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VAIO’s first post-Sony laptops transform into tablets

Sony jettisoned VAIO more than a year ago now, but the iconic PC brand isn’t dead. Sold to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners, VAIO is back with two new PCs, announced today in Tokyo. The VAIO Z and the VAIO Z Canvas are the first devices designed and put out by VAIO itself — the former is the company’s new flagship, a $ 1,600 ultrabook with a hinged back that lets users transform it from laptop to pseudo-tablet, while the latter is a cheaper, smaller, and lighter option with a detachable keyboard.

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Office Depot’s Black Friday deals include $179.99 Dell and $159.99 Toshiba laptops

Office Depot kicks off its Black Friday sales on Thursday, November 27th with deals on Dell and Toshiba computers, and a ton of Android tablets. The big attraction on Black Friday proper is a Toshiba laptop that’s $ 120 off its normal price. More of the deals arrive on Thursday, including up to $ 300 off a Dell Inspiron notebook, up to $ 100 off some Samsung Galaxy Tab models, and a handy 20 percent off $ 50 worth of iTunes gift cards.

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Durable, Modular Bags from Unit Portables : Lugging laptops and documents is easy (and stylish) with these sturdy, waterproof satchels

Durable, Modular Bags from Unit Portables

Unit Portables makes bags for those truly looking for form and function, and the latest range from the Stockholm collective—launching today, 22 September—does not disappoint in either area. With sleek lines and an almost military aesthetic,…

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Rise of the Chromebook: Lenovo is the latest to challenge Windows laptops

Chromebook (performance)

Should the lowly Chromebook — once a laughingstock of the PC world — have Microsoft worried?

Google first announced its Chrome operating system back in mid-2009, before shipping the first Chromebook laptops with the software preinstalled two years later. At the time the idea of just a web browser for an OS seemed confusing to many, coupled with Google’s promise to target netbooks without the necessary functions and features. Nevertheless, Google shipped a developer device in late 2010 and the initial Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung went on sale in June and July in 2011 at $ 349 and $ 299 respectively. They weren’t huge sellers, but recent models could change that, and a new addition from Lenovo appears to strike at the core of…

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