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Cool Hunting Video: Photographer Jonathan Mannion: We learn about two decades of photographing hip-hop icons; from Nas to Jay-Z to Lauryn Hill

Cool Hunting Video: Photographer Jonathan Mannion

If you’ve ever wondered who is behind the cover art for some of hip-hop’s most iconic albums then you may be familiar with Jonathan Mannion. With almost 20 years in the industry, the Ohio-born photographer has made a name for himself snapping photos……

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Cool Hunting

12 Free Android & iOS Applications to Learn CSS and HTML

Make use of these 12 free Android & iOS applications to learn CSS and HTML for both beginners and pros.

Gods of Marketing, What We Can Learn From Them

Learn several tips from marketing gods that made a name for themselves thanks to powerful advertising campaigns.

7 lessons every brand can learn from Super Bowl XLIX

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As TV events go, none come bigger or better (or anywhere near as bonkers) as the annual grid-iron clash that is the super bowl. Two teams, one ball, and an estimated audience of 113 killion in 2015. Since its televised inception in 1967, the bits between the sport have been as admired, ridiculed, aped and generally talked about as the action on the field.

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7 Free eBooks To Learn AngularJS

So you’ve been following this Angular series (if you haven’t, start from the top here) and have come to a point where you are somewhat comfortable with playing with Angular or even building an app with it. For a more complete guideline when studying a project, we can always go to ebooks.

Ebooks give you a structural and organized way to learn a new topic, and it is no different with AngularJS. The best thing about ebooks these days however is that it can be heavily supplemented with practical exercises that can help you strengthen your grasp and understanding of certain aspects.

Let’s explore AngularJS with these 7 ebooks – some comprehensive, some fun, but all educational and won’t cause you a dime when read online.

1. AngularJS In 60 Minutes

If you have already gone through the video tutorial by Dan Wahlin, titled AngularJS-ish in 60 Minutes, AngularJS in 60 Minutes is a great help. The ebook carries the transcription of the video (done by Ian Smith) with relevant screenshots and the timestamp of when a topic comes up. If you prefer some text to go along with the video, then this is the ebook to get.

2. Recipes With AngularJS

Recipes With AngularJS is written by Frederik Dietz and is available to read online and as an ebook on Leanpub and Amazon. A cookbook of sorts, Recipes is a highly comprehensive book that deals with learning Anuglar in an organized and easy to understand way. Each section carries problems, solutions and discussions that will help guide you through Angular effectively. The code examples shown in the book are available in GitHub.

3. Practical AngularJS

Using real-life scenarios and examples, you will be introduced to building simple applications with AngularJS and Firebase in Eclipse IDE. You’ll also learn how to add control, wire up and create components, inside Eclipse. There are also sections on how to use KarmaJS to test your applications, how to use Firebase, miscellaneous tricks and troubelshooting you can use. Practical AngularJS by Dinis Cruz is available to read for free and to buy on Leanpub.

4. AngularJS Succinctly

Here is another AngularJS book written by Frederik Dietz. AngularJS Succinctly contains 10 chapters of problems, solutions and in-depth discussion to help you grasp the idea of Angular quickly. Learn the basics on using controllers, directives and filters all the way to integrated platforms like Ruby and Node. All code examples are hosted on Github; you can grab them there to practice on your own.

5. A Better Way to Learn AngularJS

A Better Way to Learn AngularJS is a 12-part course that provides insight into AngularJS. It carries plenty of learning materials from multiple sources, from official documentations, videos, other books and plenty of screencast by Egghead. Adopting a gradual easy to advanced way of building simple applications with Angular, this book contains plenty of checklists for you to keep track of what you have learned.

6. (AngularJS for .NET Developers) is a continuously updated ebook that contains learning materials about AngularJS from a .NET developer’s point of view. So far, there are 7 topics covered, including Modularizing AngularJS Applications and AngularJS and IE 8. You can follow the writers, Ingo Rammer and Christian Meyer for more updates on the book on Twitter.

7. AngularJS with Ruby

AngularJS with Ruby on Rails is a book by David Bryant Copeland which will help you build a Rails application with AngularJS – in less than 10,000 words. You will need to create a skeleton app, build, test the run features, and before you know it, you have an Angular app powered by Rails. The book contains an introduction, four chapters and a concluding chapter.

10 Best Tutorials To Learn AngularJS

AngularJS is an awesome Javascript framework that can be used to create powerful and dynamic web apps. It also covers the building of complex client-side applications. Since its release in 2009, AngularJS has been widely used by many developers for its convenient extending of custom HTML tags and attributes, known as ‘directives’.

For some people, learning Angular through its official documentation is not enough. They prefer a video-based tutorial instead, or a more sophisticated learning site with specific discussions, a demo, the try it yourself feature and the like. So in this post, we’re listing 10 AngularJS tutorial and screencasts that will kickstart your Angular learning.

1. Year Of Moo

This well-written tutorial by Year of Moo is going to teach you the very basics of how AngularJS works and what it can be used for. It covers all the primary parts of Angular: Modules, Dependency Injection, Routes, Services, Directives and more. It also give you a brief explanation of Angular usage with MooTools and jQuery. You probably want to read their second article for more Angular tips and tricks.

2. AngularJs On Codeacademy

If you like to learn by coding then this AngularJS tutorial by Marcin Wosinek is what you’re looking for. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Angular basics, controllers, services, filters and directives. In each topic, you’ll be given explanations and instructions on some challenges which can be solved within the editor. If you get stuck, just open a hint.

