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Unexpected issues force drone maker DJI to roll back ‘White House’ update

DJI Phantom 2 drones are once again free to fly over restricted areas — at least temporarily. The Chinese drone maker has been forced to roll back its latest firmware update — also known as the “White House patch” — after reports that the update caused “unanticipated flight behavior.”

The patch was quickly shipped out following a high-profile incident that saw one of the company’s drones crash land on the White House grounds in Washington D.C. The accident led to renewed demands for comprehensive new FAA regulation over amateur drone flight. DJI did its part by releasing new firmware that used geofencing to block its Phantom 2 drones from flying over restricted areas like sensitive spots in D.C. The update included an expansion of an…

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A smartphone case maker might have made this year’s best Super Bowl ad

The Super Bowl is still two days away, but between Budweiser’s attempts to tug on your heartstrings to sell beer, and Kim Kardashian’s selfie-centrc self-parody for T-Mobile, we’ve already seen a number of the big budget ads that will air during the big game’s commercial breaks. But it’s not just the biggest brands that get to show off their most creative ads during the biggest game, as phone case maker Mophie shows.

Mophie makes cases capable of charging your smartphone, and its surprisingly good Super Bowl ad shows the end of the world. Streets flood, blizzard hit deserts, goats stand on donkeys, priests steal flatscreen TVs, and dogs lead people around by the leash. With the Earth’s atmosphere leaking into space, the camera cuts to…

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Cute Bear Toast Maker -Kid Will Love It.

This kitchen tool designed by a Japanese company Tokyu Hands allows people to made a  three-dimension bear mold animal look like out of the bread. There have 3 type face of the animal you can select. This ideas perhaps could attractive to the kid who doesn’t like to eat bread or breakfast?            

China’s Xiaomi becomes world’s third biggest smartphone maker without leaving Asia

Over the past three months, more than 327 million new smartphones were shipped out from factories around the world, and young Chinese company Xiaomi has been responsible for more than 5 percent of them. That, according to IDC’s latest figures, is enough to place it in third spot behind established leaders Samsung and Apple, overshadowing global competitors like Lenovo and LG. Xiaomi’s rise has been remarkable both for how quick it has been and for the fact that the company still operates primarily in its home market of China. It has recently broadened its reach to adjacent countries in Southeast Asia like India and Singapore, but its growth remains testament to the incredible explosion in smartphone demand that China is experiencing.

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3D-printed gun maker in Japan sentenced to two years in prison

A 28-year-old former university employee was sentenced today in Japan to two years in prison for manufacturing plastic 3D-printed firearms in violation of national weapons laws, according to The Japan News. Yoshitomo Imura is said to have created at least two plastic guns at his home in Kawaski, Japan, that were capable of firing bullets, according to the report. He appears to be the first person in world history to receive a jail sentence for making 3D-printed firearms.

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Dutch Designer Rugs from ICE International : The world’s premier custom rug maker partners with designer couples for distinct, vibrant takes

Dutch Designer Rugs from ICE International

Dutch rug-maker ICE International’s hand-knotted throws grace some of the most esteemed establishments the world over. From The Savoy in London to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, ICE is…

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Apple is now the fifth largest PC maker in the world, says IDC

Apple is now the fifth largest PC vendor in the world, according to a new report. The Mac maker displaced Asus from the global top five in the International Data Corporation’s latest quarterly PC shipment report, a study that says the worldwide PC market contracted slightly in the second half of 2014.

While the global PC market declined, the -1.7 percent year-on-year contraction was “a sizable improvement” over IDC’s original forecast of -4.1 percent. It also shows something of a stabilization in the global PC market: in Q3 last year, IDC said worldwide shipments declined -7.6 percent after they were forecast to fall almost -10 percent. A recent Strategy Analytics report supported the view that the PC market was stabilizing, and…

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Link About It: This Week’s Picks : A kickball ice cream maker, drug-detecting nail polish, Miranda July’s “Somebody” app and more in our look at the web this week

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Buick’s Dapper Derelict When car restorer Jonathan Ward found a ’48 Buick in a Pennsylvania barn, it hadn’t been on the road since ’73. Instead of bringing the classic beauty back to its original condition on the exterior, the ICON founder chose…

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12 Useful Online Signature Maker Websites

In this collection, we are presenting more than 12 useful online signature maker websites for you. These websites will help you in electronic transactions that are increasing day by day because of the increased trend of business transactions on the internet. Electronic signatures have made it easy to approve online contracts without the fear of having original content being imitated as documents.

The listed websites in this collection let you create your own electronic signature easily without requiring any installation. So here is the complete list after the jump. We hope you will find this collection useful. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Enjoy!


Online Signature Pad



My Live Signature

Signature Generator

My Free Signature Maker



Sig Generator


Forum Signature Generator

Once-dead video game maker Sierra could be coming back to life next week

Video game publishers fade into the annals of history all the time, a list that includes Sierra Entertainment — the makers of the once immensely popular Kings Quest and Space Quest series. A laundry list of not so great games, along with owner Activision deciding to shut it down after acquiring parent company Vivendi, ultimately turned it into nothing more than a brand. Now, in the spirit of reboots and revivals that keep the entertainment industry humming, Sierra appears to be on its way back.

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