buy the one? Most probably the unique alcohol labels would convince you, don’t they? So here are the collection six photoshopped labels of such liquor that tells you truth about what your favorite alcohol is really trying to tell you.

1. Whiskey

Whiskey, the manly men drink with perfect label “Text your Ex, maybe even go over” will make you do every strange thing. Mess with your ex and make hell of him/her with this giant liquor.


2. Coconut Rum

New at drinking? Then go and try the coconut rum. It’s guaranteed to leave you bloated. It’s really delicious and has about 1,700 calories.

Coconut Rum

3. Wine

Get ready to cry with this most innocent choice in plethora of the alcoholic beverages. The glasses for the wine are the most pretty boutique piece and even the empty bottles are such a master piece with crafting potential.


4. Vodka

Vodka, the greatest thing in Russia that works on your every mood. If you are on diet, go for Vodka soda. If you are feeling tired then have a red bull vodka. It’s your best friend that’s perfect for every step of your life.


5. Cinnamon Whisky

The absolute pure evil, cinnamon whisky is a very god choice if you want to warm up yourself with tingly feeling. Just two shots are enough to make you go wild and only God will know what happened last night when you wake up.

Cinnamon Whisky

6. Jägermeister

This pearl of wisdom has the magical coupling capabilities that has secret blend of herbs and spices which can result to only one thing i.e. vomiting.


7. Tequila

Tequila shots are the best secret revealer because once tequila is in your system; it awakes some sort of secrets confidence you never knew that actually existed on you.


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Levi’s Made & Crafted + Wilder Quarterly : The iconic denim label’s sub-brand teams up with the print mag for an intimate lookbook-meets-travel-guide for Fall 2014

Levi's Made & Crafted + Wilder Quarterly

Few brands can hold a candle to Levi’s when it comes to legacy. Founded in San Francisco in 1853—just three years after California was granted statehood—the go-to label turned denim from workwear into the essential fabric it is today and has come…

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12 beautiful spirit bottle labels

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There is a lot of competition among liquor producers to stand out on the store shelves. Often this means creative and unique bottle shapes or eye-catching labels. Needless to say we have come a long way from the jug and cork. Here are 10 awesome examples of liquor bottle labels…

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SANKUANZ AW 2014: From gaming culture to South Park, this Chinese label’s influences are varied and always fun


Probably one of the most interesting brands on the Chinese fashion scene, SANKUANZ boasts a distinctive and playful approach to fashion that has gained a cult-like following in China—and abroad. Last…

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Dynamic Animated Input Labels for Website Forms

Contact form is one of the most important design and functional element in any website. It gives additional way of interaction between site admin and user. So why not to make a bit more interactive thus interesting to fill in? See the tutorial to find out how to do it.