3. AngularJS Tutorial on Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint accommodates you with a well-structured AngularJS tutorial. It divides each Angular component into specific sections. You’ll also get an appropriate example and editable live demo in each section. Here you’ll learn the basics of Angular from Setting Up the Environment until Internalization. There is also a Quick Guide that summarizes all you should know about Angular.


Thinkster offers you a unique method of learning AngularJS. They split up all of the Angular topics into 12 parts. In each part, you’ll see a brief topical explanation followed by tick-able useful readings. The reading materials are mixed up, coming from other sites and Angular official doc. Also checkout this course companion that guides you in building modern web apps.

5. AngularJS Tutorial by Todd Motto

Todd Motto, a Google Developer Expert, wrote a 10,000-word Angular tutorial on AirPair. This is a great tutorial that teaches you the very basics in AngularJS concepts. There are about 14 topics included here like engineering concept, form validation, templating with Angular and more. At the end of each topic, you’ll find related useful resources for further reading.

Image source: AngularJS Tutorial

6. AngularJS From Beginner To Expert

In Ng Newsletter, there are tons of materials about Angular, plus a 7-step guide to help turn beginners into experts. Ng Newsletter also has three ebooks on Angular (also available in print on Amazon) and snippets from the 600pp book are featured on the site, spread across 25 days.

7. AngularJS in 60 Minutes

This video tutorial may be a good starting point for learning the fundamentals of AngularJS. Dan Wahlin gives you a rundown of what you need to know about Angular: the concept, the basics, resources and a demo. There are also specific section links you can jump to. If you have learned the basics, you may want to advance your learning with his Learning Angular by Example or other related posts.

8. Egghead

Egghead is probably one of the best AngularJS learning centers. It provides 190+ free AngularJS videos for learning Angular in a straight and easy way. All videos range from 2 – 10 minutes only. The code, discussion and summary are available below the video. There are also PRO subscriptions to advance your learning starting at $ 14.99/month.

9. Intro To Angular

If you want to learn AngularJS by example, tutorials from Curran Kelleher may fit you. It has about 50 examples which cover single-page-app concepts, related libraries and Angular features. Video tutorials are available on Youtube and split into two parts: Part I and Part II. You can get all source code examples on GitHub.

10. Shaping Up With Angular

Shaping Up With Angular is a complete free interactive Angular course bundle from Code School. It teaches basic Angular, directives, services and forms via video tutorials, challenges and downloadable text tutorials. It’s broken down into 5 levels which has about 12 videos and 27 challenges. There are 6 earnable badges if you complete all of the levels.

9 eBooks To Learn PHP & MySQL Development

PHP and MySQL are the two most important as well as most popular tools of the web developers that they use to develop websites for their clients. Learning new techniques about PHP and MySQL is very crucial and this can be done through different resources such as ebooks and tutorials. In this round up, we are presenting a collection of some useful and best ebooks to learn PHP and MySQL.

Here is the complete collection after the jump. Browse through this wonderful collection and use these best resources. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Your comments are always more than welcome.

Understanding MySQL Internals

Expert PHP and MySQL

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS

PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual

MySQL in a Nutshell

Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

Webmonkey’s PHP and MySQL Tutorials

Practical PHP Programming

Learn new painting skills with the new ImagineFX

Read more about Learn new painting skills with the new ImagineFX at

Miles Johnston created this image from scratch especially for ImagineFX

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10 Free Mobile Apps To Help You Learn English Faster

Language is the most powerful communication tool. Learning different languages is the current trend among youngsters. There are a large number of ways you can learn or develop your skills in a specific language, by attending coaching from expert teachers or by conventional methods of reading and practice. Have you ever thought that your smart phone can be your teacher for teaching languages?

Although you are a new learner or you just want to improve your English, here is a list of 10 new mobile apps for both Android and iOS that will improve your language. Most of these apps will teach you language in such a way that you’ll never get bored of it. And learning will be fun!


The power of Memrise is now available in pocket-sized format for on the go learning. Learn languages, geography, history, science, pop culture and everything else through crowd-sourced imagination – entirely for free!

LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition)

LearnEnglish Grammar is a top interactive grammar practice app designed to help improve English grammar accuracy. The app offers 1000s of questions to help practice and reinforce your English grammar skills.

Learn English, Speak English by SpeakingPal


Learn English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish with busuu in a fun and easy way and practise with a community of over 50 million native speakers. Stay motivated by setting a goal and tracking your progress!


After the successful launch of The Phrasal Verb Machine, comes Phrasalstein, the definitive app to help you lose your fear of the horrifying phrasal verbs once and for all.

Listen & Speak

It uses an advanced learning technique where short language patterns are read, understood, and pronounced in sequence. The application then analyzes your pronunciation, telling you how well you have done. You can also directly compare your recording to the reference version. By going through the set of such patterns you quickly built up the necessary skills and become proficient in speaking freely the language of your choice.

Carton – free English

You will be surprised how easy and fast you can learn English words. The method of word cards is the most effective, and we have made it good-looking and handy. Use pictures of all around you to illustrate your learning! On top of that, we have added reminders, so you won’t forget to learn another portion of words! Carton – Learn English your Own Way.

Fluent English

English Verb Trainer

Learn and practice the conjugations of the most common English verbs. Ideal for everybody who wants to learn English and as a preparation for trips to the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), Canada and other English speaking countries.

PvP – Phrasal Verbs Program

PvP is an useful and complete Phrasal Verb Dictionary with more than 400 verbs. You can search any phrasal verb by word or meaning. Every Phrasal Verb has examples showing how and when you can use it so you will learn all of them without any effort.

17 Top Free Resources to Learn Online Marketing Techniques

Online marketing is one of the more important aspects of a successful business, large and small alike. For freelance graphic designers, web designers, web developers, or other freelance creatives, a…

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